Do I Really Need A Real Estate Agent?
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Do I Really Need A Real Estate Agent?

Alright friends, welcome back to
Limitless Wealth TV. Today, we’re talking about whether or not you really need a
realtor to help you sell a house and no one better to ask than Steven Michael
Miller realtor extraordinaire. We’re going to find out. Alright guys,
Steven Michael Miller here and I’m going through some amazing questions
here. I’m here to answer your deepest questions that you’ve got about real
estate and I’ve got one right here that I just thought was fantastic. So I’d
share it with everybody here. It says I don’t want to hear the BS. I don’t want
to be pitched. Hey, I get it. Nobody does. Here we go. I’m a capable guy,
do I really need a real estate agent to sell a house and why? Well,
Mr. capable I can call you that if that’s okay. Do you really need a real
estate agent to sell a house? The answer is if you own the home, no. If you own
the home can you sell it on your own? You absolutely can. and by the way just to
the clear the error here and let you know, I actually am a licensed realtor.
I’m a licensed real estate agent in the state of Utah. And you may or may not be
in the state of Utah Mr. capable but if you’re not, I can’t pitch you anyway my
services right? So if you want to buy a home where you are and you wanted my
help, I couldn’t help you because I’m not licensed in the area. So although I am a
licensed real estate agent, let me give you the answer or maybe that you’re
looking for. But also maybe not. Maybe I’m going to give you some information that you
may not be aware of. Number one. You can sell the home as an
owner of the property, okay? You can do all the marketing yourself, you can go
get the signs yourself. Yf you’re if you’re really savvy online,
there’s a number of different sites online that you can go and post your
home on. You’ve got your local classifieds.
We’ve got KSL which is kind of your your local news classified, you know station
or website. Every place has something like that. Go onto that. Craigslist is a
great place. You can post your home there. There are many other websites you can go
on to. I think or But there’s a lot different sites
you can go on to that will help you to sell your home.
Typically, you’ll pay those sites a little bit if you want your listing to
come up and to be featured best. So you’re paying for marketing. When you
hire a real estate agent, what are you paying for? So unless you’re a genius
marketer and and I’m not saying that you’re not Mr. capable, you may be an
amazing genius marketer and if you are, you probably have no problem selling
your home. But if you’re not an amazing marketer, you’re going to spend money
marketing your home either you’re going to list it with a site that does a really
good job or you can list it with services that will also post your
home on various different sites for you. But if you’re trying to attract your
local person, your local market and you’ve got a really good real estate
agent that has a track record of success, my recommendation would be, it might be
worth your time and effort and money. Putting those marketing dollars to use
with someone who knows what they’re doing, who’s been there and done that. I
have no doubt that you’re capable or any of you that it might be watching this
video right now are capable. But it can be worth it to go with a licensed agent
who’s tied into a network of people. Who are constantly buying and selling homes,
who have also a network of buyers that want to potentially look at your home. It
can shave down time that it takes to sell. It could also actually put more
money in your pocket which I know is a little counterintuitive because you’re
paying maybe 6% right? You’re paying 3% to the sellers agent and maybe
3% to the buyer’s agent as the seller of the property. That can be a tough pill to
swallow sometimes. Because you know, what’s 6% on a $200,000 home?
You know you may be looking at oh 10 % would be 20 grand, 5 %
would be 10 grand, 6 %… Yeah you might be looking at 13 grand or so. 12, 13
grand that can be a tough pill to swallow. But it also could mean your
house sells for the very most that it could otherwise sell for. If you’re not
an expert negotiator, instead of maybe losing potential buyers, you might sell
the home to a potential buyer in a much bigger price. So, again you know you’ve
got the question here and you said you don’t want any BS this is no BS.
Hopefully you understand. I’m trying to straight shoot as straight as
possible. You don’t really need a real estate agent but
real estate agent can be a great asset. If you don’t go with a real estate agent,
you’re going to be spending a lot of time. Okay,
just out the gate, you’re going to spend a lot of your own time. And if you’re like
most people, you probably work a normal job right? You’re right working 50 to 60
hours a week and that extra time to sell your home well, it’s just not…maybe
not what you’re expecting. And so it’ll just take longer. So understand if you’re
not going to use an agent, it’s going to take a lot more time. If you’re not going to use an
agent, it’s going to take money still, right? If you want to sell your home the right
way, you’re still going to have to invest some money into it. You’re going to have to
pick up signs. You’re going to have to go onto specific sites to list your home
and some of those are free but a lot of the best ones are paid anyway. So you are
going to be spending marketing dollars. If you’re not going to use a real estate agent,
the other thing that you’re not going to really know how to do is network with
the best buyers. You don’t know where to find the best buyers. So those are the
three things that you really want to be aware of if you’re not using the agent.
One final thing, one fourth item here is that if you’re not using an agent, you
may have no idea how to negotiate the home. Oftentimes, you’ve got
buyers that are coming in or low-balling you. They’re coming in and they’re
trying to push your buttons a little bit. They want to see where you are. They’re
like… buyers are like children, okay? I’ve got seven kids. So buyers are kind of
like children. They’re constantly trying to see where the limit is, right? They’re
trying to push those limits on a regular basis. And so a buyer will come in and
they may come in and offer you $100,000 less and if you’re not skilled and
negotiating, you might offend that buyer or say forget you or you know, who
knows whatever you might do. But that may lose an opportunity for you. Whereas,
if you had skills in that area or if you’re working with an agent who
had skills in that area, they’d be able may be able to make the most of
that situation. Negotiate properly and realize that person was just coming in
with their very lowest you know, lowball. But still be able to talk some reason
into that individual. Getting you the very most money for your deal. So again,
if you’re not using an agent, there are some things you can miss out on. I want
to talk about some really good things about using an agent also. One really
great thing is that agents are networked with other agents. These are people… This
is their profession. Their profession is is real estate
and if real estate is not your profession, just something you think you
might be good at on the side but have never really had much experience in, then
using a real estate agent could be a really big boost for you because again,
they’re networked with other agents who all have buyers and sellers. They know
the marketplace and so they’ll be able to help you sell your home for the most
money that it possibly takes or could get as well as bring the very most
buyers to the table. They are marketers in this area. So they also know how to
market extremely well. So using an agent is that the third probably most
important thing for me is and this is this is based on my understanding right?
My time is my most valuable resource, period. So any time that I can pay
somebody else to do something that they’re better than me anyway, that
will save me time, even if it costs a little money is worth it to me. If I can
get someone who is competent, if I can get an agent who’s really good at what
they do to jump in and do all of that for me. To market the home, to find the
agent, to negotiate the sale for me. I’m willing to pay them for that makes
sense all day long for me. Hopefully that helps you in your decision to either
sell your home on your own or maybe work with a real estate agent.
Alright friends, whether you need a realtor to sell a house or you want to
do it on your own, it’s really up to you. But if you’d like to get some more help,
please click on the links or in the description below and find out how we
can actually help you do more real estate and maybe even get a bigger bang
for your buck on the homes that you’re looking to sell. Dude skip the realtors
and just step right into the world of investing and make sure that you
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  • Alekk

    With Social Media this days, you completely missing the point about Marketing, you still pitched and wasted too much time explaining your point. I am talking about Denver location market. Don’t over pitch it, when the question is asking you not to.

  • S A

    Asking a real estate agent 'Do I need a real estate agent?' is like asking a financial advisor 'Do I need a financial advisor?'. You would have been better off asking someone who has bought many homes both with and without an agent this question. And the simple answer is 'No'… You don't need a real estate agent. A more accurate title to this video would be 'What are the downsides of buying a home without a real estate agent?' because you spent pretty much the entire video highlighting the downsides of buying a home without an agent, and it wouldn't have been as biased sounding coming from a real estate agent.

  • monchichiyoshi

    I thought real estate agent won’t exist. I thought that 20 years ago. They don’t contribute anything to a transaction, just dead weight. Mortgage finance company handles all documentation anyways.

  • june victor

    Just throw your house on the market. Agents have access to the same information as you. You can post on the MLS and those sites that post through the MLS syndicate to other sites. Throw a lockbox on the house, and that’s it. Paying 13,000 is way too much…hire an attorney to review the contract.

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