Distributive Property
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Distributive Property

Distributive Property, a la Shmoop. King Moneylust values gold and jewels above all else. [King Moneylust sat on a throne] One day, the king’s first steward brought
him 5 gold bars and 1 precious diamond. [Steward drops 5 gold bars and a diamond for the King] His second steward entered the court, also
bringing the king 5 gold bars and 1 precious diamond. Moneylust’s third steward, never one to
be a trailblazer, followed suit. [Third steward drops gold bars and diamond on the floor] In he came with 5 gold bars and 1 precious diamond. Because Moneylust is a busy guy and hardly has
time to sit around and count all of his riches…[The King reading a piece of paper] …is there a shortcut he can use to determine
how many he has of each item? You betcha. Because we are dealing with three occurrences
of the same data, we can write it this way: [3 lots of gold bars and diamonds] Three times 5g plus d… where “g” stands
for a gold bars, the 5 that multiplies the “g” stands for the amount of gold total
and the “d” stands for a diamond. The stuff in parentheses represents what each
steward presented to the king… [Stewards holding their gold bars and diamond] 5 gold bars and a diamond… …and because there were three of them, we
can multiply the whole thing by “3.” To simplify this expression,
we can use distributive property. [maths formula scribbled under distributive property] In other words, whatever is on the outside
of the parentheses, we can multiply by each term on the inside of the parentheses.
Three times 5g equals 15g… …and three times 1d equals 3d. [King wearing 3D glasses] So we can rewrite the expression as “15g plus 3d.” Moneylust was a tad displeased when he realized
that his stewards had only brought him 15 [The King looking unhappy with 15 gold bars and 3 diamonds] gold bars and 3 precious diamonds. He punished them by forcing
them to solve this problem. [Stewards solving maths problem as King watches]

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