Did We Really Land on the Moon?
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Did We Really Land on the Moon?

No way That’s great We landed on the moon! Yes, we landed on the moon, but it’s been 45 years since we’ve been back there Heck, it’s been almost 45 years since we went beyond low Earth orbit. And when I say “we,” I mean the United States. Only 12 humans have ever walked on the surface of the moon, all of them men, and all of them American. The last two to be there were Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt. That was in December of 1972, of the Apollo 17 mission. For more about the moon landings, check out this video by the legendary Keith Hughes. Keith has been making history videos on YouTube longer than just about anybody, and they are all high quality, so while you’re over there, be sure to subscribe. Now, the moon landings. Apparently, we never landed on the moon. It was just a hoax. At least that’s what a lot of people think. One survey conducted in the United Kingdom last year found 52% of people thought the moon landing was a hoax. Ok, so that’s just one survey, and probably not a good sample, but still A lot of people out there don’t think the moon landings really happened. It’s easy to understand why people would be skeptical. Skeptics often point to the motive for wanting to fake the whole thing. The race to the moon was part of the Space Race, during a particularly tense time during the Cold War. The United States and Soviet Union were battling it out to get there first. Skeptics say the United States would have wanted to fake it to show they won the Space Race even if they knew it actually wasn’t possible to go. The Soviet Union had epically failed to ever get even near the moon, so they argue it seems suspicious that the United States able to land men safely on the moon six times in 3 and a half years, yet never do so since. Was this just a publicity stunt, faked in order to strongly discourage the Soviet Union and give the United States a huge advantage in the Cold War while saving its lots of money? But how could this hoax be pulled off? Skeptics argue the technology did exist to recreate a fake mooning landing in a film studio. Sure, they argue the astronauts really did take off into space, but they likely just orbited the earth for several days before landing back on Earth, while faked footage was distributed to the masses. But what evidence do that have of the moon landings being faked? For the rest of this video, I will first give you evidence that creates doubt, then give you NASA’s response, and then give you my conclusion. The first thing that causes doubt is the footage showing the American flag on the moon waving. Skeptics say the flag waving shows the presence of wind, which should be impossible on the moon because it doesn’t have much of an atmosphere and is surrounded by a vacuum. NASA insists that the flag moved due to astronaut Buzz Aldrin twisting the flagpole, causing it to move like that. Apparently the astronauts also accidentally bent the horizontal rods that were supposed to hold the flag outward. My take: I give NASA the benefit of the doubt here The next evidence that causes doubt is the fact that there were no stars in any of the footage or photographs taken by NASA on the moon. Skeptics say stars were left out because astronomers would have been able to use them to determine whether the photos were taken from the Earth or Moon. NASA, as well as many many others, argue that of course you wouldn’t be able to see the stars because the moon’s surface is so bright. It’s the same reason why you can’t see the stars standing on a bright football field at night. Some astronauts were able to take long exposure UV photographs of bright stars and Venus from the moon, though. But skeptics would probably argue these photos were taken from earth. My take: I’m again going to go with NASA on this one What about the fact that there was no blast crater from the lunar module on the moon, especially when scientists before predicted one would be created? Well NASA says those scientists predicted wrong. The fact is, the pressure on the moon was simply too low for the lunar module to create a crater. Again, NASA for the win on this one Quite a bit of discussion by skeptics revolve around the discussion of lighting and shadows in photographs taken on the moon. Shadows are inconsistent and often intersect in photographs. Skeptics argue that the shadows should be completely black and run parallel to each other. NASA and others argue that shadows are weird on the Moon due to many light sources and lunar dust. Also, the unique terrain of the moon alters how the shadows are seen. I can definitely understand the skepticism on this one, but again give NASA the benefit of the doubt. Skeptics also say the photographs on the Moon show the same exact background, despite astronauts saying the photos were taken far away from each other. They argue that the backdrop was basically kept the same, even for different Apollo missions. Take these photographs, for example. Skeptics have combined the two pictures and claim the backgrounds match…kind of. Well, NASA says that because the Moon is much smaller than Earth, horizons appear closer to the naked eye than they really are, and thus may look identical from different viewpoints. I don’t know. This one is definitely suspicious. I’m a little bit skeptical on this one. Other skeptics point to the massive radiation found in the Van Allen radiation belt and just the radiation in general out in space. They argue that the inevitably prolonged radiation exposure would have made it impossible for astronauts to go to the moon. NASA says the astronauts in the Apollo spacecrafts were only in Van Allen radiation belt for a little over an hour and a half at most, and that their spacecraft had aluminum protection from the radiation. Ok, so say they really did go to the moon but the film was destroyed by all the radiation so they had to re-film it on a Hollywood set? Well NASA says the film was kept in metal containers that protected it from radiation as well. Well what about solar flares on the surface of the moon? NASA admits that could be a potential threat since the moon has no atmosphere, but no solar flares were recorded during any of the Apollo missions, luckily. These concerns have merit, and I could honestly see them landing on the moon and having all their film destroyed and having to film back on earth as a backup plan. I don’t know. That kind of makes sense to me, actually. Now wait just a second.
SUPPOSEDLY There is still stuff on the moon that the astronauts would have left behind. If we can just show those, we can put this debate to rest. Well skeptics argue that if we have instruments like the Hubble Space Telescope, which can see way way way off into the universe, why can’t we use it to see various objects still on the moon? Eh? NASA doesn’t want to do this, so skeptics are like, “see, if you got nothing to hide, you would.” NASA argues that no telescope in existence can show these objects in detail. The smallest thing you can currently see on the moon from our most powerful telescope would have to be bigger than a house. NASA says, why would we waste our time when nothing would show up anyway? Still, in 2009, NASA sent its Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, a robotic spacecraft that has been orbiting and mapping nearly all of the moon’s surface. It released these photos, saying, see there’s all the stuff left by the Apollo missions, but these haven’t convinced skeptics much because you can’t make out many details with these. Plus, NASA released them, and they could have Photoshopped them, man! Other countries have also confirmed the Moon landings with photographs of their own, although China never released theirs. My take: there is plenty of third-party evidence to verify we landed on the moon. It would have to be quite the conspiracy- involving people from all over the world, to pull this off. While it is unfortunate the photographs we have aren’t not that detailed and in the Photoshop era maybe it wouldn’t matter if they were detailed. People wouldn’t believe it anyway. I still lean towards NASA on this one. Skeptics point out how the footprints in the moondust are suspiciously well preserved, despite no moisture on the moon. NASA argued that Moon dust is not weathered, so it would stick together like that. This theory ended up being debunked on an episode of the show Mythbusters. By the way, that episode also debunked claims that the photos and film were faked and debunked claims that the American flag on the moon couldn’t move like that. There are other pieces of evidence that skeptics point to, but I am not bringing those up due to the fact that they are just not that convincing. The fact of the matter is, we will know FOR SURE if we landed on the moon or not, as billionaires like Elon Musk and his forward thinking company SpaceX are looking to get there within a few years. NASA is also looking to get annual flights to the moon’s orbit by 2023. So In my opinion, yes, WE LANDED ON THE MOON! There’s just too much third party evidence for the moon landings. But I totally understand why people are skeptical. The motives are there. Regardless, hopefully in the near future we will get definitive proof that we landed on the moon. But people probably still won’t believe.


  • BrushyMtnGolfer

    The radiation in space is deadly once you leave low earth orbit. There is no atmosphere on the moon to protect you from the Radiation or the micro meteorites

  • albert Ricks

    If it was faked and that is a set, it's a better set than the Lost in Space set the year before the Moon Landing. Or Star Trek's. But no funner, that's for sure! TV making sit-coms for space in the '60s was much weirder. But after 1965(the last year of traditional conformity) they ditched the silvery space suits for colorful garb. Like night & day(just not Sinatra's). You went from boring, uptight, modest/cautious; to loud, bold, anything goes & the rest of the '60s explodes into fantasy & exploration!

  • assault and battery

    We have never been to the moon, and never will. And everything the paid shills say is just that, paid shill shit. So obviously bollocks.

  • Sonny Vu

    So all that rocket power could get any cut but the four wheel on this picture pick up dust https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5cKpzp358F4

  • KbagnellArtwork

    In my opinion yes as well…. but I don't know 100% that there wasn't some fuckery going on with Apollo 11 in particular …. but it's just amazing how convinced people are one way or the other… I'm not 100% convinced of anything.

  • Salt on earth.

    Why the flag is moving, is where there is a force, there is an equal opposite force. Remember their are in a vacuum of space.

  • LordAxe

    Anybody with even a basic understanding of telescopes can tell you why the HST can't resolve lunar detail. How does it see so far away ? Ask yourself just how big the objects are that it's capturing.

  • kuma138

    There is 100% proof that they lied about being 130,000 miles out (1/2 way to the moon) while in low earth orbit and used a round window in the craft to make it appear as if they were much farther away, and used something crescent shaped to fake earth’s terminator line.

  • Jason Bradley

    My problem is less the possibility to go to the moon and more about what we should have done but didn't. Could have left a huge tarp x on the moon. Should have taken pictures of the stars. Should have left a telescope and the list goes on.

  • Delphinium Flower

    This video does not present the best footage of the US flag waving; nor does is present the best images of "same landscape" on different moon landings. The video is trying to fool us by not showing us the real evidence of fakery. One obvious sign of fakery that this video did not show is the Three Stooges acrobatics of the astronauts on the moon — where they fall on their butts and drop down for pushups like children in a sandbox. No one in their right mind would behave like that in the airless vacuum of the moon, where sharp rocks can be expected to be hidden in the dust. And, by the way, how did it happen that NASA "lost" its original images and data from all of the moon flights?

  • GoldVillage

    Do some own research instead of listen to the propagandists. A total of 30 major solar flares and 1400+ minor occured during the 6 claimed moon landings, just check the date and time with NOAA

  • Godscountry

    52 percent of idiots who were asked about Apollo, also think the Earth is flat. For those of you that insist the Apollo images are of poor quality, Here are all the Apollo images in one place, make sure you visit all the different folders.http://www.apolloarchive.com/apollo_gallery.html

  • Dr. David Banner F.E.S.

    Instead we are shown film where projectiles thrown at low speeds, just fly and hit the ground fairly quickly. It appears to have been filmed on Earth, and slowed down some. We should expect to see projectiles thrown at low speeds fly for an unnatural amount of time, and travel an unnatural amount of distance as well. We just don't see that happening in these films, and that is most suspect.

  • Cezar Garcia

    These 12 people who walked on the moon were done under the presidency of Nixon, the crook. Do you smell something? What? Why Russia didn't catch it is fake? They belong to the same club. IT is a huge conspiracy to con people. Believe it or not.

  • Jason Myers

    I will use an analogy to explain the problem of a discussion with a conspiracy theory advocate. Imagine a person is bitten by a neighbor's dog. He wants financial compensation for the doctor's bill so he goes to court. He has all the evidence required. He has the marks of a dog bite on his leg. He has a video of the dog rushing up to him with the dog's teeth bare. He has evidence that the dog was in that area at the time. In a court of law this would be a done deal. In the world of a conspiracy theorist, the video is faked and the dog bite is self-inflicted. The time line was also fake. There is no beating the conspiracy theorist because evidence doesn't count.

  • GoSlash27

    1) In order to pull off a hoax, NASA would've needed to pay for all the materials and effort to build equipment capable of putting men on the moon, as well as all the support equipment and staff. Then they would've not only had to not use it for it's stated purpose, but also fool everyone involved in the effort. A hoax would be much more difficult and expensive to pull off than an actual moon landing.
    2) The Soviets had satellites over the US, radio tracking pointed at the moon, and even a lunar probe right over Apollo 11. They would've known if it wasn't real, yet they acknowledged it. So the Soviets would've needed to be in on it, which is pretty nonsensical.
    3) Even if we had managed to dupe (or collude with) the Soviets, one landing is enough to get the point across that we won. Additional flights would merely increase our chance of getting busted so why take the risk? But we did anyway. 6 more attempts, 5 of which were successful. That would be foolish if it was a hoax.
    4) If it was fake despite all that, there's no reason to keep the secret now. All of the complicated and expensive conspiracies to hide the "truth" would just be a huge waste of time and money. The Soviet Union is gone and everybody involved is dead. But NASA still sends up satellites over the moon to give you photoshopped pictures? Why bother? Whether you or I believe it or not is of no consequence to anybody.

    Conclusion: The landings were not faked. All of that crazy stuff actually happened. All of that equipment, those footprints, those tire tracks you see in the LRO pics are really up there.

  • Matt D

    Conspiracy theorists actually think that the only way somebody could believe in the moon landings is that they haven't done any research… or, to use the preferred wording of their cult, they haven't "looked into it."

    This is just as hypocritical as it is comical, because the only way one could believe in the conspiracy narrative is to not look into anything. Take any claim made by conspiracy theorists – any one at all – and there are either ruthlessly thorough debunkings of said claim freely available online, or at the very least, there is a very plausible explanation that does not require a conspiracy.

    Bottom line: in order to believe in the conspiracy, you have to really want to believe it, to the obstinate exclusion of all else. You need to have some force at play that drives you to tenaciously deny evidence like there is no tomorrow.

    Conspiracy theorists are, without exception, obsessed with youtube videos because they’re intellectually lazy and incurious. They can only process "evidence" that is very simplistic and consumable in bite-sized pieces, requiring absolutely no knowledge of history or the technical matters at play. They will enter an argument on the subject, and as evidence they will bring a link to a youtube video featuring Don Pettit talking about "destroying the technology." The hilarious thing about that video is that it is obviously worded in such a way that it can be easily comprehended by people who don't know anything about space travel and aerospace engineering, yet these conspiracy theorists still get it wrong. They actually believe this is evidence in their favour. They're just not smart people, period.

  • Mr Westie

    Hand picked the bits they wanted to show!! no mention of the 1st images sent from the moon not to huston but australia where a coke bottle was seen near the lem and reported in the local newspaper!!! guess they couldnt do without that" Buzz"—

  • Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

    In order to fake the moon landings back then, you’d need technology that didn’t exist and need far more people to keep quiet about it than were involved in the Watergate scandal.

    Why didn’t one of the dozens of stagehands rat them out? Or the sound mixer? Or the costume designers? Or the production assistants fetching coffee? Too many moving parts in this to make it believable.

    Conspiracy theorists love to make things up, but they fail at basic world building. They’d make terrible writers.

  • flwoods1

    But, But , But, what happened to the tons of dust and debris that was kicked up by the landing, per onboard landing video.
    . Fire, flames and thrust, but not a sign of anything underneath the lander…not even a speck of dust on the lander landing pods.. It makes you want to go Hhmmm?  Their famous bouncing around on the surface kicking up clouds of dust with every step, or the lunar vehicle wheels kicking up dust, but the lander kicked up not 1 speck of dust because of low atmospheric pressure???….again, the onboard landing video footage shows massive amounts of dust being blasted out in the final seconds of landing….

  • George In S.C. 4

    All of them have other things in common. It's the key to truth.
    Stay prayerful for it in this theater of deception.

  • Geoff Pace

    Still, one must consider the idea that Stanley Kubrick, fresh off the set of 2001:A Space Odyssey was hired to film back up footage to carry on the narrative should at any point the mission could have failed. We just had to show those pesky Russkies that we were top dog/alpha male in this silly race.

  • Djurgården Bear

    No. No man has ever and will never set foot on the moon. Where is the telemetry data? Why does Don Pettit and other astroNOTs say we destroyed the tech? "Iiiiits easy to understand" Yeah if u get how globalism and deception works u know the space race was a mutual benefitial program for both parties. Both parties led their people to beleive we CAN go, and therefore funding will continue. Nasa gets 57 million of your taes every day.

  • Pamela Rice

    Moon. Environment too hostile for humans. People love to believe the hoax. These days, even NASA says we don't know how to get past the Van Allen radiation belt.

  • P Jay

    Oh let me get this straight. There was no crater left on the moon, or dust on the pods due to the high pressure, yet they can leave foot prints? There are no stars visible because its to bright, yet you can see in the shawdows? NASA has an answer for everything, yet cant prove we went there because they lost the instructions on how to get there. Anyone that still believes this lie is in denial. NASA was pocketing large amounts of money for these trips (just look at the so called cost of a single rover to drive around on the moon). And when people were losing interest in their trips, they just add a little drama, ie Apollo 13. Today there is an all out campaign in the media and youtube to keep the lie going, wonder why?

  • P Jay

    This guy buys NASAs explanation on everything! How can I take any of his other videos seriously now that I know hes so gullable or a paid troll.


    Another NASA TROLL he fails to point out all the REAL FAKE VIDEOS inside the lunar module. Many fake pictures, and we destroyed the technology as NASA says? NASA openly admits we just can't get past the Van Allen belts, this guy is full of NASA CRAP, propaganda pure and simple!

  • J Roger Trudel

    Listen to the song, "Do you believe we went to the moon". After you listen to the song and you still believe we landed on the moon then you are not an intelligent person.

  • Jonathan-Christopher Bond

    If you don't have a relationship with God, it is essential that today you acknowledge that without Him you are lost and are spiritually dead. Then you need to repent, which means to express genuine godly sorrow for your sins and turn from them, for they have deeply grieved and angered God.
    Turn to God, believe in and receive by faith His Son Jesus Christ, Who shed His own blood and sacrificially died on the cross for your sins to save you. Believe that three days later Jesus Christ rose from the dead. When you do this salvation is yours, otherwise when you die you will go to hell for eternity.
    God and Jesus will send the Holy Spirit to live in you, to grow you as a Christian, which means "Christ follower.” He will lead you to live holy, to live righteously in fear of God with a heart and a spirit that is transformed to do good works which please God and Jesus. He will also lead you to a Bible believing, preaching church.
    God loves you, He wants to forgive you, and He wants to give you everlasting life in Heaven, but, only you can make that choice to seek His mercy & change how you live by freely accepting His gracious offer and humbling yourself. You are the created – He is the Creator. He knows you more than you know yourself, and He knows what is best for you.

  • David Marris

    People who worked on the rockets say that they had so basic technology it couldn't have reached the moon it was all wires and switches

  • Andrew Thomas

    Best saying I ever heard was from Neil Tyson who said: "if you had a budget of 15 trillion dollars…you could show any version of the moon landing you want."

  • Andrew Thomas

    And what in hells sake makes you think that Nasa will let anyone near the moon landing site…they have a 200 km no go area around the site and said they will take great action to stop anyone going near the preserved site….

  • Storm of YaHUaH

    6:09 the space 'craft' had aluminum protection (against one and a half hours in the van allen belts) haha
    "But they haven't got that technology anymore and it'll be hard to get back." (quote from today's astro-nought).
    6:13 "…so say but they really did go to the moon but the film was destroyed by all the radiation so they had to refilm it on a HOLLYWOOD set…" hahah


    we never went to the moon. . . they can't even pick up the discarded grocery carts ditched on the road side.. .

  • Neil Baker

    Most of the NASA space program is a hoax. The Achilles Heel of the NASA hoax is the NASA spacesuit with ice sublimator cooling system because it could be scientifically verified on Earth today. NASA must publicly demonstrate before independent witnesses the operation of a NASA spacesuit with ice sublimator cooling system in a vacuum chamber on Earth duplicating environmental conditions of orbit. NASA refuses to verify and has always refused to verify its spacesuits with sublimators because they can't verify them because they've been committing fraud against the Citizens of the United States for more than 50 years. Plenty of NASA videos of spacesuits in swimming pools exist but there are none of spacesuits with sublimators in vacuum chambers although there is one video from 1966 of a NASA spacesuit without sublimator failing in a vacuum chamber causing a near fatality. If NASA regularly uses the spacesuits with sublimators on spacewalks from the ISS as they allege and regularly tests the spacesuits with sublimators in vacuum chambers at NASA's Johnson Space Center as they also allege then it should cost nothing extra and create no unacceptable inconvenience to allow a few witnesses to observe the next test.

    The NASA space program is a faith-based thing and that is totally unnecessary. Unless, of course, they have a scam to protect.

  • ian harvey

    The moon landing was never refuted by Russia. Don't you think if it was faked the Russians wouldn't have shut the fuck up about it ever since???

  • leatherneck joe

    Hay every body, I was 19 years old in 69….you guys need to wake up and smell the air, the stars can be seen by zooming in on the horizon, not in all photos but I found them. You flat earth people need to get out once in a while. China confirmed our landing…..also to many people are involved in the apollo program to try to get away with a giant conspiracy like that, all I got to say is open you're mind, yes we went…….to the moon……

  • Linda Chapman

    Never happened…
    First off.. Its laughable that Nixon talked to man on the moon By landline… No static at all, as if they were on the earth..
    And if there is no gravity on the moon, Then what is holding the sand there? They were driving around in the space car..you could plainly see the dirt fly up then down

  • Evangelos VOLOTAS

    7 Alien Starships on the Moon Menacing the Apollo 11 Astronauts, 00:38 minutes https://youtu.be/YClotITIU-U film #1, 01:67 minutes
    https://youtu.be/8Wdho63INsI and / or … film #2 06: 27 minutes https://youtu.be/bm78Ei4N92M and / or … https://sites.google.com/site/mymoonapollomissions/https-www-youtube-com-watch-v-otzr2v9zg4u—the-moon-is-an-alien-space-command-center


  • Richard Williams

    What this video failed to do was show the post conference with the 3 Apollo crew members.There you will see 3human beings with absolutely NO emotion whatsoever about this monumental achievement. Something is definitely not right!!

  • Norman Noriega

    How about bringing jobs back that the United States gave away for cheaper labor and make us stroung on manufacturing and jobs.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Philip Ormrod

    I'm not a moon landing denier….but why did they never take a photo of the earth from the surface of the moon.

  • Mark Bouquet

    Absolute bull! Werner Von Braun, former NAZI and "The Father of the U.S. Space Program" otherwise called N.A.S.A. means "to deceive" in Hebrew. Werner was a n ot a man of faith in a supreme being but at the end of his life he had become at least 10 years before he died. His grave marker says one thing. Werner Von Braun and then the lower right hand corner has a scripture that HE CHOSE to tell everyone we never went. Psalms 19:1. The firmament declare the glory of Your handy work." You don't just "lose" all the information, especially the film parts of what would be more than proof.

    No, what's really happening is that for one, every country with a "space program," has a logo for their space program with what looks like a serpent's tongue on it. Why would they ever want to lie about something like this? Very easy answer. There's been just over 500 people, all have been Masons except for Neil Armstrong and some of the private citizens like Sally Ride, the school teacher on the Challenger explosion. But there's not a single person that have into anything more than a very high earth orbit. [not outer space but above the earth's atmosphere. They still can't go a but this is the biggest cash cow for the government next to keeping the wars going, then the majority of this money is then used for black ops projects. It doesn't matter to those who are waking up. We understand that the purpose wasn't for man to go to the moon as much as it was to deceive ALL OF US. Very easy to do something this big because you're labeled a "nut" anyway. I say to believe this load of crap you have to be certain special kind of stupid. That's because there's more evidence right here on earth that Jesus Christ did walk this earth and taught what and who He said He did. It was Satan's idea which he used to deceive us all. Set things up so that people fall hard that pseudo-science to try to hide the fact the God does exist. It's 100% faith based as opposed to the supposed moon landings, which the older NASA scientist's may even believe we went there. But many younger ones completely contradict that. They say "we have to get through the Van Allen Radiation belt TWICE." In order to do that one young scientist claims we need 6ft of lead around the ship. So the ship sitting in Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry that only had the computing power of a Texas Instruments calculator. Then that TOY they call a spacecraft which looks totally like an aluminium this duct taped together. It would . never make it through this radiation belt if there's even really one there. Even the International Space Station, [if it even exists outside of a studio and is maybe is just a well guarded secret. Part of the plan. Make people believe we aren't just shooting rockets off but are actually doing something that doesn't have more bloopers than the supposed mission itself ] The bigger the lie, the easier it is to pull off. No one has to know why NASA wants "this" certain part made, just we'll pay you to make it and they think they may be in on history or maybe have no idea who this is really being made for. ALL Space programs are top hide the God of the Universe. Not "the god of this world."

    Funny how they're trying to blame Buzz Aldrin's finally being honest regarding the truth that we've never been there. And this guy is at an age when there's so many earlier pictures of him wanting to fight anyone who told him he wasn't there. It's funny what happens to more people than not when they're not so sure how much longer they will be here and as a result, they start to talk. That's all Aldrin did. Before he started telling the truth, and he was still towing the company line, they wanted him everywhere pushing this nonsense. Now it seems as if someone had a long and likely threatening talk to him. Now he's at every space related event looking like he doesn't want to be there. Even when Trump announced the space force, another branch of the military, Buzz sat there rolling his eyes. He knows it's all a LOAD OF BULL!

    As for the filming. Stanley Kubrick did first decline. But when Kissinger and Rumsfeld told him that, 2001 A Space Odyssey was the president's favorite movie, he agreed to oversee the filming. When he saw how poorly it was being filmed, he ended up stepping inside the whole lie which was also getting to him. He dropped clues all over another film he made that he did, in fact, shoot and faked moon landings and walks. "The Shining" with Jack Nicholson, another One World Government "I sold my soul to the devil types" had his movie son wearing an Apollo shirt of the mission that was the beginning of the endless growing and bloated government space budgets. [Likely used for military and population subjugation when the time comes] It's time to wake up and watch some of the more obvious bloopers just on the so-called "international space station." You can't make up this stuff…..well, actually you can.
    It's really laughable just how asleep I was [many still are] on this until I realized we are spoon fed what they [The New World Order/Globalists] want us to believe.

    The people pay the taxes for some impressive shows but that's all they are.

  • PianetaX (Albino Galuppini)

    Please visit the Tribute website for Bill Kaysing, writer of “We Never Went To The Moon”: http://www.billkaysing.com/ Thank you!

  • Graham Maurice

    The moon man warned them off on the last so called mission. As for the other missions , they were shortened because of moon man telling them to leave.

  • Mark Cooper

    Still looking forward to the sequel, going back soon. Just use the same equipment that worked almost flawlessly on at least 8 Appollo missions from 1968 to 1972 Just film the whole event next time !

  • mng519

    Most technologically advanced accomplishment ever and there is no documentation of how we did it. Sure. Do things once and then lose all knowledge of how.

  • Mach 1

    2:58 Flag flopping in a zero atmosphere — by astronaut shaking it.
    3:30 No stars in photograph — disappeared by contrast being turned way up.
    4:09 No blast crater — less fuel used since the lander was 1/6th its weight than on earth, & a zero atmosphere.
    7:55 Images were photo shopped — can be proven by pixel alteration, nice try.
    8:29 Fake footprint (and flag flopping) — MythBusters debunked.
    10:08 This video is fake — it never existed (Mr. Beat was never on YouTube).

  • JH

    IF we had landed on the Moon, we would have definitive evidence that the Earth is flat, which it is, obviously. "The Earth is flat. Very, very, flat. Record flatness."–Donald Trump.

  • K27R

    Although don’t trust buzzfeed at all, they actually created their own moonlanding film from scratch to mimic the actual one. Seems pretty convincing to me surprisingly that it could be faked

  • Bill P

    The moon buggy kicked up dust
    But somehow tens of thousands pounds of thrust throws no dust
    They have to have a weighted suit to not float away
    But yet dust doesn’t when stirred up
    It falls downward back to the planet
    But claim there is no gravity

  • J. D. Schultz, Sr.

    This but one of the many debunking fake moon landing videos, but try as we might, there will always be doubters. We need to make some allowances for the immaturity, lack of experience, and piss-poor education of the not-at-the-age-of-reason during NASA's manned space programs that led to the Lunar Landings.

    The Russians gave me Sputnik1 for my 11th birthday, and, along with my 7 family members, watched her orbit over our suburban Detroit backyard in the early evening October sky. I also remember watching the launches/recoveries of Mercury and Gemini missions on TV screens, sometimes with my family or a roomful of classmates.

    I was in Junior High when JFK made his famous speech proclaiming our commitment to the Lunar program, and his multi-billion $ congressional financing plan. To pay for it, he asked every American man, woman and child to commit to 50 cents per week.

    In '66 we visited my buddy's uncle in Philadelphia who worked at NASA, and he told us that they were on track to put a man on the moon before 1970. We watched (on my wife's parents' color TV) the Christmas Eve broadcast from Apollo8 as she orbited the Moon. The day before the launch of Apollo11 a GM assembly line co-worker told me that her sister-in-law had wired some of the mission circuits and that her S.I.L. "…sure does hope all of her soldered connections are good."

    So I had spoken to 2 of the 450,000+ people who made the space program possible, and had seen several news reports of the 1,000,000+ people who went to Cocoa Beach to witness the launch. Since I was alive to witness much detailed minutiae of NASA’s moon landing effort, I find it TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE that MILLIONS of people could "conspire to fake" a lunar landing. If such a preposterous charade actually occurred, how is it that NOT ONE of the conspirators has come forward with their "tell-all" book and made-for-TV expose’??

    In addition to the fact that most lunar-landing-deniers were NOT YET ALIVE at the time, we must also appreciate their skepticism. In an age of CGI graphics, which show "superheroes flying & jumping over buildings", politicians and other "important" figures (and animals) being photo shopped to do or say ANYTHING outrageous and unreal, it is easy to account for such adolescent skepticism. Having our sorry-ass excuse for a president labeling anything he does not like as "fake news" emboldens too many of you gullible dumbbells to "make up their own facts."

    The 21st Century is fulfilling Aesculus' theory that "every blessing is accompanied by a curse", in the embodiment of GGI Graphics and the internet. Thus we have; "Hitler, Elvis and Bigfoot having lunch together", "talking animals, motor vehicles and aircraft", "911 was an inside job" "the South won the Civil War", "Government can't do anything right", "Obama's fake birth certificate", Hillary's seizures" and "Pizzagate", along with "alien abductions", "flat earth" and "faked moon landings."

    I am eternally grateful to have lived through such extraordinary times when accurate news, literacy (basic math, spelling, syntax, grammar) and reason REALLY mattered! I am, however, extremely disappointed with the gullibility, skepticism, lack of critical-thinking skills and DILIBERATE ignorance of the 21st Century.

  • marshalllhiepler

    NASA is not stupid.
    They know that people will believe anything that they have a strong desire to believe.
    They simply need a source, that appears believable.
    In steps Stanley Kubrick.

  • jack moore

    I was 9 when NASA sent 11 to the moon, if this is faked I want my milk money back I donated to help fund future flights…with interest👍

  • SpottedSharks

    The best evidence is the hundreds of pounds of moon rocks Apollo brought back. NASA distributed these samples to independent geologists all over the world to test. They all confirmed the samples' authenticity. Checkmate, conspiracy theorists.

  • J. D. Schultz, Sr.

    The Apollo landings are well-proven historical facts.

    The Saturn V launches were witnessed by millions of people.

    The vehicles were tracked all the way to orbit by 3rd countries, including the USSR.

    The SIV-B stages appeared in the sky at the appointed places and times and were detected by their exhaust plumes leaving Earth orbit, on trajectories consistent with a trans lunar flight path.

    The CSM/LM stacks were detected in cislunar space from their exhaust plumes and outgassing auras by astronomonical observers in several countries.

    The CS/LM stacks were also detected by the radio transmissions in cislunar space; The doppler-shift of their signals and there changing sky positions clearly indicated a translunar coast.

    TV broadcasts were made from deep space showing the Earth at immense distance, and prolonged periods of weightlessness impossible to duplicate on earth.

    The Russians independently downlinked live Apollo TV broadcasts FROM LUNAR ORBIT.

    The British Jodrell Bank RTF downlinked Eagle's radio traffic as it conducted its terminal descent. The signal originated from the correct quadrant of the Moon, at the appointed time, and was doppler-shifted as for a ship dropping from orbit to a landing.

    At least one ham radio operator, Larry Baysinger, W4EJA, independently downlinked DIRECTLY FROM THE LUNAR SURFACE, the VHF radio voice and telemetry from Armstrong's and Aldrin's personal backpack radios, as the two conducted their lunar surface EVA.

    The Apollo lunar surface EVA video and film footage clearly records activites impossible to perform on Earth AND HAS NEVER BEEN DUPLICATED TO THIS DAY.

    The Command Modules were seem by international observers during reentry, at the appointed times and places.

    The 840 lbs of moon rocks collected by Apollo astronauts have been examined by thousands of geologists from all over the world, spanning 3 generations, and NOT ONE has ever questioned the authenticity of that collection, though some have commented that the rocks were obviously gathered by trained collectors

    The NASA Moon mapping Mission LRO has imaged all 6 Apollo landing sites in high resolution – as good as 0.05 meter/pixel – and clearly shown all 6 sites to conform exactly to photographic and other imagery from the time of the missions.

    Despite 50 years of exponentially increasing capabilities in imaging technology, NO ONE has EVER produced a convincing simulation of zero g or 1/6 g activity such as is seen in Apollo film and video.

    In the 50 years since Apollo 11, NOT ONE credible whistle blower has ever come forward; of the 420,000 people or their families NO ONE ever confessed, no death bed confession, no "open upon my death" letter to an attorney, no anonymous note to network news—nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

    They landed.

    And returned.

    Six times.

    Get used to it.


    You can see ON EARTH today from a satelite 1 sqare centimeter on your face, we can see stars 40 lights years distance away. But we can not see 1 second light distance a way ??????

  • Richard H

    You didn't bring up the fact that astronauts in many photographs and video footage are being propelled by cables above them. These can be seen clearly by the reflection

  • fernando alvarez

    First moon landing was filmed on the moon, by who? And also leaving was filmed, how stupid do they think we are?

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