Detroit Revitalization Fueled by Small Business – JPMorgan Chase & Co.
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Detroit Revitalization Fueled by Small Business – JPMorgan Chase & Co.

(Background music) APRIL ANDERSON (on & off screen): When I was nine years old, I baked my first cake. When I was growing up, there was no celebrity chefs, there was no food network
channel, so I never envisioned being able to become a baker as a career. In order to be a good baker, you have to put
love into it, because people can taste the love. The energy that you put into a baked
good comes out. So love is what makes a good baked good. APRIL ANDERSON (on & off screen): To be a business owner, it takes hard work, it takes dedication, and I was fortunate to be a part of Detroit Kitchen Connect, which
is a non-profit that’s funded through JP Morgan Chase. (in scene) Hey, how you doing? Detroit Kitchen Connect connects food entrepreneurs
to licensed commercial kitchens that they can rent in order to produce their goods to
sell to the public. When I started I didn’t have the capital required to build out a commercial
kitchen and without Detroit Kitchen Connect, I wouldn’t have been able to open my business
when I opened it up. I could’ve opened my bakery so many other places, but I wanted
to be in Detroit. I feel that that’s our contribution to the revitalization of Detroit,
because I’m a Detroit native, my mother’s here, and between the two of us we operate
the bakery each day. (on & off screen) It’s wonderful working with my mother because
I get to spend the day reminiscing with her. April Anderson (in scene): Everybody in the neighborhood would get a pound cake. MOM (in scene): They sure would. (Spoon scraping against pan) APRIL ANDERSON (in scene): And you never charged people to make ‘em, you just made ‘em! MOM (in scene): I sure did! APRIL ANDERSON (on & off screen): I was told by my mother I had to go to school for something that was going to pay bills, so I went to school for business. I have a
MBA in corporate accounting and then I attended school to get a degree in pastry arts. Whenever I go back to Detroit Kitchen Connect,
there’s a flood of memories that come, because that’s where it all started. What I do every day is a passion, I love it, I’m at peace when I’m doing it. I don’t
care how tired I am, I am here with a smile on my face, baking and creating stuff for
people. So yes, I believe this is my passion, my love, and my dream is coming true. (outro music)

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