Democrats Walk Out Of Tense White House Meeting After Trump ‘Meltdown’ | NBC Nightly News
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Democrats Walk Out Of Tense White House Meeting After Trump ‘Meltdown’ | NBC Nightly News


  • CD Perkins

    >said Trump is spreading conspiracies for saying there could have been corruption in the 2016 election

    >spreads the Russian conspiracy as real news for 3 years

    And they wonder why no one trusts the media anymore lol

  • Ruach

    It appears no one is interested in Seditious Nazi's insult, if this was all the Mange Scream Media did to Trump in a day, it would be his first day off in 3 years.

  • pierohARTvideos

    3 stooges democrat weirdos! keep up your fake witch hunt you look like fools now and when it's all over your just gonna be used swamp water.

  • No1More1Mr1Nice1Guy1

    nancy was feeling the DT's…. 'He said….' grow up, stop gerrymandering, all youre doing is making it easier for him to be reelected. cant see them even keeping the house after these shenanigans.

  • No1More1Mr1Nice1Guy1

    Considering the crap these dems have got up to in ukraine, pelosi included, enriching themselves like Proconsul's of old, im not surprised Trump backbites. It amazes me how he manages to stay in control of his emotions with russiagate and now a jumped up accusal.


    Nancy and these 2 old fools are running the greatest nation in the world !!!!! How pathetic . Its time Australia moved in and took over the USA .

  • Elle W

    MAMA…he called me a 'third rate politician!' (They can dish it out but they sure can't take it!) How dare THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES show disrespect when his own OFFICE has been TREATED LIKE TOTAL CRAP! GIVE, GET RESPECT!

  • Harry Hooligan

    An impromptu news conference outside the White House? Come on. It was all staged. The battery of microphones and the media were all there and waiting for the democrats to storm out and belittle the president. We’re not as stupid as you think, nbc.

  • Duncan McCockiner

    She's angry at Trump for walking out on Syria because he thinks it's going nowhere.
    Walks out on discussion because she thinks it's going nowhere.

  • Holly Seymour

    Trump didn't have the meltdown, Pelosi had the temper tantrum. Everyone else shows up with paperwork, statistics, and a game plan that they wish to discuss and she shows up with a bad attitude that is even worse than her dental work. Everything that she does is a photo opportunity, she isn't interested in doing anything positive. She's the queen of the do nothing Democrats.

  • PoisonBannana

    Trump calling everyone names but can't do his job. Meanwhile trumty dumpty fans. "Nancy an't handle the heat she as no respect for him" Even though trump insults everyone and anyone including his own laywers cabinet members and republicans. But nancy needs to have respect.?

    Just throw trump in the lethal injection table. that's Respectful AF if you ask me.

  • Wake Up Idiots NOW

    MSLSD can’t keep a story straight and offer unbiased reporting from both sides the whole story was not told, they walked out, they planned to walk out, the dems are a bunch of petty school children, Pelosi would not read the Erdogan letter, she does not care about legislation and taking care of the PEOPLES business, all she wants to do is be in her partisan political games. AMERICAN PEOPLE NOT HAVING THIS CLOWN PARADE OF LEFTIES! CANT TAKE WHAT THEY TRY TO DISH OUT, TOTALLY DISHONEST WITH THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. MAGA 2020 MOFO’s.

  • Van Hellslinger

    Trump & Rudy have done nothing wrong in asking for "Free Evidence" of ANY criminal wrongdoing by "Any American Citizen!" That any evidence collected free from quid pro quo might influence an election is only a "Byproduct" that is something inherent in life much like breathing oxygen is necessary to produce CO2. One cannot exist without the other! Trump/Pence 2020!!!

  • Manuel Rodriguez

    NBC Lester holt with the rest of the reports are nothing more liers fake news. Nancy and Schiff should be removed from Congress they are enemies of our democracy and you are placing a part. History will judge you as taitors.

  • Mylife7269 Forever

    What a master manipulator. He thinks he can belt out any witch hunt accusation to cover his butt then put Obama name at the end of it to manipulate his supporters! Most of America is not that stupid, we know bs when we hear it.

  • Shannon Davis

    2 of the democrats leave. All the rest stayed!
    My God, NBC is pure trash! If you are watching this, know that you are dumber for having done so.

  • Chopper Man

    Pelosi a typical woman who can't handle criticism. So she walks out, then has a completely collective male explaining her actions.

  • mopthermopther

    Something going on between Pelosi and Trump. You can tell by the way they look at each other
    Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir ? ❤️

  • Nick Wylie

    I don't know why she got her feeling hurt over Trump giving her such a good compliment since sshe knows Democrats are useless in legislature and did the right thing by leaving.

  • M Brewer

    alll the world is laughing at trump ignorance and incompetence- I personally love watching republicans turn on one another- they always do. They turned on both Bushes, they turned on Nixon, they turned on McCain and they have turned on Romney- and let's not forget Sarah Palin who?! Now they are the party of America alone- I can't wait to see your heads explode when the first American female President in sworn in at Christmas. President Nancy Pelosi! God Bless America!

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