Democrats Take Control of the House: A Closer Look
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Democrats Take Control of the House: A Closer Look

-The Democrats won back control of the House of Representatives
tonight for the first time
in eight years, putting President Trump’s
agenda… [ Cheers and applause ] Yeah, it happened. …putting President Trump’s
agenda in serious danger. For more on this,
it’s time for “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] Well, cable news
was unanimous — it was a blue wave. -When you look
at what’s going on here tonight, this is not a blue wave. -So, we haven’t seen
the blue wave. -There is not
a blue wave forming. -It’s not a blue wave. -This is not a blue wave. -It is not a blue wave. -So, cable news wasn’t sure
if it was a blue wave, but we here at “Late Night”
can confidently say that it was at least
a blue ripple. [ Laughter ] -Blue ripple! -But, hey. If you’ve been
in the desert for two years, a little splash of water
feels like a damn tsunami. [ Laughter, cheers, applause ] So, come on, Democrats,
give me some good news, or I’m gonna have to drink
this entire bottle of whiskey. -NBC News is predicting the Democrats will control
the House of Representatives. -Yeah, I did it, anyway! [ Cheers and applause ] Because that’s
the thing about alcohol — it works for good or bad news. That’s right, the Democrats
are projected to take control of the House for the first time
in eight years even though they
lost seats in the Senate, and that’s because the House and
Senate maps were very different, as CBS explained. -It looks like we have races
on two planets. We have Planet Senate
and we have Planet House. -That’s right, the Senate
is a different planet, which explains why Ted Cruz looks like he burst
out of someone’s chest. [ Laughter ] Now, tonight was a crazy,
frenetic night, with results
that were all over the map. In fact, things were so crazy,
MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki was wearing three different
mic packs all at once. I knew Steve Kornacki was busy,
but I didn’t know he was on three different
networks at the same time. [ Laughter ] So, the results
were all over the place. Just to give you an idea of
how crazy things were tonight, Beto O’Rourke
lost to Ted Cruz in Texas while Republican Kris Kobach
lost to a Democrat in Kansas. Democratic Senator
Heidi Heitkamp, she lost in North Dakota,
while in Colorado, we saw the nation’s first openly
gay man to be elected governor. [ Cheers and applause ] In a huge victory, Kim Davis,
the Kentucky clerk who infamously refused
to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples,
lost her re-election bid. And fun fact — her opponent
was a gay wedding cake. [ Laughter, cheers, applause ] Now, here’s the thing —
Democrats winning back control of the House
is a huge development for a number of reasons. It’ll stop Republicans
from repealing Obamacare and drastically cutting programs like Social Security
and Medicare. It will also allow Democrats to
protect the Russia investigation and will put Democrats
in charge of House Committees, which gives them
a huge new power. -If Democrats do take the House, President Trump will wake up
Wednesday morning to a very different
political scenario. Here on the Hill,
they are going to investigate this President and
his administration thoroughly, putting it under
an intense microscope, likely investigating everything
from the President’s tax returns to conflict of interest to those questions
about Russian collusion. -Even when a party
has only one house of Congress, that can still
have a really big impact, because once they’re controlling
that house of Congress, they get to conduct oversight
of the administration. They have subpoena power
to help them do that. -That’s right — Democrats
now have subpoena power, and if you don’t believe me,
Trump was just photographed trying to sneak 20 years
of tax returns out of the White House. [ Laughter ] Right now, Trump is at an
OfficeMax in Washington, D.C. — “Yes. Do you have a shredder? No, I, uh —
I just want to borrow it. I can’t afford to buy it. Did you see my tax returns?” [ Laughter ] Democrats were at least
vindicated tonight in their predictions that
they would win back the House, and the story
of how that happened is very much about the
two parties’ closing messages, which could not have been
more different. Democrats’ closing message
was primarily about healthcare. Trump, on the other hand,
tried scare people with racist conspiracy theories
about the migrant caravan headed toward
the southern border. The GOP’s closing message
was basically this. -We are going to die! [ Laughter ] -Trump’s advisers
pleaded with him to talk about something else,
like the economy, and Trump tried but admitted
he found the subject boring. -And what job numbers
we had today. Did you hear?
Did you hear? [ Cheers and applause ] Well, we’ll go into that. They all say,
“Speak with the economy. Speak about the economy.” Well, we have
the greatest economy in the history of our country. [ Cheers and applause ] But sometimes
it’s not as exciting to talk about the economy,
right? -“Did you hear? Well, if not, too bad,
’cause I’m not gonna tell you.” [ Laughter ] That’s the President
saying the economy is boring. Dude, the economy
is your number-one job. It’s like getting in an Uber
and hearing your drive say, “Sometimes it’s not exciting
to keep your eyes on the road.” [ Laughter ] Although he’s right. Talking about the economy
isn’t as exciting. You know
who could’ve told you that? Barack Obama. This dude rescued us
from one of the worst financial collapses in history, and every time
he tried to talk about it, it was such a snooze fest, some heckler in the back
would scream, “This is boring! Show us your birth certificate!” [ Laughter ] Instead of talking about
the economy, Trump tried
a different tactic — campaigning with Fox News hosts. Ahead of his final election eve
rally in Missouri last night, Trump’s campaign announced
that Fox News host Sean Hannity would be joining him onstage, which is weird
since Fox continues to insist that it’s not an arm
of the Trump administration. So Hannity
issued a correction, tweeting, “To be clear,
I will not be onstage campaigning with the President.” So, there you go, Hannity said
he would not be onstage, campaigning with the President.
Got it. -Sean Hannity, come on up.
Sean Hannity. [ Cheers and applause ] Yeah, stay, come on. -By the way, all those people
in the back are fake news. [ Cheers and applause ] Mr. President, I did
an opening monologue today, and I had no idea you were
gonna invite me up here. -Oh, no idea?
[ Laughter ] You ran up on stage
like a contestant on “The Price is Right.”
[ Laughter ] You had no idea. [ Cheers and applause ] No idea he would call you up. [ Applause ] You just flew all the way
to Missouri on a lark. [ Laughter ] Hannity’s like a guy who gets
a call from his crush and answers on the first ring. “Hi! This is Sean.
No, I wasn’t just sitting here.” [ Laughter ] In fact, Trump was so desperate, he brought up a ton
of special guests, from Sean Hannity
to Rush Limbaugh to Ivanka Trump to Fox host Jeanine Pirro
to Kellyanne Conway to Sarah Huckabee Sanders. I mean, look at these creeps. It’s like
the Brotherhood of Mutants. [ Laughter ] All they’re missing
is Magneto hovering over them. [ Laughter ] Now, Trump obviously loomed over the midterms
and exit polls today. 56% said the country
was on the wrong track, and 55% disapproved of Trump. And when Trump tried to campaign
for other Republicans, the crowds
made it all about him, as you can tell
from the chants at his rally in Missouri last night. Although, if you listen, I’m not sure the chants
made a whole lot of sense. -President Trump got elected
because of the Missourians. [ Cheers and applause ] And we’re gonna re-elect him! -Four more years! -That’s right.
-Four more years! Four more years!
Four more years! -That’s right, four more years. They want him to get re-elected, serve half of his second term,
and that’s it. [ Cheers and applause ] Trump also tried to scare people about Democrats’
healthcare plans by telling them that
the Democrats’ push for universal healthcare
would destroy Medicare. Now, healthcare was clearly
a huge issue for voters. In exit polls, more than 4 in 10
said it was their top priority. Trump tried to use that
against Democrats, but he clearly got some of
his talking points mixed up. Watch him mess up
and then try on recover as if that’s
what he meant to say. -If Democrats gain power
on Tuesday, one of their very first projects
will be a socialist takeover of American healthcare. You know what’s happening. And your taxes are gonna triple,
maybe quadruple. You’re not gonna be happy.
I know you well. The Democrat plan
would obliterate Obamacare. It will also —
Which is good, but leave the bad parts behind. It will destroy Medicare. -[ Laughing ]
Nice save, dude. Whoo! He got so confused
by his own B.S., he accidentally told his own
supporters to vote Democrat. [ Laughter ] “The Democrats’ plan is bad because it would
obliterate Obamacare — which is good! We’re against Obamacare,
which is bad! So if you want to get rid
of Obamacare, vote…Democrat? I…”
[ Laughter ] So, in the home stretch
of the campaign, Trump somehow managed to lie
even more than he usually does. And yet it didn’t seem
to bother his supporters. They either believe
every word he says or openly brag
that they don’t care. One voter at a Trump rally
in Florida over the weekend told the “Huffington Post”
that she was not interested in whether or how many times
Trump might lie that evening. “I don’t care if he sprouts
a third dick up there.” [ Laughter ] Wait.
A third? [ Laughter ] Oh, my God. Trump’s lying
has gotten so out of control, he’s been telling his supporters
he already has two penises, and they believed him. Look, Trump might be happy about
the results in the Senate, but the results in the House
are huge. Democrats will now be able
to check Trump’s power and investigate him. They’re gonna ask
for his tax returns right away. And if they get them, they’re gonna be running
around D.C., saying… -Did you hear? -This has been
“A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ]


  • Mike Wazowski

    Drumpf hasn't done anything. There is nothing about his policies which have improved the country. He took over a country which was doing fantastic already and was constantly improving.

  • paulg

    I used to be a registered republican. I never voted for Bush 2, but after that NEVER AGAIN. I switched parties to vote for Gore. I will NEVER EVER vote republican again.

  • sham421

    Historic losses in the mid-term elections.

    Full Democratic control in 8 states.

    Historically blow pro-gop districts headed to recounts.

    The POTUS holds a panicked news conference as a distraction.

    That’s a blue wave.

    And it was pretty much what the polls indicated would happen.

    But that didn’t make good TV, because Gillum lost and O’Rourke lost.

  • Darius Bostic

    Jesus is the Way to everlasting life. If you want to be saved, come to
    JESUS. God sent His only Begotten Son(Jesus) to die on the cross for
    your sins. If you want to be saved and go to heaven, this is what you
    need to do: 1. Believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. 2. Believe
    that Jesus died on the cross for your sins. 3. Believe that God the
    Father has raised Him(Jesus) from the dead. 4. Repent of your sins(
    telling God your sorry for everything you have done against Him). 5. Ask
    Jesus to come into your heart, and to save you from your sins. 6. Thank
    Him(Jesus) for saving your life. DO ALL OF THIS WITH YOUR HEART!!!!!
    Congratulations, you are now a Christian and have eternal life.

  • dcrews100

    Fox News IS Fake News. I'm surprised Progressives have not pointed this out. The meme writes itself. I mean we can still do it. Just have to get some artists. But no seriously, at this point Fox News is the American conservative equivalent of State run media. This should be a thing every other media sources should really comment on. I mean I am for free speech but people need to call out bullshit when they see it otherwise they are cowards. There needs to be more reporting on the part of the media on each other. The media is a unofficial part of our government, a vital role of our society. We need to be able to trust the media to give us actual information and not give a soapbox to A ENTIRE SEPARATE REALITY FROM THE ONE LITERALLY EVERYONE ELSE OCCUPIES. By everyone else I mean people who don't watch Fake Faux News. I mean Fake News. I mean Fox News. My bad, Freudian Slip.

  • futurestoryteller

    It's amazing that we live in a country where millions more of the votes can go to democrats and still their victory is seen only as marginal.

  • Lashan

    Trump's talking bit about the Democrats obliterating Obamacare is one of the funniest things I've ever heard. Literally cackling with high pitched laughter right now. How this guy is your president and how braindead the supporters behind him must be to keep a straight face I'll never understand 😂😂😂

  • MBD Jr

    Can you imagine if Twitter cancelled the SCROTUS' (so-called ruler of the US – remember, he lost the popular vote) Twitter account ? He'd be lost and the rest of the world wouldn't be bothered by his late night/early morning TWITS. Seriously, what the hell would he do???

  • Jose R

    We need a president in the white house, not a reality TV entertainer. The GOP needs to finally get some guts and not nominate him in 2020 if they really care about the country's future, This midterm election should send a message to the GOP leadership.

  • Daniel Gauthier

    Every video I’ve seen of you’re channel is literally only trump jokes. Your only big because of trump jokes… make better comedy please

  • Mari ZenSoul

    They should have played the "You can't always get what you want" song like trump did to rub it in on democrats when he got elected.

  • Crazy John

    god damm say the same thing over and over and over is their no other funny news, yes trump is a belligerent ass, boisterous and thats why his people like him. it like looking in a mirror

  • Karen Johnston

    Notice the date.
    It WAS a blue wave once all the votes were in. Once again cable news gets it wrong!!
    Just wait until 2020. The only thing that will stop the next blue wave is if trump stops being trump!

  • Pixie Cutter

    the hannity "fake news" jab was so cringy… like a little kid repeating a joke to try to impress his older brother's friends

  • Behzad Behmand

    3rd dick
    @seth LOL…:))))) i think,, she doesn't think he has two dicks!! has a regular and is one him self and……….then talked about……

  • jcbarnhart77

    I would be ok if my taxes doubled from a single payer system. Hell, my employer and I pay more annually combined in medical ins than I pay in federal income taxes.

  • Reiden Lightman

    Trump can't talk about the economy, and it's not because it's boring. He can't talk about it because he can't make a compelling argument that the economy is actually strong. His only argument would be his rich friends got richer and his stocks are doing well.

  • Craig Dillon

    Sure the Democrats may be able to put a check on Trump's presidency……BUT,
    they CANNOT put a CHECK ON TRUMP"S MOUTH !!!!!

  • Francisco DaGausser

    On Orders (Operation Peter Pan: 124816ABX):
    "I'll tell you what game we're playing. It's called Captain's Orders (the personal initiative plan and future policy). I sit in the Captain's chair and you all run the ship. If I have to make orders it's called theft of orders and this game is over. If I poke my head out it better be moving. If I'm on deck I have business there. I'll tell you this, every Captain is the same and you had better be on your initiative plan." This one goes in the trash, this one gets filed…this one goes under the policy, this one under the initiative in the Navy, this one goes under resolve and rank…on to hard calls…look at the number of challenges and protests. I'm counting 57. Put these in the basket…I think they know exactly what this report says. "This ship is incapable of functioning without "miles of red tape" and "specific orders down to the thumbtack" and on "a complete lack of personal initiatives." I will devote all my career to this personal battle…or, the ship started rolling and…we are going to make something called the "soldiers personal initiative policy." It's right next to the policies on flotsam floating and ladder climbing. CSL. You want the coddle military, you got it. Sure, it's an insult to get one. That's what is meant. You want socialism, you got it. Move in the drones and robots. LOL. Oops, don't look at the vampires and the churches.

  • Peter Vesalius

    How the hell did Ted Cruz win?? Everybody hates Ted Cruz. It's just one of those things that's known. It's probably in the Bible somewhere!

  • Julez

    Im NOT a Trump fan.. BUT looking back I am happy that you americans didnt vote fore the criminal and corrupt Hillary.
    Please make a show about her to prove you are not bias

  • Jesse F

    Ancient Rome had Nero, he is best known for completely being out of his mind and ran the
    craziest empire ever! He left his entire empire with feelings of anger and dissatisfaction, along with  a path of chaos behind him, sound familiar?

  • Santa Christ

    It’s been months but I’m still ecstatic that Laura Kelly is now the Governor of Kansas. When I voted for her I never actually thought she’d win. If you’re not from Kansas a quick rundown She has-

    Protected LGBT labor and marriage rights
    Increased funding for education
    Stopped anti-abortion laws
    Removed Governor Brownback’s harmful tax cuts to the wealthy
    And the funniest thing about all of this is that he Certification of Governorship was issued by Kris Koback the guy she beat.

  • Michael Freed

    "Dude, the economy is your #1 job." – Seth, just before the 5-minute mark.
    It's utterly amazing how not one person in Western society knows what's wrong with that statement. You guys think your government runs the economy in any way, shape or form? Okay.
    Tell me exactly how or what government does to "run" the economy.
    Not selected parts of the process.
    Not a bunch of selected catch phrases from macro-economics class, Ron Paul, G.Edward Griffin or any "alt" theories.
    Walk me through how you think any government anywhere "runs" the economy.

    Or anything else for that matter.

  • Anthony Salazar

    There so much deniel going on in the White House it's cleared to me that what trump want to literally devide the people Wich it is already the house the Senate Congress and so on. I can't back up and won't vote for trump why couse his attitude his way of talking about others that are at the right the demacrats that is. Do I need to say more facts are facts simple as that to those that have ears to hear and eyes to see stand fast against trump straight out strategy to manipulate the people. What is right is right and clearly trump is wrong vote impeach remember we are the voice we have the last say of who we want in office for the better of America.

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