Dear Genji… (Overwatch) – La La Land Musical Parody
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Dear Genji… (Overwatch) – La La Land Musical Parody

Mercy X Genji Dear Genji…. Love, Angela A La la land Parody Art & Lyrics By: ChloeCanary :3 😀 :] :O 8) I think about that day… When Overwatch asked me to heal and augment his body parts We did not know each other But he was on the verge of death Still I did what I need to do Just hold my breath… Every single night… I monitored his vital signs and treat his mortal wounds With biotic technology of damage boost and healing streams I waited for a miracle.. Accomplished… in just dreams Then i heard his heartbeat thump Our eyes meet, heads bump Could be science or just pure luck We’ll have to see… ‘Cause maybe in that headquater, He’ll sit one day, the lights are down He’ll see my face and think of how he used to know me… Soar to the skies I’m supporting my teammates Fly over, heal and rez to win And when they let you down You’ll get up off the ground ‘Cause high noon will pass by And it’s another day alive WINTER Genji: Unbreakable Body! This match is not over yet! :3 🙁 How could you leave without a goodbye? Without saying anything? -sighs- I’ve seen meaning to tell you this, that… Genji, my love. Your cyborg suit shines just for me Genji, your ass… Is quite the wondrous sight to see (^3^) Oh no… I was not ready for my injured sparrow’s release Genji: But I must leave Genji: To find inner peace… :[ Genji: Mercy, my dove Genji: Your Valkyrie suit shines for me Such a beauty! Mercy And Genji: Dear Angela/My Genji, Mercy And Genji: You never shined so brightly The End 🙁


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