Deadmau5 Tries to Be David Spade’s House Band – Lights Out with David Spade
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Deadmau5 Tries to Be David Spade’s House Band – Lights Out with David Spade

We’ve been shopping around -for a house band here.
-KERRIGAN: So hot. Uh, for a while. Yeah,
we still haven’t found one. Uh, for my latest interview,
I went a little outside the box. Here’s a video. Oh. Uh-oh. All right,
The Masked Singer’s on… Is that Stage 12? (laughter) (whispering):
Who’s…? This is the guy? Hi. (clears throat) I’m, uh… David Spade, obviously.
(laughs) You are… beep, bop, boop. It says, “Deadmaus.” Okay. (laughs, sniffles) By the way,
this job doesn’t pay a ton. It’s not like a Vegas gig.
It’s like a Reno gig, if you read
between the lines there. I don’t know
if you’re married, because this job,
you get unbelievable tail. I mean, way more than rave clubs
with 2,000 girls on Molly. Ah, what’s going on? -Yeah, it’s coming off. Oh.
-Oh. Oh, there’s a person in there. -What’s the problem?
-It stinks. You know what? Eek.
I took a shit in there earlier. I thought it would be funny,
but it’s sort of a haze in case you get the job. If you
don’t, it’s really a drag. You’re friends with Ratatouille? Uh, no. You know why?
‘Cause I hear he’s a dick. He stays in France,
and he’s a little bit of a… (whistles) Snap, crackle and pop.
You know what I mean? Not snap, crackle and pop. Snap, crackle and cocaine.
He does cocaine. I think I got that one. Oh. Be cool,
and I’ll talk Sandler into doing The Wedding Singer,
but maybe The Wedding… DJ. I just have
to get his new number. Um, I know you’re doing concerts
and gigs. I know all the lingo. But your first obligation
is this show. So if I need you
for emergencies, you got to be ready. What kind of emergencies? Emergencies like
if I’m taking a shower, I need a little ambience,
a little ♪ Beep-bop, beep-bop ♪ ♪ Boo-bah, doop-a-doop,
bee-ba, deep-a-deep. ♪ That’s probably a real song. Sometimes I have a hard time
falling asleep, and, uh, I’d like you to play
something soothing just to… (whistles)
…knock me out. I go to bed around 4:00 a.m. Do you take requests? Play “Hawaiian Waterfall.” I’m not Alexa. Watch the ‘tude. You have
to bring your own glass. Plus, we give you one
free bottle, then it’s you. And I want that helmet spotless. I’ll do a check with it.
White glove. I better hear this.
(imitates squeaking) You know what sounds fun? Let’s take a tour of the stage. Come on up here. Bring your
helmet. Use your legs. (Spade sighs heavily) So that’s the tour. Four chairs and a…
a microphone. (Spade laughs) That thing is nice. Do they have them at, uh,
Lids in the Beverly Center? -Yeah. No, not quite.
-I’d love to grab one. I don’t think so. Okay, you’re right over here.
I got you set up. How long have you been playing
The Spacebar? -Geez.
-This is glow sticks. It’s like 7-Eleven with pennies. If you have an extra one,
leave it. If you need one, take one. So how about…?
You get it. So let’s get you to try
a few toe-tappers, and I’m gonna sort of rate it. This is
the hard part of the audition. This is where push comes
to shove. All right,
let’s hit me with something. -(beep)
-(techno dance music plays) It’s my old
Chippendales’ audition. -♪ ♪
-Oh, shit. ♪ ♪ (rhythmic clapping) Jon-Benét. All right, hit me with something
different, anything. (new dance song plays) This one’s lame,
but the dancing saves it. I go like that,
then I go like that. Confetti! (blowing raspberries) All right, that’s enough.
I got a feel for it. You know what? If I sit there,
and you’re there, and everyone’s looking at you,
eh… I got a better place for you. You need a special spot.
Is this yours? I’ll grab that.
Can I carry this? -Well, yeah.
-Follow me. Bring the hat. All right,
I think this is perfect. You got a garbage
if you need it. We got lint rollers and… empty boxes, a few waters. So… let’s see how it goes. We’re gonna have you do a
practice show with my stand-in. I’m gonna look
at the tape, though. (sighs, mumbles) (bleep) this. I’m gonna go shit in his hat.

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