David Stewart Rosarito Beach Real Estate Testimonial for Zinnia Quezada
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David Stewart Rosarito Beach Real Estate Testimonial for Zinnia Quezada

My wife and I are here from the Sacramento area a town called Placerville about 40 miles east of Sacramento about 60 miles west
of Lake Tahoe, beautiful area but no ocean and having had lived in Hawaii that’s what was
important me, so at one point here about a year ago we decided to start looking around for
something by the ocean. We took a trip to Costa Rica. looked around, looked too far away from Hawaii, little too hot on the regular basis at one point, it came to me that I spent
some time quite a bit of time down here in fact in my Years of State University. We come down, spent a lot of time between Rosarito and Ensenada, great surfing, back in the sixties so I mentioned to her why don’t we take a look at something down there between Rosarito and Ensenada and see what it looks like, then 45 years since I’ve been down here, so we got here and I was pleasantly surprised that the changes, that it’s grown dramatically. We ran around a lot of great people and she fell in
love with it which was a real big part of the decision to come down here, and straight away we put our house in the market in about March and we were able to take care of that transaction and came down to Rosarito for a lot of reasons again, the climate, the ocean for me it’s perfect, she enjoys it, the close
proximity to home is a one day drive back we do have children in the San Francisco Bare area, so it’s a one day drive back to see them, it just all came together for us and that’s the reason we’re here. Beautiful place. That was a factor of spending many many hours on the
internet, I tend to investigate things pretty thoroughly before I make any big
decisions in this and it was a big decision and having looked at literally dozens and dozens of different
websites in regards to culture, the things that I needed that I felt I needed to know in order to make a wise decision and having looked at all these different websites, as well as the
Rosarito Ensenada Real Estate I kept coming back to Baja123 because it answered the questions that I had in my mind as they came up, I have a question like I felt
very comfortable going to Baja123 and finding the answers not only in regards
to Real Estate issues but in regards to daily living television service, electrical service, just
virtually every question I had that I needed an answer I could find it at Baja123. I kept coming back I’ll ultimately made a call I believe the first person I had the pleasure of visiting was Eddie Huerta. Eddie told me he would have their top rep contact me as soon as
possible, he said please get back to me when she does, it was a question like maybe she
won’t, so please let me know when she does. It wasn’t two hours within two hours I was
fortunate to get a call from Zinnia Quezada, I spoke with Zinnia for probably an hour at that time on the phone, this would have been prior to us coming down here in February
so it’s probably sometime in January this year, Zinnia has all the right questions, I have some experience in Real Estate, I was a licensed Real Estate agent in Hawaii for a while and Zinnia asked all the right questions, she was very specific in her questions, settled the right things,
I knew what the right things were to say and she said them all, I was very excited to be able to meet her in February. We spent
several days together while we were here in February. She stayed in constant contact, sending me updates on the Real Estate market what’s available from February until we
finally got down here a month and a half ago We now have the pleasure dealing with her on a regular
basis she’s always there, answers every
question, gets back to me in the timely fashion does everything I would expect, a top notch
Real Estate person to do. Discuss before I would recommend Rosarito to Ensenada area or anywhere in here, very highly, it is more than I expected, I have no concerns in regards to day-to-day living, safety
issues, are just not an issue in my mind I’ve met wonderful people, we’ve had wonderful experiences. The people at Baja123 have been exceptionally
professional and knowledgeable and I would recommend this very
highly to anybody that’s considering making a move to anywhere outside the U.S.

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