Daniel C. HomeDax Real Estate Seller Review – Astoria, Queens
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Daniel C. HomeDax Real Estate Seller Review – Astoria, Queens

Hi, my name is Daniel Chen and I am in
the insurance industry. I’ve been living in New York City for all my life, that’s
30 years. So the property that we sold with HomeDax was actually our first
home and that was in Astoria, Queens and it was a one-bedroom it was originally a
studio and it was converted fully renovated to a one-bedroom and it was
you know rather small apartment but it was perfect for me and my wife at the
time. We had lived there for five years I think it may be a little bit over five
years before we finally decided to sell it. We were definitely looking to sell
the place you know after five years we figured that we’re it’s time to start a
family the place was just getting a little too small you know for a kid or
two so we wanted to move out into a bigger place. This was our first time
than a first experience going through the whole selling process so for us was
very important that somebody was there to kind of guide us through the way
whether it be the listings or you know taking pictures and just general
communication was very important just so that you know we’re not left in the dark
we’ve had experience you know in the buying process where it was kind of you
know the lack of communication was was really annoying so that was
something that was really important to us. There were a lot of really good
things that throughout the whole process but I think just to kind of generalize
my favorite thing was working with with HomeDax with Elisa
in particular it was just another communication but just how she helped us
through the whole process you know it moved so quick, it was so quick
you know with we initial communication from day one and it was I think ten days
later and we were already out there you know it was it was listed and we might
got our first offer a couple of days later too. Our initial pricing on the
apartment after we had kind of gone through it with Elisa we had agreed on a
price that made sense for us and where we thought it should be and with Elisa’s
guidance we ultimately agreed on $459k. The end result was working with HomeDax is that we ended up with a price that we were extremely happy with and we was
happy the entire experience before working with HomeDax too. The overall
was just a great experience. It really was pretty quick and amazing I would
definitely recommend home next to my friends and family in fact we have recommended it before and we definitely plan on using HomeDax again. Hopefully we get to work with Elisa again we’ll definitely be reaching out.

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