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Realtor Safety Video � Top Seven Personal
Safety Tips for Women Hey all! It�s Neva at
and I just thank you for stopping by my blog. Today, I just want to share with you top seven
tips to stay safe when you�re visiting properties to do your repair estimate.
I was going back and forth in email with a young lady that stated that she had concerns
visiting properties by herself in this business. So, I just wanted to share some helpful tips
that I do and I definitely welcome comments and suggestions for additional things that
women can do, includes the men as well, can do to stay safe in this business.
So, number 1, I wrote them down. The first thing I have is always try to bring someone
with you to the property. My husband comes with me. So usually, I do not go to properties
by myself. The times that he has not been available, I took my mom and my niece with
me. All three of us went to the property together. So I just truly believe in safety in groups.
Number 2, I have when you�re visiting a property by yourself, give someone, a friend,
a family member, the information. Like for instance, if I�m going by myself and my
husband cannot go, I�ll give him the address that I�m going to, the person�s name that
I�m meeting with, that person�s home address, phone number. I�ll tell him what time my
appointment is. If my appointment is at 1:30, he should be hearing back from me by two o�
clock. I have never needed more than 30 minutes to go in and do a repair estimate. So I definitely
recommend that. Someone needs to know that you�re at this appointment by yourself.
Number 3, I have when you get to the house, I�ve heard a lot of wholesalers say that
they actually go into the basement first because that�s where the deal breakers are. Where
for me, when I get to a property, the first thing I do is that I do a walk through around
the outside of the property. The reason why I do this is because I�m looking for the
exits in the house. I want to know is there a walk-out basement, is there a side door.
I�m just looking at different exits in addition to what needs to be repaired outside the house.
Also, when you walk around outside the house and you�re taking pictures, you�re drawing
attention to yourself. Every neighborhood has a nosy neighbor. I�ve had neighbors
come to me and say, �What are you doing? Why are you taking pictures?� So you want
that attention because now, someone else knows that you�re there at the property.
The next tip I have is that once you�re inside the property and this is geared especially
towards women because when you�re inside the property, my advice is to always be behind
the seller. I don�t like the seller to be behind me and a lot of times because, the
reason why I stress this to women, is because a lot of men will say, �Ladies first,�
for you to lead through the property. I�ll reply back and say, �This is your property.
You know the layout. You lead.� And I do this because I don�t want to be in front
and have a gentleman behind me and you know, this is someone I don�t really know and
I just think safety-wise, it�s better for me behind the seller.
The next advice I have is if you get to the property, you guys agree on the price, sign
contract, and you know, you want to go to the title company afterwards. Do not accept
a ride from the seller. I just think even if you don�t have your own vehicle, take
public transportation and get there. I would not suggest accepting a ride. This is basically
a stranger even if this is someone that you followed-up with numerous times. This is a
stranger so I would not suggest that you accept a ride.
My next advice is to always, always, always have a fully-charged cell phone. In case you
need to make emergency calls or anything. Make sure your cell phone is charged and above
all, I would have to say, my last tip is follow
your instincts no matter if you feel uncomfortable about anything. Just leave the property if
you don�t feel safe. Just immediately leave. If you don�t feel safe before you even get
there, just don�t go. No deal is worth putting yourself in danger. Follow your instincts.
Stay safe and enjoy your memorial day. Bye!

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