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Dan O’Connor – O’Connor Property | Local South Bay Real Estate Expert

I’m Dan O’Connor with O’Connor
Property, part of Shorewood Realtors, your local South Bay real estate expert.
10 years experience, plus the thirty-five years of experienced my mom gave me and a lifetime South Bay resident. First
year in the business was a whirlwind. I basically was my mom’s shadow. My eyes were huge. Just listening and learning… She has quite the reputation of being a
really hard worker, a really great real estate
broker, and she doesn’t take grief from anybody. My
grandfather was a contractor, my stepdad is a real estate broker and
so it just seems like everywhere I turned they were either talking about real estate
or doing things that pertain to real estate. We are very well versed in the selling and
reselling of single-family homes townhomes and
condos. We focus on basically south of the airport to the Palos Verdes Peninsula and everything in between.
It’s a great community. Whether Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach or any of the other cities it’s just that really great place to
live and so it makes my job a lot easier. And then we also do small residential
income properties and we do have a specialty in New construction product which is hard to find in this area. We really focus on helping builders build
more new homes in this particular market. Customer
service is really important to us… so much so that we’ve designed the whole
structure of our business our company around the idea that the client is going to deal with us, the
professional, the expert. Technology has changed our office and how
we run our business It has changed our industry obviously…
Ninety-five percent of the buyers look online at the property or at your agent profile before they call
you or or call to see the property and so one of the things that we’ve
tried it provide to a client is how to filter through all this
information that is now out there because the internet. Ninety percent of our business is repeat and referral and I think that says a lot
about how we run our business and how we treat our
clients. The one word I’d use to describe the South Bay is… “Casual” — it’s just a casual atmosphere
so if you’re not at work you are probably
in flip-flops and shorts and it’s just the beach life. So Barbara… This is like so uncomfortable… well !$#% GAH Ummm… HAHA Alright…Experience with a fresh new outlook That’s so cheesy…!$#% … *sigh*…!$#% – You know I used to be an actor…
– Really?
– No I was an extra in a movie though…

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