Daily Schedule For SUCCESSFUL Real Estate Agents
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Daily Schedule For SUCCESSFUL Real Estate Agents

[Music] what’s up everybody it is BC welcome to another video if you have not subscribed to my channel already please go ahead and do so now one of the most requested things I have all the time is my daily schedule what does my day look like what do I do on a weekday weekend and I wanted to make this particular video in order to impart that knowledge on you tell you what my schedule is and shed some light on it keep in mind guys that my schedule is plugging and different from yours and you don’t have to copy my exact schedule you know as Bruce Lee said when you look at information absorb what’s good and disregard what’s not good right so you don’t have to be as hardcore as me or you don’t have to do everything that I do but you can take bits and pieces and apply it to your life and hopefully have some big changes so during a weekday I typically wake up anywhere from about 5:30 sometimes I’ll sleep in until 6:00 it’s rare but multiple time it’s between 5:30 to 5:45 now when I wake up I do one of two things I need to read I’m picking up a new book or continuing a book that I have already started reading or I go directly to the gym right so i alternate it’s like read gym read gym and I do that at least five days a week on the weekends I still follow it the times may vary a little bit alright now I minimum commit to about an hour and a half or two hours every day of reading or getting some kind of knowledge whether it’s an audiobook YouTube researching something like that minimum two hours every single day right so we do that typically I’m done between 6:30 6:45 I come back I get ready are pretty much ready to go between 6:30 6:45 to 7:30 and getting everything ready now currently right now I’m doing everything from my home office right until my new office is done with Keller Williams at which point I will be in that office if I’m going to the office that day by 7:30 7:30 to 8:00 it’s a script practice role play getting everything ready now from 8:00 to 12:00 we’re on the horn we’re either making calls with door-knocking and here’s the key guys from that 8:00 to 12:00 portion that prospecting that was planned the night before I don’t scurry at 8:00 and try to figure out what I’m going to do all the everything is already prepared right which I’m going to go torn off the neighborhood’s already picked I’m going to call I already know all eight to twelve bonus the side of the night before that’s the key is a night before is when you prepare okay twelve to one that’s lunch a break alright eat your mind off things take a breather right now from 12 until 30 it’s typically what I do now from 12:30 to 1:00 I’ll do follow-up calls or return any calls that must be returned whether it’s for business real estate related or non real estate related alright now from 1 to 2 or 1 to 2:30 typically what I’m doing is either YouTube stuff like online stuff getting everything ready on that side and I’m also doing additional role-playing or training with my team right with a additional script and roleplay with them getting them up to speed on a new system that’s basically what that time is for 2:30 to 3:00 3:15 is preparing for appointments if we have any if not there will be additional training from 3:15 to 3:30 that’s typically when we’re getting back on the phones or the doors for another two and a half to three hours so it will end at about 6:00 and that is the slot from 3:15 3:30 to 6:00 maybe 6:30 it’s good for appointments or additional prospecting right now now pretty much sums up the day after that I usually will go to the gym again I will read some more and from like 9:00 to 10:00 or 10:30 I’ll leave it open just for me to kind of relax and unwind but at which point I’m still watching something on the national Geographics and in something educational every once in a while maybe one night a week maybe two I’ll watch a movie or something that is like a comedy to make me laugh I love to laugh so that’s all these that portion of my schedule open to kind of like let my mind go a little bit but as you can see the rest of the day what is it action action action action action now I want to leave you guys with this it varies right now that was pretty much my schedule when I started now in addition to what I’m doing with real estate I had other obligations for I have doing YouTube I’m doing online stuff I’m talking to new people and collaborating and doing podcast and I kind of stuff some my schedule will vary a little bit however when I started that was the the meat and bones of my schedule and if you really look at it compare what I was doing to what you’re doing right when I was new in real estate or if you’re a sales person or anybody you know four hours in the morning two or three hours in the afternoon evening was set to me taking action to lead generate if you’re running a business you have to have leads coming in whether you’re in real estate or not it doesn’t matter sales is the name of the game and how do you get sales leads coming in lead generation right that’s what my team members are doing right I’m still lead generating on a daily basis and we are on the weekends too so my question to you is now that you’ve seen the schedule what are you going to implement are you lead generating as much as you have to write that’s the name of the game of business generating new leads that you can sell to your product service whatever it is so this schedule goes beyond real estate this is life men and yes everything is scheduled oh you’re a robot okay I may be a robot as you say but I’m a efficient robot and kicks your ass right take the schedule on apply it guarantee you’ll be whooping everybody’s ass and whatever industry you’re in the question is that you’re going to commit to it was I perfect am i perfect no I’ll follow it 100% of the time I damn it I follow it most of the time 80 90 percent of the time I’m rock-solid in my most productive days I want to follow all that all right those other details thrown in there like journaling other small details but I wanted to give you a rough outline of what I do and what the schedule is because now you can take that and you can use it very very simple guys okay I’ll leave a link in the description to any books that I recommend my products and everything might close the deal program the $97 a month program personal coaching for me for sales is in the description as well as finally added that to my website I do that with a partner and there’s weekly lectures and QAS and I have a vault of like 80 90 lectures that you get access to to 497 a month okay again thank you for stopping by for another video like the video if you haven’t already you guys enjoy the last one with the exhaust you know Lamborghinis coming soon I’m getting pretty excited so until then I’ll see you guys on the next video [Music]


  • Garrett Hanna

    Do you knock cold doors of a neighborhood of your choosing? Or do you use the title company for specific doors? Or only expireds and Fsbo?

  • DecoyAardvark

    That is definitely an extreme schedule. So what is your weekend schedule like? You seem to give yourself little time off. I'm assuming your strategy is work as hard as you can now so you can have an easy and early retirement.

  • Lavish Venture

    Do you suggest (KW) for a brand new agents?? like will their level of production be tremendously impressive compared to a new agent starting elsewhere??

  • Zach Thompson

    When do you eat breakfast? Do you eat breakfast after the gym? Do you use the 6:45am-7:30am to shower, eat, and get dressed?

  • ITzUnique Gaming

    I love the robot quote you said hopefully by the time I'm 20 I'll have my GTR keep up the good videos

  • Febe Leiva

    Bryan 1st I want to say you are a MACHINE! I was on my last limb trying to get listings and came across your channel to make a long story short I went out door knocking today for my 1st time and after I spoke with a few persons I felt more comfortable and even made contact with the HOA President of the community. Bryan do you door knock condo or townhome communities? What about gated communities, how do you handle that?

  • Ezio Auditore

    Because it rains over here in Vancouver basically 8 months out of the whole year, doorknocking is not as effective as where you live. Would you suggest going through internet lead generation route if you were in my position? Any other type of lead generation would you suggest for someone like me? Thanks love your videos!

  • Little Big Toe

    Thanks for the videos. Not in real estate, but I apply a lot of the same principles into my door knocking. Keep the good content coming. It's very helpful.

  • V6 Vic

    Mr. Grinder! lol..I'm looking to become an agent. I am going take the course online @ realtestateexpress.com. Is there any other sites you could recommend?

  • Spam Quang Email

    Hey Bryan, are you still doing the close the sale program personal coaching? The link doesn't seem to be working

  • Lamhaa Moon

    Hi BC, I'm 23 now. And my first language isn't English. So I can't talk as you do. Do you think still I can do it? Or what's your advice? Please and thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Balwinder Chouhan

    Hi BC ….isn't 8am for door knocking is too early ? I am always concerned or afraid that people are gonna be upset if we door knock that hr of the day .
    your suggestions please

  • Lizz Brazil

    OMG!! I totally forgot about the Profit share distribution thing. Im still a lil confused. But should I have given your name?

  • All Things Knoxville

    You mentioned journaling…i rry to stick to a tight productive schedule but i slip all the time. Do you have this all in a reminder app or on a calendar? Any suggestions on how to keep the routine going? Whay do you journal about when you do? Business? Your day?

  • Stevan Fabien

    if you are looking for real estate and bargains in morocco: residential or industrial plots or tourist area or hotels or farm farms or villas and apartments or cafes or restaurants for sale in morocco thank you to contact me 00212669180637 OR 00212698002012 or by e-mail: [email protected] real estate agency ………….. possible to collaborate with a real estate agency or an investor or businessman

  • Luis Ramos

    Hi Bryan, how does working with a few time consuming buyers affect your prospecting time? When you have a few high maintenence clients and need to be out on the field more does this change your routine at all?

  • robert evans

    i just found your channel last week and i bought some notebooks and have been taking notes ever since, haven't gone for my real estate test yet as i cant afford it right now and have to work at the amazon warehouse until i can. Really appreciate the videos dude!

  • Chris Palma

    Hey Brian, I just wanted to say Thank you man. Iโ€™m currently going through some tough times professionally and your videos help me stay focus while I make my way out of my current situation and start my own hustle. Please up keep the good work, youโ€™re a life saver.

  • master cobra

    How many people are home when you're door knocking that early? Are you leaving door hangers if not? are you door knocking a list? or just scatter knocking everyhome?

  • Danielle Monreal

    Do you have any moms or dads on your team or have to work their schedules around their kids?
    What does their day look like?


    I wonder what is like for moms that has to deal with school hours. I am feeling overwhelmed and have not even started working on my schedule. So far just staring at the MLS all day long. Sight

  • ์‹ ํ˜„๋Œ€๋ถ€๋™์‚ฐ - ์ „์›์ฃผํƒ ํ† ์ง€ ํŽœ์…˜ ๊ธ‰๋งค๋งค

    i like your video

  • Parker TV

    When you go door knocking during the week do you get a lot of results? I would imagine a lot of people are at work at that time

  • Austin Bishop

    Man i would love to sit and talk with you. Im 23 and crazy in love with real estate. Door knocking is breaking obscurity. People know your "vision"
    I will DOMIMATE real estate when i graduate next year!

  • Brandy Collins

    I love this just because this looks like some real life stuff. Thanks for keeping it real and not trying to act ๐Ÿ‘Œperfect lol ur great!!

  • Bryan Casella

    video with all LINKS TO PRODUCTS, SERVICES and AFFILIATE opportunities


  • love

    Do you think being a real estate agent and having a young toddler will work? I want to be able to spend time with him and not be in an office 9-5 but I still need to be successful

  • Lisa Lopez

    this is great, thank you. I want to do cold calling after 6 pm when my baby is asleep. Is cold calling from 6-8 pm too late? I am also able to devote 2 hours to cold calling during the day, so 2 more hours in the evening would be helpful.

  • Adrienne C.

    Just to echo what fellow realtors have said, BC, you truly are a breath of fresh air in so many ways! I remember the time I was contemplating if this was the career for me, even though I had been in the real estate industry for 5 years prior, it wasnโ€™t until I became an agent and read/heard all the typical self-serving scripts when I thought, โ€œdamn, this will never be my thingโ€. Then one day I watched a video of yours and I loved the way you talked to others, brought something of value to them – and I try to watch a video of yours a day to keep my momentum up. You really help us all. Thank you.

  • Sonja Kato

    Hi there, I'm considering a career-move into real estate. I studied finance papers through Uni and have been working as an Outbound Travel Consultant in the wholesale market and am a mother of a young family as well, so I can appreciate the schedule for the day you have planned with your team. However, I believe I will need to take on further study and it is fairly busy already with a young family, so I would need to work this in as well around the work schedule. It would be good to hear feedback from anyone that does have family and work in the industry if you do know of anyone, I would appreciate hearing their advice too.

  • DreamWarrior

    Bryan, have you experienced jealousy or hate from friends and family? I'm selling a private label product and it seems like everyone hates me now.

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