dae ki & young joo ✗ where’s your boyfriend?  [where stars land]
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dae ki & young joo ✗ where’s your boyfriend? [where stars land]

You were drinking a lot yesterday. Are you feeling all right? Beer can’t do anything to me. It’s like water. I didn’t know you were such a good drinker. From now on, you can drink
my shots for me at team dinners. I’m sorry, but I only do that
for my boyfriend. Did you have a boyfriend? About Mr. Lee from Passenger Services… What? What kind of person is he? Do you know anything about him? No, not really. Why? I’m just curious. Why are you curious? I thought you had a boyfriend. What is it? Can’t I be curious about other men if I have a boyfriend? Of course not. Anyway, if you have a boyfriend, you shouldn’t be curious about other men. You’re single, aren’t you? It’s okay. You’ll meet someone nice. I’ll get going, then. Young Joo, aren’t you coming to the team dinner? No, I don’t think I can go. Why not? Do you have a date? Yes. I’ll get going. Did you eat? If you didn’t eat yet, how about you eat with me? No, it’s okay. I need to go meet my boyfriend. Your boyfriend? Oh, your boyfriend. Bye, then. May I sit next to you? Is it you, Young Joo? Where’s your boyfriend? Something came up, so he had to go. Yes, that’s why. That’s good. I didn’t want to eat alone. I can eat with you, right? Well… It’s almost lunchtime now, so how about we all eat lunch together? I’d love to go. Young Joo, what about you? Why don’t you join if you’re
not planning to meet your boyfriend? You have a boyfriend? My gosh, I didn’t know. I’m hungry. Where’s that famous restaurant?


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