DAD CAPTURED! Bendy and the Ink Machine #3 Haunts Our House FGTEEV Chapter 2 Boss 👹 SCARY Kids Game

LAST TIME ON FGTEEV>:) Bendy: where you guys going? don’t you wanna play? Duddy: chase, go hide in here! Bendy: come back over here! Duddy: come here shawn! shawn! shawn! where-wheres shawn?? shawn- *screams* Bendy: oh hi shawn! *Shawn’s mind* Mickey??! Duddy: shawn…come, come here buddy… Bendy: I won’t hurt you. Duddy: no shawn! shawn come here! come- Bendy: quiet!>:3 Duddy : shawn he’s a bad guy. i’m the guy- Bendy: close…your…mouth!>:D Duddy: help shawn! 🙁 Bendy: no, don’t! *Shawn scream* Duddy: don’t help him baby! Duddy: shawn help daddy! ‘~’ Bendy: don’t you help him! Duddy: shawn help, please! Bendy: don’t even think about it shawn! Chase: hey bendy! drop my dad or boris is gonna get it! Bendy: boris no! you wouldn’t! 🙁 Chase: drop him now! Bendy: ok i’ll let him down. Duddy: let me go! oh, thank you. auuuuuuuuughhhhh! I think I broke a bone!>:( whats the matter with you bendy?!? go back to your stink machine! Intro: its FGTeeV! Duddy: whats up everybody Listen, this is a chapter 2 continuation of chapter 2, so if you wanna see a cool little intro of chapter 2, watch the last video. we ended right here a little gate went up and this creepy little hallway appeared we have to somehow find a stinking MaChINe that will drain the ink in this stair well theres no power that will drain the ink 🙁 so lets find it. 😀 you should go watch the last video because it was CrAzYY Its our first time coming down this hallway (OOH REALLY?q?) We got here, barrels can’t chop em. Chase: I remember when we UM- Duddy: *GASSSP* it openeeed. it opened like sesame seeds- *gasp* Dud: Did you hear that? Chase: yea Dud: Did someone say help? Both: YOOO Sanic Duddy: Somebody must be like traped in here I’LL GET CHU OUT SIR! Chop em!! Dud: Dude someone is trapped in there! (NUU) Stay there sir we comeing for chu! WE COMEING BACK SIR ju-just shut the door aaand- DOOR SHUT. alright cool! BENDY… i got meh eye on chu! Oh that’s where the machin is where we have to get to! ok… OH. its like- its like it bendy tiptoe-ing ready? HEYis that upstairs?!?! BENDY IS TIPTOE-ING IN OUR LIVING ROOM BENDY, GET DOWN HERE! (Bendy: no dud>:3) what else in in here? nothing else is in- OO OO OOH! Who ARE THESE PPL? oh thats bendy when he’s happy sad disgusted and angry “DO NOT LET JOEY SEE THIS.” yeah BECAUSE THAT IS AMZAING WORK RIGHT THERE. THEY’RE ALL THE SAME YOU SILLY MONKEY! (Ohhh really duddy? i never knew>:3) OO not you silly monkey Chase: Yea not u not u! Dud: I didn’t mean u! guy no you should get out of here haha Dud: That silly monkey is gone! So now we go thus way? hello? HELLO? OOOO Do i step in that? AAaa. o whats this? *Duddy reads the note on top left side of screen* Dud: SLICE CHU! HAHAHAHA… Chase: U scared meh! there’s the poem switch all right but that’s one police blocking or that is a oo that is a “heck” of a leak! *Chase curse* Dud: DONT. CURSE! *Chase being a potty mouth bad boy XD… this is amazing.* Dud: Im so sorry guys, he has a real potty mouth. See.. a toilet in there! got rid of it! *More bad boy chase, he IS geting talked to about this, dont worry!* Dud: Just kidding! lets find out how do we stop- CLOSET! WHHHAT? We need the NEIGHBOURS KEY. Ooh-ohh no not you- it was a joke.. ALRIGHT SO.. The door is locked…>:( how-how do we stop that? we have to find something that will stop {Both: the ink flow MAAAYbe somethin’ in here? PAPER… PAPER. There’s LOTS of papers. Gimme that paper! paper paper. OO. what was that!?! I JUST FARTED I DONT KNOW WAAT IT SAID. Chase: It was a bacon soup! Dud: Bacon soup Chase: Yeah.. THERE WAS BENDY! Dud: He was here? Chase: Yeah! Dud: Wait wut? Chase: YEAH (x2) Dud: Nuu. “Unlock wally’s closet” We somehow have to get to the closet(?) Ohh garbage cans! Ohh so wally droped her keys in a garbage can! Alright so we have to- acording to the note- we have to find a garbage can with wallys keys in it. OHH,that was easy mart you didn’t give it to us so thick alright we got to the closet YEEA Bacon soup! hungry and be honest person sanctuary how is NJ Dud reads note on top left side of screen* so thats a note! we have to go to- AAAAAAAAA! DIE DIE ID EID EIDEIDEDN Violin, Banjo, BASE. GWAAAAA Poopeey, in yyy pants… That was urs ARIGHT LISTN. Violin Banjo base! going to do in here I feel like I’m Listen BRAH, violin! Banjo! base base it’s almost a snap no trouble Base! WHHAT. I DID VIOLIN, BANJO BASE! VIOLLLIN. BANNNJJJOOOO! did it say piano? Dude, i dont get it!>:( It said violin banjo, base base! ohh. OOH If i get that right, this door will open! to do that and then all we have to do that and then go down and do it Yeah right I could turn that on go back in there and then now go to us at all right let’s get a tendon boom boom and then yeah yeah all right master smarty pants I’ve got Smarties in my pants look see lots of facebook gives me power like spinach in popeyes well going in this day find out what the filming hey bro are you ready means well being slow should i press it ready 123 yeah let’s do it it did it Oh return things are ought to look look there’s still another ceiling what is that it says ah I’m gonna fall Wow let’s go down what yall stops creepy carpet stuff it happen in a rule I oh please chase was working giddy up where are you boo what what what that’s a guy that’s a guy stop the press it in their eyes you don’t want on it inside waiting so with my face for take that I’m gonna hit you with my hand you better get right before you get flat because you just eat because you’re just think don’t mess with the hue makers I can think so good I’m gonna open that don’t you think good in you think out could you just um the old Dumbo that’s the elephant show I ain’t trying to call no names bro word up put butter on a toast word I’m go eat the most hey ma’am can I need to wrestle butter on toast but yeah okay ready am boom what’s it oh hello no what’s this turn a light over here hello who schematics i loves commands he just turned off damn party it’s time to believe or is it you don’t you tell me what it’s time for I’m stuck no the game glitch or not haha I thought up one hello neighbor hey oh no I’m sorry I’m sorry mark I’m control do it okay take the stairs okay what I feel like a big blob slides gonna try attacking get back fools yeah I think so all right we’re taking the stairs there’s nothing to be scared about oh you think someone’s still in there yeah are you still in this it’s cruel burn what is that creepy room let me in jail okay we can’t get in jail I listen they’re still recording what what what what do you mean I decided ha-ah Brittany just bust it up the over over the head there we go now nice and tight oh no we wouldn’t want our sheep roaming away now run the shipper on the chairs we wouldn’t what are you doing by painting I am dude on earth I said came all the way down Santa visit me de Joie drew tell Mercedes what I’m about to do seem coo no please don’t please don’t make me a believer is most honored dancing with my son I must have him notice me and you stop save you’re wrong wait Familia young duddy duddy approaching ATVs yes yes it’s me for our Lord is gone to a heart to shit non-magic I’m of sacrifices your hand oh don’t excite me I know gonna hurt a little bit how are usually helps gonna chop your own body okay tickin Oh what was coming why snow listen I can feel him crawling about babies lovely baby still in my living room so let us begin what video actual must be complete no completed well what’s got to be completed I don’t assume you were here oh he will set us free we are free this is America what are you going my gosh sure you walk like a swag monster okay what am I doing here what jejeje sleep right your head it’s time for bed no no no no no no no do you may awake Oh Roy the morning he’ll be big-oh done what can I know a song I can’t move I’m still talking about there’s glue ok right quickly oh dude i summon your penis no no no no no no no no no no no no no please please please please please please please please let me go let me go something Escape bindi use the executor your breath I don’t watch it polka dot afro run run run run run run run go go jump jump oh that was easy i scaped bindi ha wow this looks quite easy I feel like I’m all struck actually ok and Chuck I can’t I think the game glitched hell out I jump ready and one two three air three record ah I can’t park or June to gain goods ready 123 parkour come go through this is like mad anti-climactic bra this is the worst ending of my lip all very John Crockett I rocket I brought it I will break a little more I no longer scared Andy he’s a dork he’s a dork he’s a dork bernie is a dork when I eat series oh I kind of use a spork cuz I don’t care about no spoons dude why is this barrel filled with food but I do that sandy pushes like Cara ya allah you stop pooping poopies just that in run away wait wait which way this way no way am I going in a wrong way oh goodness okay you can’t catch me you can’t catch me maybe you could maybe you could and you’re fine ha good why I will cry you just die I’m I got you know what I’m saying doc we’re probably gonna die he’s probably after they stopped traveling do bacon super bendy Dolph yeah good thing those things are out of commission hey can I let him in bendy what are coming you promised to play like nice boy ha this is so simple not even scared of this this is not even scary hello yeah it’s not scary there’s not even scary come on there I know you’re in here come out show yourself just want to see if you’re like Alice the cutie pants Oh Boris hugga hugga hugga hugga for Bourne’s Boris particle dark force did you turn the lights off Boris beat it beat it and beat it beat it beat it beat baby just beat it oh do with beaded tomalak that’s all right there’s we were done thank you guys so much for watching chapter 2 part 2 if you want to see chapter 2 part 1 they’d watched after two part 1 and we also have a chapter 1 part 1 and that’s it because we didn’t do a part 2 and subscribe hit the little bell notification icon ray will save you there’s a chapter foreigners invective and the xmas news next time all right Sammy Jamie this game is crazy it was a little crazy I love that it was crazy you guys are crazy for watching us because we’re crazy and anybody there was a crazy person has to be crazy because nobody is going to not be crazy watching the crazy person because that’d be crazy who I like those odds those also nice adult sports on eyes all right now listen you want to say anything to them ah I poop in my pants a lot me too that’s sick bro good job you’re really good at that man eat the popcorn oh it’s Batman always know it is bending the ink fishing which is still bad men goodbye bendy policies are gone I think I had too many pues but whatever and you’re gonna do something no you are cuz there’s a little dust particles floating they used to Oh cheers and break your teeth told you guys what’s happening hello bindi bindi bindi bindi are you here boondi hello Bundy I mean I hair don’t he’s not even her right now Larry playing okay what oh that’s it now alright guys thank you so much that was it thanks much like a beautiful quick because we’re quitters no we can’t read goosebumps is too scary for a jean just look come on let’s finish the story can you continue okay and so Ludo not to be shocked floor and make it you

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