cutting WOOD with an ANGLE GRINDER by VOG (VegOilGuy)
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cutting WOOD with an ANGLE GRINDER by VOG (VegOilGuy)

Hi YouTube, my name’s Geoff and I’m the
VegOilGuy. I’ve been sent this wood-cutting angle grinder
blade by the company that makes them. They wanted me to test it and share my thoughts on electric log splitter reviews.
As the angle grinder is probably my favourite tool, I was happy to give it a go.
Straight away we can see on the packaging that this blade describes itself as a speed
cutter, and believe me it is! It’s not an abrasive blade which is typical
for a grinder, it’s a cutting blade. But interestingly it only has three teeth. Now
you might think that’s a bad thing, especially if you’re used to seeing circular saw blades.
Well as someone who has been daft enough to experiment with saw blades in an angle grinder,
I can tell you that three teeth is a good thing. It reduces the possibility of kickback,
that feeling that the work is attacking you. When installing the blade, it’s important
to match the rotation of the blade with your grinder so check for those tell-tale arrows.
Here you can see me cutting up an old wooden chair. The blade is very fast and there’s
absolutely no kickback. I expected to feel some, but the cutting action was very swift
and smooth, leaving me feeling fully in control. If you want to get through material quickly,
this blade is definitely for you. The combination of angle grinder power and the well thought
out design of the blade makes cutting absolutely effortless. There’s no feeling of work on
the tool, the blade or the user. Here I’m making a rough rebate, a channel
about an inch deep in this 8 by 2 timber. Again it’s very easy. I’m not being very
tidy and could take more time but, if I’m being honest, I’m more interested in proving
I can hack away a section quickly. Gloves would have been helpful as I can feel the
debris striking my knuckles, but as my mom always used to say, where there’s no sense
there’s no feeling. This blade is certainly be quicker than a
chisel. It’s a tough little blade and with just
a gentle touch it’s possible to carve away large sections effortlessly. I’m not a sculpture,
but I can imagine anyone working with wood would appreciate the speed they could cut
through material like this. The jiggling action of my hand is me, by the way, and not the
blade bouncing. Like I say – I’m no sculpture. Now here I’m turning a bowl-shaped guard
for a friend. Its two thicknesses of MDF glued together and spun in my drill press. Again
this is effortless. I’m being careful to go with the rotation of the drill press, but
there’s no kick-back and this blade is shifting a lot of material very quickly.
I know what you’re thinking now… That’s dog rough!
But hang on a second. The blades done its job. Let me just apply a little sand paper.
Doesn’t look too bad now does it? Here I’ve flipped the work over in the drill
press and I’m attempting to carve away a little material. In truth, this is made trickier
by having the camera so close. Again a little sand paper is needed to finish
this off. And when you see it like this, you can see
how much material was removed and genuinely it was just the blade and the sand paper.
The blade is good for all sorts of wood and can also cut plasterboard, aerated concrete
blocks and plastics I understand. I’ll be honest, I haven’t tested everything, but
I certainly can’t see any reason why it wouldn’t manage.
So what are my thoughts? I like it. I really do.
It’s great for fast cutting and fast carving. It requires only the gentlest touch and it’s
effortless in use. There’s no kickback and you feel safe and in control whilst using
it. I suspect being an angle grinder there’s
always going to be some tear out, but it is very effective and let’s be honest, a lot
of the time cutting away the bulk of the material is the long-winded element of the job and
this blade massively reduces the time involved. I’ve been lucky enough to have been given
this blade to review it, but it’s reasonably priced and available online. This certainly
isn’t a paid endorsement – if I could be bought for the price of this blade, my opinion
wouldn’t be worth hearing – but it is an honest review.
I’m pleased to have this blade in my toolbox. If I ever find myself needing another, I will
buy one. If you favour using an angle grinder and want to speed things along a bit, you
might want to do the same. And I think we can call that a finished video.
I hope you enjoyed this review guys and if you did, please like it. If you’ve got any
questions about this product, drop me a line. As always I promise to be completely honest Log Splitter reviews with my answers. Please subscribe if you haven’t already done so and look out for my other
videos on my YouTube channel. So that’s it for now guys. Thanks for watching.


  • Brandon Francey

    Not bad, not for me. In terms of cutting wood, a skill saw beats a hand grinder no problem. A circular saw, chop saw, table saw are all tools I would go to first before even thinking about using this blade to make a cut. Where this blade shines is carving. Carving away wood at odd angles and shaping curves is what this is good for. Wood workers may find a use for this but not carpenters or builders.

  • Artisankat Studios

    I'm a new subscriber 🙂 Glad I found your channel. I am a carver so this could come in handy. Looks a LOT better than those chain saw angle grinder blades. Seen lots of videos with people using those with no safety shield, no face mask and no gloves in a norm tee shirt. Eek.

  • Bramha Dev Sharma

    Your advice on using the small tooth circular is absolutely correct. This has caused a deep wound on my left hand around 10 inches long a month ago; still recovering. I shall burry the blade and request all ' please never use the small tooth circular saw blades'.

  • Hari Nair

    Always use a electronic speed regulator available for a few bucks, and use the slowest speed that will comfortably cut through the material. No kickbacks, no accidents, very comforting to work with!

  • letserb

    You can use a zip cut blade and do the same thing, and most welding trucks carry them, no need for another item to carry in your trucks tool box when space is a premium.

  • robert Diamond oil

    I use my angle grinder to do curved cuts on ceramic tiles and score bricks just make sure to have a good grip and not rush

  • Piotr Tchaikovski

    That's a great blade I need to try, and absolutely nobody should ever use small teeth blades. I learned that the hard way since I didn't want to listen to my grinder kicking back and almost got my left thumb down, thumbs up for your review anyways lol

  • Max

    Why in the world I would want to cut wood with angle grinder. He had to test it so he can say" yea, it's stupid". And was trying to waste 7:48 of my time. 😳

  • Billy Kelly

    A guy in my work took the blade off his rip saw and put it on a grinder so he could get into a tight space . It kicked back cutting deep into his leg .

  • Roz Popper

    I saw a guy who was hurt putting small circular blade on the grinder. The grinder kick back and he got a very nasty 3' long cut from his thought to his shin.
    The real reason he used cheap blades that smoke a lot. Unlike the BACO blades which cut hardwood like butter. Imagine it if it hit your bones

  • Andrew Eyo-Ita

    Good video showing whats capable with an angle grinder. A lot of these types of videos make me cringe when it comes to safety, but this was a solid presentation. Thanks for the vid.

  • Hisham

    I use my angle grinder and a small touth circular saw blade ,But when I use it always kicked suddenly and strongly and I used it because I do not underestimate it and prove it strongly because it is really dangerous. But I will buy a circular saw when I have the money and I hope to survive until then haha

  • Peter Schmidt

    As someone who doesn't have anything like a circular saw, something like this might come in handy for me without having to buy a whole new tool

  • Programming Language Stuff

    Very Very good video, thanks so much for sharing. I liked the video, nice views, good angles, and also liked the general tone of it, very informative, just what is needed. The real use on both cutting and carving was super interesting. Will serously consider buying one of those blades !
    Thanks again, greeting from Belgium !

  • bigstackD Casting

    Haha I didn’t even know these things existed 🤦🏻‍♂️. I just use a steel cutting disc and hold my breath from all the smoke it creates 🙄🙄. Would definitely be a handy piece to have for a wood worker👍🏻

  • P Schmied

    WHY are there paid links in the description for end mill blades, which would be obviously unsuitable,and dangerous if used in an angle grinder?

    byw, anyone who uses an angle grinder without a guard and goggles is a fool.

  • Yaqeen

    After reading most of the comments I now realize how foolish I have been for taking lightly on the danger of angle grinder until my own accident. Too late though but never again to use a circular saw. I will try to look for it in my country which hopefully they do carry this type of disc.

  • James Anthony

    "Honey, have you seen the piano bench?"
    "Can't talk, Love. Making a video!"

    I'm in the market for a little angle grinder to add to our workshop (more for use on corrugated tin than woodworking) but really liked the information on that saw blade you had. May need to add one of those later. =)

  • Melissa MaDeuce

    I use my angle grinder with a Kutzal wood carving attachment to make 3D flags (like they're waving in the wind). I love it!

  • Asc Asc

    i spend all my life dreaming this kind of blade ( the designing i mean ) … u r amazing …. hope to get one of those blade .. i hope i hope

  • sea69man

    Thanks I will be looking to get one. Often thought of putting a regular saw blade but kick back was a big concern. Not any more as long as you are an experienced angle grinder operator and aware of what can happen. Good job … very handy blade. Thanks

  • STohme

    Your video shows how versatile is an angle grinder, it can be used with metal, wood and even ceramic. Nice video many thanks.

  • ian ball

    The cost??less then a saw? A cut off jig with this would be great. The do them for 115 mm angle grinders at axminster power tools. Would be nice to have a 9" too . Cutting joists etc. And even sheets of ply. I will test one out my self and see.

  • hackneymarshes

    Great video. Thanks for demonstrating everything this blade can do. Was concerned about kick back when using such a blade on an angle grinder – and with similar blades, people have complained about it. But I think I'll give the one you demonstrated a go as you seemed very happy.

  • Mister DudeManGuy

    If you think that using an angle grinder is faster than using a chisel, then you don't know how to use a chisel.

  • MrNlce30

    Mrs Vog "Were's my dinning room chair?"
    Vog "It's in the garden"
    Mrs Vog goes to get the chair and exclaims "I want a divorce!"

  • Hyper Hektor

    thx, the shape took my attention on ebay, but i thought its dangerous.
    Since you showed it has no kickback i will buy it since its cheap (5$ only)

  • Ali Nili

    I used different wood disk and they are very good specially if you don’t need to cut very neat and clean job I bought 4 disk some one brought from Poland it came to 15 quid

  • fariq fatah

    i cut 3 layer plywood with 40t wood saw disc atached to my small $17 12v cordless drill. imagine the kickback. and i cut metal with it too haha

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