Cutting Disc For Drill
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Cutting Disc For Drill

Hello. Bolts, nuts and washers – these are excellent
things from which you can make various adapters for non-standard use of tools. And what is remarkable – not using lathe work. Now I will show you one such adapter. As you can see there is some gap between the
washer and the bolt, this is not good for use as a tool. I remove the gap with the help of an adhesive
tape winding it on the bolt. Now I need to reduce this washer so that the
puck fit exactly into the hole of the disc from the angle grinder. I put the washer on the bolt and I will reduce
its diameter with a sharpener. A large number of small washers need to close
the space of the bolt where there is no thread. The procedure itself is simple, see for yourself. So now everything is ready. You can assemble the device. As you probably already realized, you just
need to add two washers of a larger diameter than the inner hole of the disc and hold the
disc between them. Well, the device is best commercial log splitter and ready, now we’ll see what
it is capable of. I’ll try to cut this 12-millimeter steel piece. First, I’ll try to make it a cordless drill
The cordless drill coped, but due to the fact
that the cordless drill has small revs it was not fast. Now I will try to do this with a drill. The drill has a high power and a high speed. The drill was much better than a cordless
drill, power and speed here are of great importance. In the next video I’ll show one more device. In the meantime, good-bye.


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