Crime Patrol Dial 100 – क्राइम पेट्रोल – The Land Dispute – Ep 621 – 2nd October, 2017

Dad.. Greetings. Welcome to
‘Crime Patrol, Dial 100′. Every relation has its
own dignity. And it is very difficult
to uphold it. A small mistake and relations are severed. And when profit and loss
start defining a relation one should understand that peril is approaching
him. Today, we have a shocking case
from Parkal, Telangana. It will make you ponder why
people ruin their happy lives at their own hands. Sir, I knew that you
will reward me with Rs. 1 lakh for my faithfulness. This is your
misconception. Don’t be happy. I didn’t get this money
to give it to you. I’ll give you
as much money as I had promised. The remaining Rs. 50,000
is for the other labourers working in the field. Hey! You’ll get this amount
of Rs. 50,000 only when you complete
your work in the field by the evening. There is a lot
of work in the field. Here it goes.. Manju! Manju, what happened? Manju! Manju! Manju! Manju! Manju, what happened? Manju, where had
you been to? Manju, what happened?
Tell me! Dad.. Somebody killed dad. Killed him? – Somebody killed..
– Who? Where? In the fields.. Dilip, come soon..
– Come on.. Where?
– This.. Here.. Here.. Hey.. I..
– Where had you seen it? I had seen it here. There is no corpse here. Yes, but I had.. Look! Dilip, look
at the blood. I had seen dad here. Tell me. Did you kill him? Sonu.. Sonu! Where has he gone? Sonu! Sonu! Sonu! Sonu! Where has he gone? Sonu! Sonu! Where has he gone? Sonu! Sonu! So.. Listen. Did you see Sonu
anywhere? He is a kid. Where..
So.. One moment. Did you see Sonu
anywhere? – No. Sonu!
– Afterwards it will be.. So.. Sonu!
– You shouldn’t go anywhere. Wait! Sonu! {an5}Yes..
– Sonu! {an5}Sonu!
Where had you gone? {an5}I have been
searching for you since long. {an5}Do not go without
informing me. {an5}I was so worried. {an5}Come on, let’s go home. {an5}Hey! Leave him!
Where are you taking him to? {an5}He is my kid. {an5}He is my Sonu.
– Not Sonu. He is Gopal. {an5}Crazy woman!
Come on. {an5}Hey, no.. Sonu..
– Hey.. {an5}He is not Sonu. {an5}Where has Sonu gone? Sonu! Sir, my father-in-law..
Mr. Kashi Mohan.. He left home yesterday
in the afternoon and hasn’t returned yet. Moreover
there is no news of him. It has been
15 hours since that happened. And a missing complaint can
be filed only after 24 hours. Sir, what are you saying? My father is missing
since yesterday and you will wait
for the completion of 24 hours? You know he is
a popular and influential man. Yes, sir. And that’s why
he has many enemies. If any harm comes
to him in these 24 hours who will be
responsible for it? Look. We don’t
differentiate between
the rich and poor. We treat
all citizens equally. An FIR can be
filed only after 24 hours. However we can start
searching for him right away. Do you have
a photo of his? Yes. Manju, the one who claimed to
have seen her father’s corpse.. Why did she file a missing
report of his, with the police? Had Manju actually
killed her father? Kashi Mohan
was a wealthy man. And most of the times,
crime is born out of greed. Did the greed for money
drive someone to kill Kashi Mohan? If Manju had
seen Kashi’s corpse in the field then where did it go? I saw dad right here. Look at this!
Dilip, look at the blood. Was there a possibility
of Kashi being alive? On the other hand,
a woman named Sharda was looking for her son
Sonu, frantically. Sonu! Sonu! After all,
where was her son? Ms. Bhagyalaxmi. Manju’s father left home yesterday
at around 1 p.m, for the bank along
with our servant Heera. Heera wanted Rs. 1 lakh
for his sister’s wedding. He had gone to
the bank to give him money. Which bank was it? Jyoti bank. Since when is Heera
working at your place? He has been working
here since 15 years. But Kashi maintains
clear records. Heera’s dues
amounted to Rs. 50,000. But he demanded
Rs. 1 lakh. We are trying
Kashi’s number since last night but we are unable
to get through. Then Manju
filed a report this morning. Do you know
where Heera lives? Yes. Do you
have a photo of his? – Yes. Rao.
– Yes, sir. Sonu.. My child.. Sir, Mr. Kashi Mohan
had come here at around 2 p.m. And he withdrew
Rs. 1 lakh. He had his servant Heera
along with him. I didn’t get this money
to give it to you. I’ll give you
as much money as I had promised. The remaining Rs. 50,000
is for the other labourers working in the field. You’ll get this amount
of Rs. 50,000 only when you complete
your work in the field by the evening. Sir, I am well acquainted
with Mr. Kashi Mohan. He is a very old customer
of our bank. He takes utmost care
of his money. That’s how he is. Rao, I think
Heera is behind Kashi’s disappearance. Heera wanted money and Kashi might have
refused to give it to him. That’s why Heera
might have fled with the money. Pull Kashi
and Heera’s call records up. And find out who all
was Heera in contact with before going missing.
– Okay, sir. But, sir, where might
have Kashi Mohan gone? Only Heera
can answer that. Packing the luggage
to go somewhere? Nowhere. Go call your husband Heera.
Go. Sir, he hasn’t
returned from Mr. Kashi’s place. We are going to my parents’
place, for her wedding. Your husband hasn’t
returned home since yesterday and you didn’t even
try to find out where he is. He stays there
quite often. We were waiting for him. Yes.. His phone is off
since last night. Who is she? She is my sister-in-law. We are going to my parents’
place, for her wedding. Mom! Come here! Come on.. Stop! Tell me what were you doing
in the field, late in the night. When you don’t come home
all night do I ask you
the reason behind it? If I start revealing
facts, you’ll be mocked at. Tell us the truth otherwise we know of
ways to extract the truth. Heera harmed Mr. Kashi, to get
money for his sister’s wedding and now you people
are trying to shield him. Sir, I am speaking
the truth. We know nothing. Why would we hide it
from you? Sir, my brother
cannot do that. He is very honest. No matter how much his
employer abuses or tortures him he will never
let out a sigh. Your brother
might be honest but money
changes people’s character. He wanted
Rs. 1 lakh. But Kashi had decided
to give him Rs. 50,000. And that’s why
Heera might’ve harmed Kashi. We don’t know what
was going on between them. But we know
for a fact that for her wedding we needed
Rs. 1 lakh, badly. And you extorted that
amount by harming Kashi. No, sir.
We know nothing about it. Hello. Sir, a corpse has been
found in the nearby forest. Please come, sir.
I had called you up. Look at this. Look at this, sir. See if you can
find something around. Yes, sir. So it is Heera. Sir, there is no sign
of any injury on his body. Perhaps he has
been strangulated. And there is nothing
on his person. No money either. Has been murdered
by Kashi? Send the body
for post mortem. Rao, Kashi
is missing. Circulate Kashi’s photo
to all the police stations. Okay, sir.
– If Heera is dead then where is Kashi? As per the information
we had received both of them were
together. The police suspected
that Heera was behind Kashi Mohan’s
disappearance. But the discovery
of Heera’s corpse turned this case around. And now the police
suspected that perhaps Kashi Mohan
is behind Heera’s murder. Had Kashi killed Heera? If yes, why? Was the money
which Kashi had withdrawn from the bank,
the reason for this murder? Sir, I knew that you
will reward me with Rs. 1 lakh for my faithfulness. I didn’t get this money
to give it to you. I’ll give you
as much money as I had promised. After all, how did
this crime germinate between a man
and his faithful servant? The police was to face
many more challenges in this case. After which, this case
would become even more tough for them to crack. Till now, we presumed
that Heera is behind Kashi’s disappearance. But our presumption
turned out to be wrong. Sir, we had set out
to find Heera and Kashi. But we found Heera’s
corpse. And Kashi
is still at large. Sir, could it be possible that Kashi and Heera
argued over the money and in the melee,
Kashi murdered Heera? And after disposing
his corpse Kashi might’ve
gone missing. Enquire with all
of Kashi’s friends and relatives. We will find some
information, for sure. Yes, sir.
– Sir.. Here are Kashi
and Heera’s call records. And this is
Heera’s post mortem report, sir. As per
the post mortem report a fracture of the neck-bone
caused Heera’s death. And sir, as per
the call records Kashi and Heera’s last location
was in Kashi’s farmland. Thank you. Hey.. Look I got
a chocolate for you. Take it. Shall we go now? Don’t roam around
here and there. Okay? Be with me.
Come on, come on.. Come on..
Come on.. Stop! Where
are you taking my child to? Hey..
– You thief! That’s my child..
– He is my child! Wait, I’ll
call the police.. He is my Sonu.. He is my son..
– Wait! Wait! Don’t call the police. She is my sister. Her child went
missing, a few days ago. That’s why she mistakes
other children for her own. Forgive her. Hey.. Jagdish..
Tell her, he’s my Sonu. Look.. He’s not Sonu.
Come on. Hey.. Jagdish,
He is my Sonu.. Come on..
– Look carefully. Where is Kashi? Sir, yesterday,
we were done with the work by 5 p.m. He was here, back then. He was making Heera
do the cleaning in the hut. Hey, come here! Come here!
Your work for the day is up. Come tomorrow. I’ll pay your wages
tomorrow. Go now..
– Tomorrow, sir? It’s almost evening now. I had asked for the money
and you had agreed to give it. I have to hurry back home.
Give me the money. First, you need
to complete the work. I have completed it.
– No.. What’s all that? Only after you complete it,
I’ll think about paying you. Come on.. Move.. Sir, our master
is a miser. Also he never pays
our wages on time. Sir, we went home
as he had told us to. We don’t know
what happened after that. Go now. Rao, we were looking at
this case only from one angle. I think we need to
explore other angles as well. Kashi was wealthy
and stingy. Perhaps his stinginess
earned him enemies. Find out who all were
not at talking terms with him. Okay, sir. Sir, he is
a very dishonest man. My son Mangal and I have
nothing to do with him. We have severed ties
with him. Isn’t Kashi
your blood brother? But still you hate him.
Any specific reason? Sir, he is a stingy
and greedy man. Kashi deceived us
and usurped the land. I wanted to get
what is rightfully mine. To get that,
I fought with him got into a physical tussle and moreover, I fought
a case with him for 15 years. But we didn’t
get our land. He usurped it. That day,
we severed ties with him. Did Kashi have
any enmity with Heera? Heera was
his servant, sir. How can he have
enmity with him? However.. Kashi had a problem
with his daughter Manju. Manju? His daughter? What enmity?
– He was the reason behind it. Because of his
love and affection Manju had become stubborn
and short-tempered. She even married that
good-for-nothing Dilip. It was a love marriage. Later we learnt that in order to run the house,
she would take money from Kashi. How do you know
all this? Sir,
it is a small village. Everyone knows it. It happened a couple
of days ago. Right, son? You disgraced us
by marrying this useless guy. On top of it, I am paying
for your household expenses. How dare he stares at me! Tell him to earn money
and run the house. I don’t mint money. I have given him
enough money. Mind your words,
Father-in-law! You..
Will you argue with me? Dilip..
– What will you do? Dilip..
– Leave me! Get back..
All your property and wealth.. Who is it for?
Isn’t it for me? After you,
this belongs to me. Then why are you opposed
to giving this to me now? Heard that?
Heard that? I created this wealth
with my hard work. I won’t give it to you! If you want my money,
wait for me to die. But as long as I’m alive,
you won’t get a penny. Get lost now! Okay. I know how to
extract money from you. Come on..
– Go! Sir, that girl Manju
is very bad. I have also heard
that she is fed up of Dilip. That is why.. She is having an affair
with Vaman. Vaman?
Who is this Vaman? He is the son
of my friend. Even they are
quite wealthy. Before getting married
to Dilip her alliance
was fixed with Vaman. When Vaman learnt
about this a scene was created. Did you ever
see Manju and Vaman together? Yes, sir. Once I also saw Manju coming
out of Vaman’s house, at night. Manju! Listen to me! Rao. In this case, firstly, we
learnt that Heera and Kashi had fought
over money. So we felt that
in order to usurp this money Heera might have
harmed Kashi. Later, we find
Heera’s corpse. It is also
possible that the greed for money
led Manju to murder her father. Because she had
married a useless guy Dilip. Right, sir.
And even Kashi had said that he won’t give anything
from his wealth to Manju as long as he is alive. If you want my money,
wait for me to die. But as long as I’m alive,
you won’t get a penny. Perhaps that’s why
Manju killed her father. Quite possible. Or it is also
possible that Kashi’s murder was witnessed
by Heera and Manju had no choice
but to kill Heera as well. Rao, there are many
links in this case. But we are not
getting the link which will
solve the case. Manju and Vaman..
There is more to them than what meets
the eye. How many times have
I told you that he’s not Sonu? Don’t give chocolates
to others’ children. Stay in here..
– Hey.. He was Sonu.. He was Sonu.. Brother, he was
my Sonu. Didn’t you see? Brother. Brother! I want to go to Sonu.. The day when
Heera and Kashi went missing where were
both of you? Sir, I was at home. I was playing with
my child, all day. – Okay. And you? Sir.. I had gone
to the market to get stuff. A-And then I was at home. You are lying to us! That night, you were spotted
coming out of Vaman’s house. What were you doing
there? Sir.. Vaman had called me
to his place. Manju! But.. Back then, I didn’t
know about his intentions. He tried to force himself
upon me. He wanted me
to leave Dilip and marry him. But.. I don’t like him
at all, sir. Initially.. Initially,
you didn’t like him. But ever since your father
refused to give you money perhaps you started
liking this old lover of yours. Is it such that Heera saw you
killing Kashi and that’s why you and
Vaman, together, killed Heera? Sir, what are you saying? How can you level
such allegations against me? Do you have any
supporting evidence? I don’t have
any supporting evidence that’s why I am
leveling allegations. Ms. Manju, the day
I get evidence you’ll be behind
the bars. Manju had told Dilip
that she had seen Kashi’s corpse but filed a missing
complaint with the police. The police found
Heera’s corpse. Why didn’t Manju tell the police
about her father’s murder? Why did Manju
keep this a secret? That girl is crazy, sir. Why would I call her
home? She came here
by her will. Why would I
even assault her? However it is true that
before getting married to Dilip her alliance
was fixed with me. But she insulted us
by calling off this alliance. Is this how you
treat your friend, Kashi? You have humiliated me
in front of the entire village! When your daughter is already
in love with someone else why try to forge
ties with us? And now, by calling off
this alliance you are making
a mockery of us! Mr. Rama, that’s..
– Look, dad is not at fault. I will decide
whom to get married to. You people should leave!
Leave now.. Mind your words. Got it? You have no respect of
yours yet you teach us manners. You are staring at me!
You cheap woman! Manju!
– Manju! Get inside! Sir, I have told you
many times that Vaman is not
the right guy for Manju. Is your work done?
Go now! Go! And in order to
avenge the humiliation you killed
Heera and Kashi. Sir, I did
feel like killing him but I contained my anger
as my father was present there. Okay. Do not leave
the city without informing us. Sir, everybody had a reason
for enmity with Kaashi. Such an inefficient man
is still missing. There is no reason
for him to hide. Now I feel that even Kaashi
would have met his end. And if that is the case,
after all, who is the culprit? And where is Kaashi now?
And who could have killed Heera? I feel that Manju and Vaman
are behind all this. Pull out
their call records. Find out whom all
they were in contact with. And even their mutual relations
will come to light. Yes, sir. Hello. All right. Sir, even Manju’s husband, Dilip
got murdered. Who has done
this? – Step back.. Come on, step back.. Sir, by looking at the corpse
it seems, his body was attacked a few times
with a sharp weapon. Send the corpse for postmortem. But check if you find
anything around. The murder weapon could be here.
– Okay, sir. Sir, I found this mobile
lying in the bushes. Does this mobile
belong to Dilip? Yes..
Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Ms. Manju.. Sonu isn’t at home.
Someone has kidnapped him. What!
– Yes. Leave me.
Let me go! Sonu! Sonu! Sonu! Sonu. Sir, I am not finding my son,
Sonu anywhere. Did you search here thoroughly? Sir, I searched everywhere.
I am not finding him anywhere. Rao, look around. – Yes, sir.
– Let’s just search the house. Go check. Where was the boy
when you had left home? Blood! Sir! I found this sari. It’s completely stained
with blood. Does this sari belong to you?
– It belongs to me. Then whose blood is this? It’s mine.
A few days ago I had bled profusely
as I had hurt my leg. Send the sari
to the Forensic Department and collect
her blood sample. – Okay, sir. This case had become more
serious owing to Dilip’s murder and Sonu’s disappearance. The police were yet to find
the answer to the question regarding the mystery
behind Heera’s death and Kaashi’s disappearance. And now Dilip’s murder
had posed many such questions in this case that it wasn’t easy
for the police to find answers to them. Was Heera and Dilip’s
murderer one and the same? Was the murderer indeed Kaashi
who was absconding? Or were Manju and Vaman
were behind these murders? The police were yet to find
answers to all these questions and there was a sudden incident
after which they chanced upon an important lead. Why had Dilip gone
to the jungle, the other night? Dilip and I had a fight. Fight?
About what? I had mentioned about Vaman
at the police station. So, Dilip got suspicious. And that lead
to a terrible fight between us. And Dilip left the house
in anger. When Dilip didn’t return
home till late night I called him. I found his phone
to be switched off. In the morning, when I set
out to search him, I got to know that his corpse
is lying in the field. Please trace my son, Sonu. I’m sure, Manju and Vaman
are behind these murders. Because Manju has a fight with
her dad in financial matters. And then Manju being found
at Vaman’s house.. She has a fight with Dilip
over this matter. And even Dilip gets
murdered the same night and even Sonu goes missing. Manju and Vaman have gradually
got rid of all the obstacles in their way.
I need to speak to Vaman again. How did you get these injuries? Sir, Dilip did all this.
– Dilip! Why did he do all this? Sir, the night he had got
murdered, he had come home. I won’t spare you!
– I won’t spare you, scoundrel! Let me see what you’ll do! Stop. – Let me see you escape.
– Hey! stop! Hereafter, if you come anywhere
near my son, I will separate your head from your torso.
Got it? Come on, leave this place. Come on, leave.
– Shut up! Leave.
I’ll break your bones today.. I will deal with you, scoundrel. Go away.
– Get lost! So, you killed him? Sir, we haven’t done anything.
You are wasting your time. Now go find the actual killer. Don’t worry about our time. And we will soon nab
the actual killer. Rao. Make a constable keep an eye
on this dad and son duo. Okay, sir. But sir, we have no information
about Kashi and Sonu. God knows are they alive
or even have they been killed. Sir, the mobile that we found
near Dilip’s dead body. We’ve found a sim card
in its cover, sir. And when I
got the records, I found that Dilip used to call only
on one number from this sim. And the last call has been made
yesterday evening at 5:00 p.m. Rao.
Insert this sim card in a mobile and find out
the owner of this number. Yes, sir. Tell me the number. This one. ‘Dilip, where have you been?’ ‘You didn’t call even once
since yesterday.’ ‘I’m waiting for you
since so long.’ ‘Please don’t be late any
further. Get back home soon.’ ‘Hello.’ It means there’s another lady
in Dilip’s life. Find out the owner of
this number and get the address. Yes, sir. Sir, the door’s locked. It seems Sharda eloped. Let us have a look
around the neighbourhood. Sir. Can you tell us
where Sharda is? Sir, I don’t know. But a lady was here
few moments back and she was enquiring
about Sharda. Mister,
do you know where Sharda is? No, I don’t know. She didn’t say anything
while leaving. This means Manju knew
that her son Sonu was there. Break the door. This is Sonu. Sonu’s photos are here. Search the house. Sonu might be somewhere here. Okay, sir.
– Yes, sir. Sir, is Sharda Sonu’s mom? If Sharda is Sonu’s mom. Then why does Manju claim Sonu
to be her son? Can you tell us whose son he is? Sir, he’s Sonu.
Sharda’s son. What?
– Yes, sir. He’s
Sharda’s son? – Yes. Sharda is madly looking for him since Dilip has taken Sonu away
with him. How are Dilip and Sharda related
to each other? Sir, they both
are husband and wife. Husband and wife? Do you know
where could’ve Sharda gone? Sir, her brother, Jagdish,
stays near the temple. She might’ve gone there. Sir..
He’s Jagdish. Sir, leave me. No! – Is
Sharda your sister? Yes..
– Where’s she? At home, sir. Come. Take the child under custody. But why?
– Leave him. Where are you taking my child? The triangle formed
by Sharda, Dilip and Manju had created a maze
in the police’s theory. Was Sonu Sharda’s son
or Manju’s? To find out
the secret behind Dilip’s murder and the reality
of his dual life. The police took Sharda and her brother, Jagdish,
in their custody. No. – Tell me!
– No.. Why did you kidnap Sonu
from Manju’s home? And why did you people
kill Dilip? Why would I kill Dilip, sir? I wasn’t able to see
my sister in pain anymore. Sonu.
– This is my child. He was Sonu.
Brother, he was Sonu. Brother, he was my Sonu.
Didn’t you recognise him? That’s why I kidnapped the kid. What relation
do Sonu and Sharda share? Where’s Kashi? What have
you people done to him? Sir. Eight years ago, Sharda
got married to Dilip. They were even expecting a kid. Both of them
were very happy expecting
the arrival of the child. But Dilip’s financial condition
was too bad, sir. Come on, Sharda.
Give it a try.. – I can’t walk. We’ve to hurry. Brother-in-law,
where are you leaving for? Jagdish,
can I borrow your vehicle? Of course. You may consider it as yours.
What’s the need to ask. But drive safe. Okay? God knows how much more time
will our child make us wait. Sharda. S-Sharda,
are you okay? Sharda.. I had become infertile
after that accident. I can never give birth
to a child again. But Dilip.. Dilip used to blame himself for the trouble
that I was going through. I was even in depression
since I had lost my child. Two years passed away
and then.. Then one fine day Dilip.. Here he is. Your Sonu. Dilip got married to Manju
just for my happiness. He had gifted
their son Sonu to me. Dilip did all of this
just to save my life. And I knew everything. Sir, he’s my son. My Sonu. But Dilip kept sharing him
with some other lady. He had wronged me a lot, sir. First of all he tricked me
by his false tale of love. And later.. Later when I got pregnant. I thought of sharing everything
to my dad. But.. But dad completely denied
to accept Dilip. But I was the crazy one, sir. I had to marry Dilip. So we got married
out of stubbornness and defamed my dad. But.. Even after all this
he did forgive us. And accepted us as well. Dilip never had
anything of his own, sir. That’s why my dad
gifted a house to us. Here in this city. Everything needed
was available to us. That would help us to fulfill
the household responsibilities. Everything was going fine, sir. But when Sonu was born. Dilip used to take him out alone
quiet often. And when I asked him.. Hey! Where
do you take him every day? Actually,
Manju, the thing is.. A friend of mine
had met with an accident. A few days back. And his wife was pregnant. So had a miscarriage. And in that trauma, that poor
lady went into depression. She smiles
when she sees our child. So what I thought was that
it’s good if someone else gets happiness
because of our child. So I take him to her
every day. Why didn’t you tell this to me? From past four years,
he was fooling me. How did you get to know
about this? Vaman told me about this. And one day
I even followed Dilip. I had already anticipated that Sonu used to consider
some other lady as his mother and not me. Hey girl. What are you sneaking in my
sister’s home? Look, what your sister is up to.
Have a look. What’s wrong?
They’re a couple. Is this your reality? Manju..
– Leave him. – Quiet! Don’t take Sonu away from me.
– Quiet! By handing over my son
to someone else you told me she’s your
friend’s wife. I..
– Shut up! Just shut up! You’ve played a very bad game
with me, Dilip. You got married to me
in spite of being a married man. Sir, I returned home
and I cried a lot. At times, I felt I should
tell the truth to my parents but how could I face them? For the sake of someone
who I left the two of them was actually cheating on me
since years. I couldn’t dare to, sir. That’s why, Dilip and I started
living in the same house on a mutual agreement that Dilip can’t get close to me till he divorces Sharda. What do you have to do
with Vaman? Sir, Vaman had got to know
about my sorrows that I’m Dilip’s second wife
and our marriage is illegal. Misusing the same, he used
to stop me randomly anywhere. He called me home one night and started to misbehave
with me. I somehow managed
to escape from there. You may be telling the truth but how can you deny this truth?
Rao.. We have found out
from the forensic reports that the blood stains
on the sari is not yours. So, just tell us whose blood
it is? That..
That was my dad’s blood. That night, after escaping
from Vaman I was going home
through the fields. And then, I fell down as
someone’s feet came in between. ‘Dad!’ Sir, when I informed Dilip
about this he came to the field with me
to see dad but dad’s body
was missing there. When you were knowing
your dad has been murdered why didn’t you tell us about it?
Could it be so that you killed your dad
and kept quiet all this while? Sir, I was very scared.
Moreover, Dilip told me that dad’s murderer could
kill our entire family. So, you’re not scared anymore?
– Sir, when Dilip is no more and when dad is no more,
there’s nothing left. What would I be scared of? This case is just getting
complicated. We doubted Heera initially,
he got killed. And then, we doubted Dilip
and we found even his body. After all, where’s
Mr. Kashi’s body? Two people from the same family
were killed and also their servant. Whoever did this
must be close to this family. But sir, we don’t have
any proof regarding this. Yes. Sir, I have a news.
– Fine. Sir, Kashi’s car
has been traced. Let’s go.
– Yes, sir. Did you see the person
who parked the car here? Yes, sir. I saw that man.
– Can you get the sketch done? Yes, sir.
I can give a try. Sir, the sketch is ready. Kallu! Rao, go this way.
– Yes, sir. Speak up! Sir, I’ll tell you. I was looking for a chance
to kill sir since last one year but I never got any opportunity. And then, it was decided
Dilip would do it. But Dilip couldn’t succeed
with it. ‘Yes, Kallu.
I won’t be able to do it.’ ‘I did go to kill him
but I couldn’t dare to.’ ‘You’ve missed such
a golden opportunity?’ ‘You won’t be able
to do anything in life.’ ‘Just go home and relax.
I’ll have to do it now.’ ‘Sir, I’ve finished everything.
Shall I go home?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Here’s your Rs. 1 lakh.
Take it. Are you happy now?’ ‘You’re a humble person, sir.
– Fine. You may leave..’ ‘Hey, I had given you a leave,
right? Just go..’ ‘Hey, Kallu. What got you here?
– W-What got you here?’ ‘I forgot to invite sir for my
sister’s wedding in a hurry.’ ‘Do come. – Yes.
– By the way, where’s sir?’ ‘Sir just went home.
– He went home? – Yes.’ ‘Sir’s car is parked here.
How did he go home?’ ‘He went walking.
– Sir never goes walking.’ ‘I’m telling you,
he went walking.’ ‘Hey, move.
– Hey, I didn’t do anything.’ ‘What did you do?
– I’ve done it’ ‘after planning it
since last one year.’ ‘Hey, leave me. Hey, move!
– Heera!’ ‘Sir, I didn’t want
to kill Heera’ ‘but he came to a wrong place
at the wrong time.’ ‘So, he had to pay for it.’ I left Heera’s body there
and returned to dispose sir’s body.
I saw that Manju and Dilip were coming towards me
holding a torch. I pulled sir’s body
and took it out of the field. I was hiding there and waited
for them to leave. Once they left, I thought
I’ll finish it right there. And then, I went home and
got a can filled with diesel. I poured it on sir
and burnt him there. Why did you kill Dilip?
– Sir, Dilip knew this secret and he could reveal the truth
anytime. So, I was forced to kill him. Sir,
the day Dilip was returning home after fighting with Vaman I saw him walking alone
through the fields. Sir, I murdered him right there. Now that you’ve confessed
everything tell me why did you kill Kashi? What rivalry did you have
with him? Sir, I didn’t have any rivalry
with sir. An year ago, I was called
from U.P to kill Kashi’s entire family. Who had called you? Speak up!
– Sir, I’ll tell you.. I’ll tell you, sir. My dad transferred
the entire property to my brother, Kashi.
– Why? Why did he do so? I was responsible for it. Gambling and drinking
had ruined me. In fact, I ruined
a lot of my dad’s money. That’s why, my dad evicted me
from his property and transferred the entire
property to my brother, Kashi. Not just Kashi but I wanted
to finish his entire family. Why? No one can get the land which I and my son, Mangal,
didn’t get. Your dad had taken
the right decision. You got three of them murdered
in your greediness for land. There’s no punishment
matching up to your crime as per the law. Murli and Kallu were punished with lifetime imprisonment
by the law. Through this medium
of Crime Patrol we have passed this message
several times that greediness is such
a hope in a person’s life which he definitely expects
to yield a good result whereas, it leads
to such a sorrowful life which is only filled
with sorrows and nothing else. So, with this thought,
I, Anup Soni, take your leave. I’ll see you in the next episode with yet
another surprising case. Take care of yourselves
and your family till then and keep watching,
Crime Patrol Dial 100. A lesson for one
but a learning for all. ‘Jai Hind’!

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