Creating a national Local Land Charges Register
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Creating a national Local Land Charges Register

Land Registry is creating a national
register for local land charges in England. Working in partnership with
local authorities, Land Registry is transforming local land charges data
before moving it to a new national digital register. This digital service
will provide instant access to local land charges information and official
results will be guaranteed and in an easy-to-read format. You can access the
service using a portal account, Business Gateway and on the Land Registry pages
on GOV.UK. You can order an official Local Land Charges search for only £15 and you will get the result online. The official search result will
show you all the charges that affect land or property and their extent. You
can download the official search and refresh the results for up to 6 months
at no extra cost. To find out more about how you can access the Local Land
Charges service visit GOV.UK and search for ‘Local Land Charges’.

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