Create A Cult Like Following – Primal Branding For Realtors
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Create A Cult Like Following – Primal Branding For Realtors


  • Better Life Realty

    Trevor is the best when it comes to video. Follow, subscribe, and stalk this dude, you won't be sorry!

  • Mike Brown - Broker

    Trevor you have done it again…Very proud to be a GSD Alumni Member and Joshua Smith totally the True Professional…

  • MarieMerkleyRealtor

    This is excellent and gives you SO much to work on just from seven minutes of content! Every step you take towards fine-tuning these elements, will exponentially help your business and brand I believe!!!

  • AKellerREALTOR

    Love Joshua Smith. Great Video. I took his Bootcamp when I first started in Real Estate. Took his advice of getting a mentor in my area based off the 100s of interviews that I watched (constant theme of agents he interviews). That 1 step alone took me from 3 deals in 10 months to 16 deals in 1 year. Now it's time to start adding more steps into my business, and grow grow grow! Love the video Trevor! Keep it up!

  • Scully's House of Thrillers

    Saw you over there with Tim, thought I'd check you out. My great friend Ritchie sells ten houses a month on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. He's really interested in what I'm doing on this platform.

  • Everything Edmonton

    Great Video! I saw that Joshua Smith gave you a shoutout in one of the GSD mode Facebook groups. Impressive 🙂

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