Coronado Real Estate: A Sneak Peek Inside the Emerald City
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Coronado Real Estate: A Sneak Peek Inside the Emerald City

Sarah Metzger: I’m so passionate about being
involved in Coronado real estate because I love the lifestyle here so much. I can’t imagine
being anywhere else. And to be able to help propsective buyers come realize their dream
of living in Coronado is a really special thing.
Meridith Metzger: My husband and I had a chance to live anywhere in San Diego and we were
looking at a lot of different communities but there was something about Coronado that
just kept speaking to us. It’s the tree-lined streets, it’s the fact that there’s so much
variety in the housing. It was a small town feeling next to a big metropolis of San Diego.
Sarah Metzger: Coronado real estate represents so much more than just buying a home. When
you buy a home in Coronado you really become a part of the Coronado community. And that’s
something that we’re all so passionate about here and something that’s sort of built into
making a Coronado real estate investment. Meridith Metzger: Everything you need is right
here on the island, whether it’s shopping, medical, school, recreation.
Sarah Metzger: We have everything from a really solid, active community that really cherishes
our small town traditions, we have amazing schools, endless things to do and of course
the natural beauty of the island that you really can’t find elsewhere.
Meridith Metzger: One of the things that I really think is fabulous about real estate
here in Coronado is that there are so many different kinds of people who require so many
different types of property. We have young families, we have retirees, it never gets
boring. People are always different and there needs in homes are always different.
Sarah Metzger: I absolutely loved growing up here and now being older I realize just
how special my upbringing in Coronado was and what a family-centric place this really
which is so wonderful in this day and age that we’ve really preserved a lot of those
small town traditions. Meridith Metzger: There’s really no reason
to leave Coronado although everything that you want in San Diego is a few minutes away
over the bridge. But you have everything you need for a rich and full life right here on
the island.

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