Connecting Realtors and Clients with the GoGo Partner App
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Connecting Realtors and Clients with the GoGo Partner App

What if I told you last weekend, one day,
I had six, yes six, new qualifications pending from my agents by using GoGo Partners. It’s a game changer. We recently had our kick off party where about
62 agents showed up. We were able to get 32 of them launched from that
one initial visit. The main thing that this has helped me out
mostly is staying in contact with my agents one a daily basis. Not only are they calling me to send me new
deals, but they’re also calling me to talk to me about exactly how GoGo Partner’s helped
them in their research and staying up on time. So to be able to share the same excitement
with your realtor partners and show them what they can do by almost doubling or tripling their
business is something that you should definitely want to do. How many time have you had an agent come to
you and really want to partner with you but another lender is working with them, however
they have an excel spread sheet that has over 2,000 leads in it and they just need your
help with organization. We have that with the GoGo Partner app. That’s what makes it so exciting. You can show your agents real quick right
when they get the app and you validate them. Show them immediately from your app that you
can drip on the client, you can put them on a campaign. You can send an email directly from your GoGo
LO and add them as a partner. They can then go right back to their app and
they can see all of their leads organized, the communication is completely transparent,
and then you become an asset with your agent because now you’re capturing clients together
and it’s all theirs. My clients, my agents have the ability to get
real time updates on their FALs in process is amazing. Being able to pull credit from the push of
a button and sending our agents a qualification on the weekend, at the beach, or at my kids
dance recital is fantastic. I had an agent come in and said “Greg, do
you know I find out what title company were using on the Smith closing?” I said “sure”. I pulled out of the GoGo Partner app, I pressed
the title button. It had their cell phone number, email, and
everything else. It was a one touch button and it went straight
to them. The fact that my agents can send this app
to their prospects who can look at different houses and only see their name no longer infer
of being shopped against by Redfin, Trulia, or Zillow. It’s an amazing app. You’ve got to use it. Embrace technology. It’s here, it’s coming. GoGo Partners is the future. Let’s go.

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