Comparativa 4×4 ¡al límite!: Toyota Land Cruiser vs Land Rover Discovery | Prueba offroad
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Comparativa 4×4 ¡al límite!: Toyota Land Cruiser vs Land Rover Discovery | Prueba offroad

Hello friends, once again we’re in the
4×4 Raid Adventure Circuit, in Ocaña Toledo and today we
bring you a very top 4×4 comparative test the first of our competitors is
the already known Toyota Land Cruiser Limited with all the off-road gadgets offered by
Toyota in Europe including its wonderful Crawl Control. This is a classic car
with a truck architecture laden chassis, rigid rear axle, and it’ll face face today his match, and the opponent is no
other than this huge Land Rover Discovery it’s a top-end V6 HSE version
with all the options and all gadgets that Land Rover has,
including its own autonomous Crawl Control, as well as diff-locks and all the options of air suspension and all,
it has absolutely all 4×4 options In this configuration this car starts
as clear favorite because it has much better attack, departure and breakover angles much greater ground clearance a traction system very similar to that of the
Toyota but especially with those angles it should be able to win at some
point. Anyway it will have to show its advantages with facts, so
let’s start with the test just today that the circuit is
filled with mud. Let’s go! The Toyota Land Cruiser is already a veteran of our channel and hardly needs introduction. it’s a classic 4×4
of the few remaining with separate body and rigid rear axle
that are combined with first level traction electronics
and make a very hard and effective product against it we can say that it is somewhat
outdated in some respects like the interior, rather coarse and a central screen with such a low definition level that it
makes almost useless the aid exterior cameras The Land Rover Discovery shows more modern lines that hide
its enormous size of almost 5 meters long. It has a
monocoque aluminum chassis and independent pneumatic suspension in the 4 wheels, together with traction electronics as advanced as that of the Toyota inside we find an almost perfect combination of luxury roominess and modernity far superior
in all respects to the Toyota’s interior even in the space
available for its seven occupants In our Diariomotor 4×4 Index, the
Land Cruiser Limited reaches a score of 85.1
points while the Discovery in this V6 configuration with 4×4 all
accessories stays clearly ahead with no less than 94.6
points out of a target of 100 The difference between the two in favor of the Discovery is due to its incredible ground clearance of 28 cm
and outstanding attack, departure and breakover angles of 34º 30º and 27.5 °
respectively although these angles have a small trick. To
take them to the maximum you have to rise the air suspension to the limit and remove the lower front and rear plastic covers The Toyota has 21.5 centimeters
of ground clearance and angles of 31º 26º and 22º that are excellent angles
but fall behind this rival today
It has much better cameras because of their high
definition while the maximum torque of 700 Nm of the V6 Land Rover engine make the 450 Nm of the Land Cruiser seem small tough it has to move, it’s true, a slightly higher weight The Discovery exceeds 2,300 kg The first test of our comparative are
our traditional dubbies but with a huge difference. Today we
go downwards because the grip of the circuit today is
null and we can’t control the cars climbing up. We have also added an additional item a 500 ml glass filled to the top and
leveled horizontally with the hood of the car, Although the car is not
horizontal and the water is also a bit inclined afterwards we’ll put the Discovery in this same position and
circumstances will be identical for both cars. I get in the car, I go through
the dubbies, and the car that carries less water will be the worst in this
test because it may have inclined the most or it has gone more abruptly so
let’s get in and see what happens with the water I get inside, buckle up close the window and now I will switch on the Crawl Control
at the slowest possible speed to do everything as softly as I can, I release the brake the water is beginning to fall, but it will go out much more in the deepest area
but we will see how little can this car tip or how much
it can stay horizontal through such deep obstacles.
I feel the wheels get inside it goes very slowly
I just try to drive in the middle
just in the middle Roughness also penalizes
logically It is been hard even to
pull because there is now a very thin mud very, very thin
we don’t have grip, it’s clay is clay Much water is falling so
I keep moving as slowly Trying to keep the car in the
middle we reach the last phase that is the deepest hole I think the latter is the most profound
and is also when the car suffers the most then we’ll see how the Discovery manages this and I am coming to the end …last tip… Finally, wow! it’s been abrupt but
that’s it and we’re going out gently, as smoothly as I can, the
last wheel passing through the obstacles and we leave the dubbies
let’s see how much water is left putting the glass horizontally
we will see what happens We’ve finished the test, we have taken out
carefully the suction cup and since the glass has two opposed scales I’m going to level it so you can see how much
water is left if the camera comes close,
we can see that are exactly 400 ml 400 ml of water
Let’s see how the Discovery manages this test Let’s go with the dubbies, let’s go with the
Discovery. From the same position of the front wheel, glass filled to the top and
aligned with the body now the car is a bit tilted
but the glass is aligned horizontally with the body
Let’s see how much water the Discovery sheds Let’s do this, I start I’ll put the Crawl Control, in this
case it’s called All Terrain Progress Control because it is from Land Rover, I set the minimum speed that is allowed minimum speed that allows me it’s like 2 or 3 km/h it’s a lot like the Toyota and let us go on the softer car, the one that has the biggest
suspension travel, and the one that stays more balanced will be the winner of
this test if we can establish enough difference If they keep around 400 ml they should be given a tie result. It stands still I won’t do anything with the pedals, just wait for the car itself to go out the car drives itself, I do nothing I establish the minimum speed and that’s it.
I can hear the chassis bending quite much I can hear the chassis bending quite much
in this car. The Land Cruiser does not have any interior noise even
through these obstacles with so much torsion. We get to the end and I will stop right by the tire where I stopped before which is just here. Perfect. I swich it off and let’s see
how much water is left We’ve finished the test with the Discovery and this is the result 400 ml accurate in the two opposite scales
exactly the same as the Toyota Land Cruiser. It has been a perfect and absolute draw None of them has done it better than the other in this first test Let’s go with the next test, an
axle twisting very deep and very slippery. Crawl Control, maximum
speed, leave the pedals and let’s see how the Toyota goes up. Let’s go up this is the steepest point the firs axle twister arrives easy up here, it slips
a little but it goes up easily The truth is that it has been
very easy. Let’s see if the Discovery makes it I’m already in the Discovery at the same
climb with the slippery axle twisting All Terrain Progress Control at the same rate as before 15 km/h to mimic the Toyota Crawl Control, release the brake and From here the car will do everything but to move the steering wheel let’s see how the Land Rover robot goes up this slope is very steep but hey!
It has done it with overwhelming authority It has climbed very easily, it has almost exactly matched the Toyota Land Cruiser. I can’t establish a winner in this test because it is the same
we will continue to increase difficulty Taking advantage of the circuit, that is
full of mud we will make a suicide test in a very deep pool
of mud here specifically it’s about 50 cm about 50 cm of mud
depth, we’ll get the cars through here in what is probably the
most spectacular test that you have seen in mud in our channel
we will leave the stick here I wear a kilo of mud on each foot
and we will see what the Toyota Land Cruiser can do I must climb back
to shake a little the kilo of mud I’ve in each shoe
I get inside and have the rope hooked to the car
because it’s practically impossible we manage to get out at first so I’ll keep it here to avoid having to get my feet in the mud to
rescue I fasten the seatbelt and let’s go hand break out
and instructions for use on Multi Terrain mode Multi Terrain in mud mode Crawl Control at
maximum speed, which is not high but is the highest it has and I have so much faith in getting stuck that I have the rope in the car. Maximum
speed of Crawl Control I get into the mud It’s specially deep to the right side
and let’s see if it comes out It’s absolutely stuck. I try to steer, I try to steer… It can’t reverse reverse
it is so stuck that I do not feel that the car is doing anything. This was
predictable, this pool is impossible to get out
so we have to call rescue game over with the Toyota Land Cruiser I’m in the Discovery and I’m going to
get into the mud hole in suicidal plan because you have already seen what
happened with the Land Cruiser again All Terrain Progress Control at maximum speed maximum, at 20 km/h I will not reach that speed from here to there Mud mode, pure electronics and we´re
simply going to see what the car does itself I remove the feet from the
pedals and let’s see if it gets or not to the other side Go! Ok, it gets stuck like the Land Cruiser, I try to go backwards This does move backwards for
some reason not much and I’ll try to get me out of here I doubt I’ll
try I’ll try and see what happens there as a step. I feel I won’t get out and I don’t want do dig myself in Let’s try to get it out. It doesn’t go backwards either, nor forward, last attempt there is a step there as a stepping stone Maybe if I swing it I may
get out but I think it won’t happen swingin it, swingin it I’ve managed to get out Now I have the doubt, if the Toyota would
have done it anyway if I had swing it the hard way so let’s return to the Toyota and then
going back to get into the hole and see if I can swing it out of the
hole to overcome the obstacle I will use
just the Multi Terrain System and the right pedal A bit of throttle go for
it with a little bit of inertia almost nothing to let it go by traction or not leave
I get all the way into the pool the critical point comes, I think I’ll
save it think I’ll get out But I move backwards
I’ll fight a little fight a little and see if now with a bit of
inertia and a little luck the “mud and sand” gets me out of here I think
that if will do it I’m out Needless to rescue
watching the images from outside gives the feeling that the Discovery was
more capable smoothing the way out for the Toyota which finds
a somewhat softer step to escape from the pool on the second attempt we will now try an obstacle that
we have never tried in this circuit Since it’s all muddy, we had
to search again what could be the most difficult we could attempt today. In this case it’s a very pronounced slope on the right side of the one we
call “The Wall” with a little less gradient and a deep hole
up the top It will create a an axle twist at the
worst time. The car has Multi Terrain in mud mode, Crawl Control
at full speed and I will let the car to do all the work and we’ll see what happens Multi Terrain in mud mode, Crawl Control
at full speed, that is slow but it is what gives this Toyota Crawl Control. I’m going up and I do not touch the pedals let’s see what it can do here. Right now we go up with high difficulty but when
we got to the axle twist… we get there, first wheel on the left, it goes on, ok it goes well, second top step, axles crossing I work a little with the steering, just in case it helps but it is stuck, it’s stuck Ok, let’s do one thing. I go backwards, Crawl Control at minimum speed to keep control downward and now I’m going to keep the Multi Terrain in mud mode and from here I’ll
do something we’ve never done in our tests so far at this
circuit, that is is go on in full throttle with all the momentum we can take that will be very little because there is no grip getting up and if it goes, it goes.
Full throttle, I go with full throttle full throttle, it remains stuck on the step but it gets to the top, the very hard way, but it gets there let’s see what the Land Rover Discovery can do here I’m inside of the Land Rover
Discovery and we will try to climb the slope again so let’s put
mud mode let’s put All Terrain Progress
Control at a maximum speed in this case I can change it at the steering wheel, but it’s very high I’ll put 20 km/h which is enough
faster than you can go on the Toyota Land Cruiser, if I put it at 30 I think it will be just the same because we have not enough time to get that speed
I will try to climb with the “robot” and then I’ll try to do it if
it does not climb alone with the automatism I will try to climb to the
top the hard way as I did with the Toyota Let’s see if we can climb up here or not
with the Discovery It goes up automatically, working
with enormous difficulties, it seems ok here, we got here well, It releases the accelerator I don’t know why that is something that makes
the automation itself It’s climbing very well well well and it gets to the top with
authority it goes up with authority automatically The Land Rover Discovery has come to the top without touching the pedals
while the Land Cruiser I had to disconnect the Crawl Control Press the throttle and climb with inertia Therefore in this trial there has been a
winner but perhaps with a narrow margin it has done better, in my opinion, the
Discovery The afternoon comes in the Ocaña Circuit
it’s getting very cold and let’s draw some conclusions to
close our comparative test Let’s start talking about the Toyota Land
Cruiser our 4×4 hero that Once again has shown highly effective. Its traction control system is highly solid even on mud
plus the Land Cruiser has shown an advantage over the Land Rover that is its rigidity it’s a car that doesn’t twist which makes me think
that in the long run would be a harder car and more solid to suffer hard times, however let’s go with the Discovery
its traction system has been absolutely equal to that of the land cruiser
its electronics, diff locks everything has been an absolute draw even their suspensions incline level
everything has been a tie in this test yet despite being an aluminium car
that creaks a bit when twisted and gives me a feeling of greater flex in the
chassis, for groud clearance it’s a much better car than the Land Cruiser, (ground clearance, attack, departure and breakover angles) and ultimately the only evidence
that there has been minimal difference it’s been for the
Discovery that has been able to climb the slope with axle twisting with its
own Crawl Control alone while the Land Cruiser has needed more
aggressiveness on my part therefore for those two small details, dimensions
that minimum minimum better traction I consider the winner, for the minimum
difference in this comparison the Land Rover Discovery. Anyway I think that each of these cars would be more accurate, depending on the circumstances For specific obstacles this car
brings more height and similar or even better traction capacity than the Land Cruiser, and for extreme hardness of many many kilometers on very hostile terrain with stones I would perhaps trust a little more in the steel, classic truck chassis of the Toyota Land
Cruiser and in its general, long-term stiffness Anyway, the test
has been so close that we expect your comments to know what you
thought and which of the two would you choose. If you liked the
test please give us a “like” subscribe to the channel and click the
bell so that you get the alerts for all of our videos. If you
want to know the prices of these two models or any other of the market
check it in our website See you next time!


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  • Javier Vela

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  • JoseDavid 2099

    si se dan cuenta la ultima prueba la Discovery no entra en ningunos de los huecos que hay si no que pasa por el borde o sea que lo rodeo, lo cual la Toyota si entro, para mi gano Toyota por precio y fiabilidad

  • ticos08

    Que buen video pero tengo que decir los Toyotas fallan menos que los Land Rover los repuestos son menos caros duran mas dando años de servicio los Toyotas a sus propietarios , me quedo con Toyota , pero buen video muchas gracias .

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