Columbia Real Estate: Be aware of Zillow’s Zestimates
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Columbia Real Estate: Be aware of Zillow’s Zestimates

(energetic music) – Hey everybody, I hope
you’re having a great week. Wow, we are selling ’em like crazy at the Downing Group real
estate team at Century 21. This is Brent Downing. I’m the team owner and we are just glad to be with you this week. We’ve been getting a lot
of questions from sellers as we’re listing homes. We have listed several of
’em in these last few weeks, and boy the market is
gonna be hot this year. One of the main questions I
get is this Zestimate thing. People are just freaked out
by what is this Zestimate? Maybe you haven’t heard of
it, but it’s an estimate that you’ll see on,
the number one website that people search for homes on. They also have this estimator
of home value on there. Now, Zillow themselves has
admitted that their Zestimate is at least 10% off in most markets. In fact, the CEO of
Zillow, he sold his house for like $1 million
less than the Zestimate that they had on his house
a couple a years ago. So I would not get
concerned about that number. All that is is it’s a
computer in Washington state that is taking numbers
from other computers, saying here’s what your home is worth. And, you know what,
what you really need is a real estate professional
who knows your market, knows your neighborhood,
knows the buyers in the area, to come by and look at your home and tell you what it’s worth. And of of course, there’s
a range there, depending on improvements and what does
your backyard look like? Are you on the lake? That’s an oftentimes big whiff by Zillow on their Zestimate is
what is a lake home worth? So bottom line is, I wouldn’t
get worried about that. I would encourage you to
call your real estate agent. Call us here at the Downing Group. We would love to come by
and for no other reason, just help you figure out
what your home is worth for when you do sell it that
time in the future, okay? Have a great week and we’ll
talk to you next time. (techno music)

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