Clos de los Siete – Land of Dreams

What is our place in the world? Is it our birthplace, or is it the place where we find life? Someone once wrote that a utopia is meant to keep us walking. Maybe that’s why I began walking one day. I got so far, that only the Andes Mountains kept me from going further. Argentina. A verse of my song. Hot days, cold nights… Close to the sun, an ideal land for Malbec! I had to share this dream with others. Souls with thirst of adventure. We were pioneers. We made water run through stones, cold sweat, passion within hostility. But the vine is a liana that loves difficulty… And thanks to the wisdom of those who learnt from the land, we made everything where there was nothing. We always knew that great wines could only come from great vineyards. With that conviction in mind we take care of each bunch. We give the best of each one to get the best of everyone. The best of Monteviejo… of Cuvelier los Andes… The best of DiamAndes… and Rolland… We put passion, enthusiasm, trust, expectations… We give part of our essence to create a treasure for everyone Now we know that an ideal can take us thousands of miles. We followed our star and found life Everything is in our hands. In our hearts, In the strength of our dreams. Clos de los Siete The symbol of a shared dream

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