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Hi guys. Welcome back to my channel. In today’s
video, I’m doing a good old fashioned speed clean because my house looks like a bomb has
gone off inside. It is so messy and desperately needs a clean. So if you like speed cleans,
where there is actual real, like a lot of mess, you’re in the right place. If you’re
new to my channel, subscribe for more videos like this and let’s do this. So first things first. Laundry. Every single
day I will do some sort of laundry. That’s the only way I can keep on top of it. There’s
always sheets or towels or clothes to be done, and I saw the funniest quote the other day.
It said, “I hate it when I up to date with laundry and then I look around, and my family
are wearing clothes,” and that is exactly how I feel. But once I’ve done the laundry, I’m going
to use this laundry bag to put anything that needs to go back upstairs, that is downstairs.
So sometimes, toys or pajamas or blankets, things like that, will creep downstairs, so
I’m going to stick them all in that and then take it back upstairs. That guitar also needs
to go upstairs, so I’m just going to tidy away the toys that the kids were playing with
this morning, straighten out the couch, and then also straighten out Jackson’s little
kitchen. Matt jokes that I now have two kitchens that
I have to clean, but I actually quite enjoy it. I’m just going to tidy up all of the toys
and then give everything a wipe with a disinfectant spray as well. The boys and I recently went through their
soft toys and decided which ones we could donate to charity. They just have so many
toys that we decided something had to give, so we’re going to donate all of those today
and now I’m going to fold some laundry. Although we have a utility room, I always
like to bring it out onto the dining table and told it there for some reason. Actually
do find this quite therapeutic and I kind of enjoy it. Obviously, I’ll fold all of the
laundry and then take it upstairs and put it into the right rooms. I might now always
put it away, straightaway, but if I just got it into the right rooms, that’s a good start. Then I’m going to use a glass cleaner on our
table. We had a piece of glass cut to go on top of our dining table and it’s been a game-changer.
The kids do so much painting and coloring that it was ruining the table but this has
just been brilliant. So I’m going to wipe that down and also the vase as well, because
it is a mirror, like chrome effect, so you get fingerprints and things like that and
now I’m just going to tackle the kitchen and wipe all of that down. I’m also going to wipe down our mirror splash
backs with a glass cleaner. I was really unsure about getting the mirror splash back, but
I love having it. It makes the room look so much bigger. Now I’m also going to wipe down
the hot spots, or the high touch areas, basically just all of the handles and then I have this
great Dettol spray. It kills 99.9% of bacteria or germs and you can spray it on the clean
surfaces. So the kids have had a few bugs lately, so
I’m going to use it today. I don’t use it all the time. I’m just going to do all the
handles that they’ve touched. I’m also going to clean the sink. This is Bar Keeper’s Friend.
It’s very similar to [Seff 00:04:37], so I’m going to spray that all in the sink, give
it a good scrub and then also use some boiling hot water from the kettle and just let that
sit for a little while. This is, obviously a white sink, and sometimes I feel like I
can see a few stains, so I like to use this. I’m also going to give the house a little
Hoover. This is our Dyson V8, and I love using it. It’s just really handy. It does only have
20 minutes of battery life, but that is enough to do this room and then I’ll put it on charge
before I take it upstairs. So, I’ll just run around and Hoover. I also recently discovered this product. It
is the Method floor cleaner. I have it in wild rhubarb and also a lemon and ginger one.
It smells amazing. It’s non-toxic and it sprays out really nicely. You don’t have to mix it
with anything. You could just spray it directly onto the floor and either mop it or like I
am, I’m actually spot cleaning the floor because it’s not too bad today, so I’m only cleaning
under where the kids eat. So I’m just going to give that a good wipe with that product
and then I’m going to tackle my office. Do you remember my beautiful clean office?
Well, it’s ruined. I need to just tidy it up. Put everything away. I guess because it’s
like a surface, it becomes a bit of a dumping ground so people tend to just stick bags on
it or you can see books, lipstick, things like that. So I’m just going to shove everything
away and also clean that. We had a piece of glass also cut for my desk so it had a nice
slick surface on top. I’m also going to dust the frames that are on the shelves above my
desk. Like my 100,000 play button that has quite a place on my desk and that is that
area, a lot tidier, just don’t look under the desk. Then I’m also going to clean the couch which
is in the front room. Just sort out the cushions a little bit before going upstairs, taking
the laundry basket, and stair basket which is full of things to be returned. I’m just
going to sort through that. That could be anything from shampoo, photos, socks, toys,
by the looks of it, and always lots of clothes and books as well and then I’m going to put
away the ironing board. I tend to iron in our bedroom and then I’m going to make our
bed and go from room to room, making beds, putting away books, toys, and just giving
everything a general tidy as well as putting away any laundry that needs to be put away. In Fraser’s room, he has this hidden beanbag
storage so you can put all of his soft toys in the bean bag, flip it over, and it’s all
hidden. So I wanted to show you that, then I’m going to wipe down the window sill and
then tidy away his books and just clear up his side table. He has so many books. It’s
great he loves to read but today I’m going to give it a bit of a clear out and then put
some back onto his bookshelf. I’m also going to tackle the two bathrooms
that are upstairs. We have a little ensuite and also a small family bathroom, so I’m going
to empty the bins that are in the bathrooms and then give everything a bit of a once over. It’s not too bad today, so I’m just going
to remove all of the toothbrushes and shampoos and things. I’m using the Method bathroom
cleaner. I’m going to spray that everywhere and give the sink a good old wipe as well
as the toilet. I’m going to wipe the lid and everything with
the cloth that I’ve been using and then I’m actually going to use just a small bit of
toilet roll to wipe the actual seat and bowl. It’s not to messy, but having four boys in
my house means you need to clean this quite often. I’m obviously going to go around and
give the bathrooms a quick once over. I’ve been cleaning for about two hours now,
but now I have to go and do the school run. I hope you enjoyed this video. I must admit,
I’ve actually enjoyed cleaning. It’s quite a luxury to clean on your own to music when
you’re normally a busy mom, like running around with the kids. So it was really nice to do
this on my own. How sad is that. Anyway, thank you so much for watching and
I’ll see you in my next one. Bye guys.


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