• D Thomas

    You were important to those guys but even more important to us, seriously. You're teaching us to take care if our families and ourselves with real estate. Nuf said

  • Johnnie Ochocinco

    Now i know why you do such of professional job in every video…. congratulations and your decision.. i ll be learning from you and yours knowledge in this business..!!

  • Mr Krabs

    I didn't realize how famous you are. You're so awesome, Clayton. I bought your book "how to pay off your home mortgage in 5 years or less" read it and gave it to my brother in law. You are a great inspiration and I pray & wish you the best in your real estate endeavors

  • Truckbuildercarl

    I have watched you for many years Clayton on tv and only recently discovered your real estate business.Your business model is what i have been looking for as i am on permanent disability and need any income i make to be passive. I am just starting to watch your videos to learn your system.I am thankful to you for helping people this way.

  • Jane Heimbichner

    Hi Clayton. This is awesome. I had no idea. I blew up my TV 10 years ago and I only know you from Morris Invest! As someone else said, now I know why you’re so professional on the YouTube. Way to go!

  • 001 002

    Wow. i really enjoy you on FOX….. now I'm really going to make the effort to come work with Morris investment. I'm also proud of you man. 😀 stay positive

  • Jestin Philip

    You are truly a role model Clayton! you left your broadcasting job and followed your true calling of helping others achieve their dream. Godspeed my friend.

  • Perry Unlikely

    Setting here at 33, watching you be able to walking away in your own path at 40 is inspirational. That job looks like the all American dream’ but yet you left it. Passive income is the the way. You’re changing lives, as well as your wife, and I pray to God that you with all humility know that you are. Thanks

  • Cami Forgiven

    What is so unbelievable and at the same time refreshing is your humility. What a wonderful video to share with us thank you. And also thank you for sharing your passion and knowledge with us. You and your wife has helped my husband and I change the trajectory of our lives and our children’s lives. Thank you!

  • Bryan Eash

    I also see why you are able to deliver your content so well, it was so neat to see this video of you. You are a neat person, and i feel like i got a better glimps of who you are. Thanks for all your realestate info.

  • daisyconsuelo

    What a power statement you're making to your children and the world by following your passion! Looking forward to being your student. 🙂

  • Abe Mtulia

    I'm so glad to stumble upon your YouTube channel about 2 months ago. I've been enjoying watching and learning from you. You are an awesome guy.. keep it up.

  • amv12vantage

    First heard you on Biggerpockets and that podcast changed my entire thought process. Took something complicated and brought it down to a simple level. I go back and listen to it again and again. Good luck and Godspeed. I’ll be here learning and growing from your example. Thank you.

  • Kaan

    We're all very proud of you Clayton, thanks for being such a huge inspiration and awesome mentor, I look up to people like you, and I hope to do the same one day! Best of luck to you and your family!

  • Bre Anderson

    Yay! Clayton, I don't watch TV but I feel like I missed out on seeing your shows. Many congrats! I look forward to working with you in the future.

  • James

    Brass balls to stand up for your dream in front of millions and walk away from the system (matrix halloween episode ), to start living. Nice work clayton. I'll see you, at the top.

  • ChicoMillion

    I only recently became aware of your Morris Invest YouTube channel, I never watched Fox & Friends but it looks like you had a fantastic time there! Keep on educating us about real estate investing, you’re my mentor!


    DEFINITELY More important to us….. You are the BEST at everything you do Clayton….. especially helping others! I'm looking forward to your consultation!

  • Joel Melgar

    lol! I knew you looked familiar. What a jump the real estate industry needed someone from the east coast to share knowledge. To many west coast people do not understand how the east functions! Thanks

  • Dave G

    Clayton we love your passion and helpful spirit. Thanks for giving us more of your time. It's helping so many of us out here. Excellent quality information. Blessings to you and your family.

  • Riche Noire

    wow, just wow! You inspired me before but now I'm fired up! If you can leave such a prominent job, then I KNOW I'm on the right track! God bless you.

  • Nick Davis

    Holy cow! I just stumbled upon your YouTube channel a while back when looking at Real Estate Investing videos. I had no clue that you had such a career in television! Your channel is an excellent reference for people to gain ideas from. Thank you for your contributions.

  • Beau Yeaman

    Love the emotional goodbye; the mix between sadness, happiness, fear, relief and anticipation. Much love to the whole Morris family ❤️

  • zaffero77

    I’m a little late to the party, but I’m more than happy for you and your family. Fox and Friends is the best news morning show ever. I remember you 15+ years ago on some local morning news show that I watch in Eastern Washington. Always thought you were the coolest most genuine guy in the room. Your are living the dream now. I have learned so much from you already in real estate and will continue.
    Thank you.


    hey thats cool Clayton
    never knew you were in broadcasting

    no wonder you are such a people person! thats a good video idea for you. how to achieve a more social and commanding personality in real estate business

  • Dienekes

    I've been in IT since 1980, been a programmer since 2000, been with the same company as a Sr. Software Engineer for 8 years. I got my bachelor's degree in IT, Software Engineering a little over 2 years ago. I just turned 57. As soon as I finish the rehab on my house (probably within the next couple of months), I'm going to quit my job, moving to Arizona and will jump into Real Estate with both feet. I'm DONE making other people wealthy while being left behind.

  • blaze 2017

    I dont blame him for being upset although when I leave my construction job I'll be crying for a different reason lol.

  • Thunder

    Wow, just discovered that you were a TV personality. I've been watching a lot of your real estate videos over the past few days and thought you were just some regular guy trying to sell us something 😉

  • Jeremy Storm

    I’ve watched probably 20 of your videos since finding this channel less than a month ago. This one is definitely a fantastic one. Didn’t know you were in broadcasting. Great stuff. Thank you for the amazing knowledge you share. Keep up the great work 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Tony J

    I give you so much credit Clayton! You're living your dream & that's amazing. It takes a lot of courage and guts to walk away from an excellent career to follow your dream. Good for you man!
    99% of people wish they can do what you did! You call the shots and you can sing "My Way"..

  • Sandra Coppedge

    Wow! I knew I loved you and Natali (with your Morris Invest advice) but I had no idea you were on Fox and Friends. I am SO incredibly inspired right now. This gives me even more gumption than ever because I realize now that it really is “OK!” (I.e. not so scary) to transition from a career I’ve built for 2 decades. Thank you guys!!

  • T1997z

    Wow, I never knew you were on Fox! I don’t watch the news but I’m glad you made the transition and are helping so many more people
    With this channel!

  • Adam Maki

    What a shame you'll now lose everything and get a fresh pad in a fed penitentiary for defrauding 100s of investors

  • FlowtnWitWalden

    Wow I've been watching your investing channel for the past few months and never knew the magnanimity of your previous career. I've heard you mention here and there in podcasts; but had never seen an actual segment. It's not that I don't watch Fox, occasionally I watch a bit of news… it's just that I actually watch very little TV – lifelong habit, especially since the advent of internet browsers. Well this explains your instantly likeable, ingratiating aura on screen. For me it gives your Brand awesome credibility knowing that your decision to build a business was informed by personally experiencing that, no matter how glamorous it appears, the benefits in the cushy corporate world cannot compare to controlling your own financial destiny. Cheers!

  • Zen Masta

    Clayton your the best and I've been learning so much from you when it comes to real estate, thank you brother!

  • judd442009

    So, now after a failed attempt in real estate, he is crying crocodile tears in Portugal. Like Roger Ailes, Bill O'Reilly, Eric Bolling and all the creeps who left the Faux News network in disgrace, we now learn that Morris has been accused of crimes. When will the cult of Comrade Trump-ski stop drinking the Orange Kool Aid?

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