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– Hi everybody. I’m Hibiscus Moon. I’m here to talk to you about
citrine healing properties, correspondences and meanings. (upbeat music) Hi everybody. I’m Hibiscus Moon. I’m here to talk to you about
citrine healing properties, correspondences and
meanings so you can learn how to efficiently and effectively work with this really popular
crystal, powerful crystal. This is a gorgeous citrine from the Congo with lots of little abundance
babies on the bottom. Alright, so in case
you’re wondering who I am, if you’re new to my
shows, I’m Hibiscus Moon. I’m the founder of The
Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy where we certify people as crystal healers and teach all aspects of
working with crystals. Alright, so I have a
question of the day for you. Please go ahead and answer
this in the comments below right now. Is citrine part of your
personal crystal collection? Just yes or no. Just wondering, curious,
how many of us have citrine. I know rose quartz is
always a definite yes if you love crystals. Usually amethyst is a definite
yes, but just wondering how popular is citrine with everybody. Okay, so let’s talk about
citrine, let’s get into it. So, like I said before, I
believe that after amethyst, amethyst being a, number
one, okay I’ve checked my sources on this, sources on this. Amethyst is like the number
one collector’s crystal and after that it’s a toss up between rose quartz, because see
rose quartz is popular with the metaphysical crystal collectors, but with the rock hounds, not so much because it doesn’t,
rose quartz doesn’t grow in that nice crystal formation. It doesn’t grow like this. Well, it can technically,
but it’s very, very rare. So, citrine is the one
just behind amethyst as most popular quartz gem,
or crystal collection gem. So, why do we want
citrine in our collection? What’s the reason for that? Besides being gorgeous,
it’s wonderful bringing about positive, joyful, just good vibe, all around good energy. So, if you’re feeling
a tinge of depression or seasonal effective
disorder from winter, those of us in the northern
hemisphere might be dealing with that right
now, citrine is great for bringing about,
welcoming in, inviting in, that really sunny disposition. Okay, it’s also great for
boosting your confidence and your self worth. It’s just one that
resonates very, very much, brings into balance and alignment
your solar plexus chakra. Alright, it’s also known as the ultimate manifestation stone, as
well as the merchant stone because it’s, no other
stone can surpass its energy for bringing in that
prosperity type of vibe. If you need to do better in business or you’re looking to attract
just general prosperity and abundance, whether it
be in number of friends or abundance in your
wallet, which is where most people are looking for. If you’re looking to do a
crystal grid to increase your revenue or beef up your paycheck or perhaps you’re looking for a new job or a new career or you might be looking to sell a house or rent a house, anything to do with
finances and prosperity citrine is your go-to stone. Alright, let’s first talk
about a bit of geology and identification because
that’s really my strong suit, something different that
I bring to the table because I’m a former science teacher and science department
head, so I know this stuff inside and out. That’s why I have the
crystal savvy elective, that’s why I can help steer you clear of the crystal fakes. So, citrine has a Mohs hardness of seven for those of you who know what that means. We get into that in-depth
in Crystal Savvy. It’s a silicon dioxide crystal, alright. So that means it’s
quartz, silicon dioxide. There are many different quartz. There’s the amethyst, there’s
rose quartz, there’s citrine, there’s smoky quartz. These are all different types of quartz, so it is indeed a type of quartz. That’s why it has that
characteristic six sided hexagonal shape to it
and grows in a point. Here we go, let’s take a look at that. Isn’t that beautiful? This is a really gorgeous
specimen right here. It’s part of, now there’s six
different crystal systems. This is part of the
trigonal crystal system which is actually a
sub-system of the hexagonal or hexagonal, tomato,
tomato crystal system. It has a gold hue, which
you can obviously see and that comes from iron, the
iron that is in the citrine. So that’s what gives it
a slightly vibrational frequency than other types of quartz. Mother Earth naturally creates citrine. Now, not all citrine is natural. Let’s be mindful of that. We’re gonna get more into that in part two of this citrine series
that I’m going to talk about in two weeks, but
Mother Earth creates natural citrine within
her womb, below ground in what I call a geothermal heat source. So, from within the mantle. That’s below the crustal
layer of the planet. We’ve got a geothermal,
gourmet, geo-kitchen happening down there and it heats either, don a cough drop here
because when I talk too much my throat gets dry. Excuse me just a second, guys. I don’t wanna get into one
of those crazy coughing fits with you where you think I’m dying and then I can’t even talk. (coughing) Like I think is happening now. Okay so, we get either amethyst or smoky quartz, both again, are silicon
dioxide, they’re both quartz, same as citrine, but with
that bit of iron inclusion happening there, when the
amethyst or smoky quartz is naturally heated within the earth it can turn into citrine, okay. And the citrine can vary in color from very, very yellow like this cut and polished
one from Brazil, okay. This one might even to some, actually no, there’s lots of rainbows in here. I’m gonna stop with what I was gonna say ’cause I don’t wanna confuse people. So very, very yellow to a yellow/brownish. Let’s see, we can go to this
one for yellow/brownish. Lots of rainbows and so
many babies on this one, to orange, kind of an iced tea color. Okay, you might be lookin’
at this one if you can see it here and say I know
citrine to look like this. Well, Mother Earth doesn’t
make citrine like this. I’m not gonna call it
fake, but it’s man altered, it’s baked. Alright, we’ll talk in-depth
on that in part two. We’re not gonna get into that today. So, this is like your dark
orange brown madeira citrine, we call this, or a reddish brown, okay. This is your darkest,
almost smoky citrine, but what makes this different
from smoky quartz is you can see it here. When you take it out in the sunlight if there is a golden yellow
hue to it at all, alright, then it is not smoky. Smoky quartz does not
have a golden yellow hue. Did I show you these two? I think I did. Citrine is naturally found, I have a hair in my lip gloss, in the U.S., in Spain, can be found in Russia,
in France, in Scotland, in Africa, the island of Madagascar. Did I say Brazil? Brazil. They’re slightly different
and have different characteristics depending on
where they are coming from. As I talked about before,
citrine works very well with the solar plexus
chakra for self esteem, confidence boosting, bringing
about that positive attitude. This is the card I pulled today from my Mermaid deck. Positive Energy. Surround yourself with
positive people and situations and avoid negativity. And citrine really helps with that so that was really appropo that I pulled that card today. It’s great for again, boosting,
bringing about a strong will power, if you’re
needing a boost with that and any matters physically
dealing with the stomach or digestive system, that’s
all solar plexus stuff and citrine is great for working on that. Okay, next I’m going to tell
you about some other types and forms of citrine to look for. Then I’m gonna give you a
recipe for my solar plexus citrine power up juice and
we’re gonna do some Q and A at the end and remember, if
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to my Crystal Savvy Elective, a $297 value, okay. If you’re looking to
navigate through the crystal fakes and stuff like that,
that’s the class elective that you’re going to really enjoy. Okay so again, if you’re
on Facebook and you type, citrine, into the comments right now, this only is gonna work on Facebook, you will get that step-by-step
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be getting the newsletter. Okay, so let’s get into
the rest of citrine and the stuff I said I was
gonna talk to you about. Different types of citrine. Now, if you can see this
you’ve probably been looking at this one and I talked
about this one when we talked about amethyst a few weeks ago, ametrine. Ametrine, you can see
there, it has a little bit of citrine in there,
in the amethyst, right. It’s a mixture of amethyst
and citrine together in one stone and this one
actually has clear quartz, citrine and amethyst on top. So, it’s partially purple and partially that yellow/orange in the citrine and the color zones are
very sharply divided. Ametrine is the stone you wanna work with for mental clarity
and decision making, clear decision making. This is your go-to for that, okay. Then you might be familiar
with cactus quartz. Here’s a little baby, just
’cause I have it right here and this is obviously an
amethyst cactus quartz. It’s gorgeous, but
sometimes cactus quartz, also known as spirit quartz,
can rarely come in citrine. So here’s a citrine cactus
quartz, spirit quartz. It’s a form of quartz,
but it’s usually amethyst but again, like I said, sometimes citrine, or it can be a combination of the two. Sometimes you see both
citrine and amethyst on one crystal. And it contains a large
crystal, as you can see here with little baby crystals
growing over the larger one in like a layer of these
spikey little smaller crystals, hence, why they call it
cactus quartz sometimes. And this is found in South Africa. It’s so beautiful. Look at how brilliant it is. It’s just gorgeous. Okay another one that I
don’t really have here ’cause I wouldn’t really
call this lemon quartz. Sometimes people call
in pineapple if it has all these little spikes on
it, but the lemon quartz has this bright yellow hue to it. A lotta times it’s faked,
but there have been natural, authentic lemon quartz and
it’s a naturally colored, that’s key, very light,
bright yellow citrine and it really kind of
lacks that brown, orange or reddish hue in that orange tint, okay. It’s a very light, but bright. It’s all in the eye of the beholder, guys. You can have two geologists
standing next to each other. One will say yep, that’s
lemon, that’s lemon citrine and some other one will
say no, no, no, that’s not. I feel like this one’s
a little too subdued and pastelly yellow to be lemon citrine, but some might call it
lemon citrine, okay. Alright so, like I
said, the next, part two in two weeks, I’ll be talking
all about the fake citrine or about that madeira, the
ones that look like this, or the baked out there
and how to really tell the difference between a real deal citrine and the fake ones. I’ll just leave it at
that and we’ll dive deep into that in two weeks. So, make sure you
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that All the people on my newsletter get all the inside scoop on
everything, so if you want to get the inside scoop, Alright, oh the solar
plexus power juice, right? So, I’m gonna give you the ingredients. It’s not like baking, it’s like cooking. Just kinda throw it in to your liking. It’s not an exact science, not rocket science on this. But, if you want the exact
recipe, the exact amounts and all that stuff,
you’re gonna want to get the actual recipe pdf. The way you get that is again, subscribe to my newsletter, If you’re on Facebook
you can type citrine, in the comments right now. You will get that immediately. If you’re on YouTube
go to the description, you can grab it there. If you’re on my blog you can just look at the blog post and grab it there. Alright so, solar plexus power up juice. You want to do this in,
doesn’t have to be a juicer, just like a, what’s that thing? NutriBullet type thing or a
blender, something like that. You’re gonna wanna put in 1 peeled carrot. This is all solar plexus stuff guys. A cup of orange juice, and whenever possible,
goes without saying, you might disagree with me on this, all organic, okay, clean organic food. I said a cup of orange juice, right? Fresh ginger, grated up, that’s to taste, some
people like a lotta ginger and like it real spicy and some people just want a little touch and you can leave it out if you want, but I do recommend having it in there. Grind up some fresh tumeric in there, a squeeze of lemon, just a squeeze, ice cubes and then the key here is citrine gem elixir. Now, you might be like whoa,
what in the world is that? Okay, easy, easy, easy,
easy, just grab a cup, coffee mug, a glass, whatever. Plop a citrine in there, a tumbled stone. If you’re gonna use a real
quartz rough like this I wouldn’t plop it in there, I would place it in there gently. Make sure you wash it
first, so it’s clean. Put it in with a glass of water. Pop it in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning, guess what? You’ve got citrine gem elixir. How easy is that? Alright, no need to get
all glamorous about it and all ritualistic about it. You can and I show you how
to do that in my course, but you don’t need to. Alright, put it in there with ice cubes, blend it up and there you go. Solar Plexus Power Up Juice. If you don’t want it to be
like smoothie consistency leave the ice cubes out and just blend it. This is gonna give you so
much good high vibe energy, just what we’re looking for from citrine and it tastes amazing. I mean, you know, try it. Some people don’t like the taste of carrot and orange juice together. I was cracking up because
my friend, Leonie Dawson, posted something where
she was drinking carrot and orange juice. She was like, what in the world is this? I can just, with the health
food stuff, I pretty much can do it all and I think it’s great. Maybe it’s an acquired
taste, I don’t know, but try it out. I think the energy tradeoff
that you get from it and the energy, the vibes
you get from the citrine gen elixir is more than worth it. I think it tastes beautiful though. Alright now, here’s a little
disclaimer I wanna give you. Are these meanings reliable? I’ve given you citrine, crystal meanings, correspondences, properties,
but are they reliable? This is a new disclaimer
I’ve been giving recently. Those that have been
with me a little while you know, you’re like, ah, here we go. So, this information
that I’m giving you today on citrine relies mostly on the common crystal correspondences
that have been relied on for hundreds of years, many of them going back to ancient times and I’ve also researched
them out and of course, tested them out, experimented with them and have found them to be consistent for myself, my clients,
as well as for thousands of students and graduates of my certified Crystal Healer Course and
I’ve found that the known crystal properties ring true
for about 80% of us, okay. So, that’s most of us,
but that’s not everybody, so you might be someone
who says citrine does not give me this kind of energy at all, it’s totally different for me. Or, it might be the kind of
citrine you’re working with. Are you working with a
natural Congo citrine or are you working with a baked citrine? Plus recently, the energy
on our planet in regards to the work we do with
crystals has shifted, as it has with a lotta things, okay. So, for those of you out
there, don’t feel bad if you’re one of those that
do not resonate with citrine’s usual correspondences
and the ones that I’m talking about here today. It could be due to these
energy shifts, or again, you could have a baked
citrine on your hands. I used to think baked
citrine worked just fine. I have a different take on that. Again, we’ll talk about that in part two, but yes, something has
shifted with the energy there and both with us, it hasn’t just shifted with the crystals,
shifted with the planet, with us and the crystals, okay. So, both with us as humans
reacting to the stone as well as with the crystal itself and with the planet itself, especially with this crystal, citrine, being a silicate, okay. If you wanna know more about
this I went into it deep in a blog post, I don’t
know, live stream blog post a few months back. If you wanna find it, it’s
called Crystal Meanings, Are They Reliable. You can Google that, Crystal
Meanings, Are They Reliable, and then maybe add
Hibiscus Moon at the end and you’ll find it.


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    When I first learned about Citrine, I always saw it as positive, happy and creative-inducing stone that I’m soooo drawn to. It’s only today that I learned that its also good for manifestation and money abundance. Like woah okay… I’ve been looking to manifest some citrine as jewelry, or just pocket size so I can bring it everywhere I go. I am so delighted with the info that it does not even need cleansing, because it just transmutes negative energy to positive- and I really live by that motto. It’s so wonderful that all this time I’ve been so drawn to a wonderful crystal! ✨

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    Hi, can Amethyst be yellow? I messaged a seller about one she is selling and she confirmed that it is indeed a Yellow Amethyst and not Citrine. How is that different than Citrine and what properties does it have? How would you work with it as opposed to working with a Purple Amethyst or a Citrine?

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    Natural citrine became apart of my collection a few days ago and I'm so delighted. Got it for a really great price too! It's also my birthstone.. feeling highly connected to it

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