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Chula Vista Realtor | How to Make a Public Service Announcement | Vlog

Hello everyone very good to see you
again today. So what are you going to get out of the
video if you watch all the way through? If you are a home seller you’re probably
going to be interested in the way that we tie together what was originally 2
Facebook episodes and tie it into one YouTube presentation. that makes sense. If
you’re one of my Realtor peers you’re going to see one public service
announcement that was put together and then I’m going to tell you how I did it.
Yeah there’s a lot in today’s episode, in what will be considered a short
period of time. Well let’s watch the two episodes and then what I’m going to do
is give you some information at the end. Oh one thing, I’m going to slide across a
card and what it’ll do, from the YouTube screen, is it will allow you to tap down and see the
entire episode series that has been done. Now if that link is not functioning and
sometime after February 2018 it is because YouTube has elected to
discontinue that. They have told us that unless you are a very very top YouTube
provide,r that service that they provided may not be available. So if you go to tap
on that screen and it’s not there blame YouTube. You know there’s some things you’d like
to do in private like dispose of household chemicals and paint. You know
go out and put it in somebody’s dumpster, in the middle of the night. Well I have
something to tell you about doing that don’t do it there’s absolutely no reason
to. You can take a load this stuff up into the back of your car and take it to a
local recycling facility. Most of them are absolutely free. Some recycling
centers for paint are set up in paint stores that will take it during any
period of time they’re open. So there’s no reason to sneak around in the middle
of the night and fill up our landfills with poisons. Please by all means
consider taking this path. Okay for all of my peers that are
watching me transform a garage into a working studio.this is a shoot that I
wanted to do for some time. Where there was some emotion or dramatic captivity
to the lighting. Where I took and shot it with a heavy shadow on one side of the
face and then a light further back. Now this could only be done in a larger area
so why not use what you have? Use your garage. Also the spotlight i DYI’ed the spotlight. All I did was take some papers, make a cone and then put a
piece of cardboard over the front of it, and bang I got a spotlight. Work with
what you have. Try it you’re going to find that you’re more successful than
not. Try it! I wish each and every one of you the best.
I hope you enjoy these vlog entries and now to move on to the next one. Thank You, to everyone that has spent any
time watching this vlog and liked any of the episodes. Today what we’re gonna do
is we’re moving to the next phase. I only have one more episode to do and then
it’s time to move some of the stuff out of the studio space. Behind me big boxes
of soap. Now, those belong to my brother and his girlfriend.
They got me involved in making soap. Actually they had a hobby, I learned a
whole lot about making soap. Here let’s make a little soap. I’ll show you how
it’s done. I got a little more practice with my equipment and you got to see how
to make soap. Practicing with our equipment is very important. You have to
use your equipment. Most people have a DSLR camera, but they’re not even
familiar with how to turn the video function on. You have many of the tools
that you need to do exactly what I’ve just done. So let’s try it! Request from
the viewers, someone loved the way that I took that
drone and flew it around inside the garage. But they’ve asked for some Ronin
footage so I’m gonna accommodate them, and maybe do a Ronan with a speed ramp, to
show you what can be done and how you can bend time. Someone else asked if we
were a real studio, of course we’re a real studio, Real studios have props this
is one and guess what we’re gonna do with this? Well you’ll have to see. I believe in what is called a global
presentation of information meaning if information is good for my fellow
Realtor to know it’s also good for the home seller to know. We’re all battling with
social media presentations and the ever-changing rules. As soon as you think
you have something set up and firm that you can really count on it goes away.
YouTube recently changed some of the rules. Now I’m going to put on what is
called an end card it’ll give you an opportunity to send me an email. it will
allow you to subscribe to the channel or go to the next video. I’m going to
feature one in this series but we don’t know how long YouTube is gonna provide
that. I can post this information and have it up for six months and come back
to it and find out that the links have been broken by YouTube, based upon what
is called a partnership agreement. One of my friends on Facebook today was just
put in “Facebook Jail” for absolutely no reason. They (Facebook) apologized for the mistake
but during this period of time she was trying to promote one of her clients
properties. This is something that we’re all going through. Every Realtor needs to
know it and it might be valuable to share
with your client. If you’re using social media, that is one of the reasons that we
need to approach all the work we do as though there are many different formats,
that we can bring it out beyond the MLS. Oh and guess what we are Realtors we
could do anything, because we are powerful!

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