• William Trader

    If we pass a bill that allows seniors to pay the same property taxes they did on their old house, they will simply use that tax law to upgrade their home (buy a nicer home in a cheaper market) and then burden their new city with a loss of tax revenue. What she, and other Seniors, need to do is sell the 1.5 million Bay Area house and buy a $300,000 to $600,000 house in the Central Valley, North Coast, Central Coast or Sierra. This will make the old house available to people still working, give her a large payout and enable smaller cities to acquire more tax paying citizens (citizens who pay the full tax rate).

  • uhadme

    counties can't lose money they never earned. problem is they forecast upward trends and suppose things always are going to increase (TRY LIVING IN THE REAL WORLD LIKE THE REST OF US). should be illegal for people to hinder progress to try and monopolize resources

  • Steve M

    Interesting the generation that constantly trashes millennials for not being self sufficient is asking for a free ride.

  • Minx Bade

    The majority of these home owners DON'T want to lose their homes and it's only the libtard socialist that want the high property taxes from those homes. Tax and spend is all they know.

  • Todd

    LA County took millions of Tax Dollars and gave to Illegals to help them in court to fight not being deported… Screw you liberal Counties. More-More-More and screw Calif Citizens & give $$$ to law breakers

  • Offhisrocker

    Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. California's Prop 13 gave my parents who lived in the same house with us 8 kids a tax break all the way till their deaths. For me? Overpriced housing- deflated wages inability to pay for college and no marriage. If I had bought a house I could not afford it long term – I did the math. The rich buy up all the small ones to force renting and over charge for profit. The longer they retain you as a wage slave the more long term profit. Hence: many, many homeless. The legislators need to to actually create FAIR TAX rules EQUALLY so that the people who actually WORK for a living can again make money and spend it into the economy like before Prop 13. The reason for the past recession was because it was promoted to have many children after WWII. I have NONE. That is your future unless the greedy landowners share and share alike instead of raising the rent every time you get a pathetic raise or allow us to have small businesses in places we can afford and actually join the rest of the profit makers.

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