Celebs Who Live In Modest Homes
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Celebs Who Live In Modest Homes

Life in a swanky pad is one of the most common
perks rich celebrities enjoy. But not all famous folk want to trick out
their own private island. At one time, these celebs opted for more modest
digs, ditching palatial mansions for everything from Hollywood bungalows to cozy condos. Kesha’s beachside bungalow Kesha may wake up in the morning feeling like
P. Diddy, but she certainly doesn’t live like he does. Rather, for a brief time, the “Tik Tok” singer
called a 1,400-square-foot “Spanish-style bungalow” in Venice Beach, California, home,
according to Popsugar. Trulia reported that Kesha bought the humble
homestead in 2014 for $1.65 million, then sold it a year later for $1.8 million. Though small, the place was apparently cozy
with a quote “very romantic and feminine master suite” and French doors that “lead to a secluded
backyard, featuring an outdoor fireplace and arbor-covered hot tub.” “So fun.” Variety’s Real Estalker blog was less impressed,
noting the two bedrooms and bathroom were small. Per the blog, the master bedroom also has
a… “Super-sized picture window that provides
an all-encompassing view of the backyard as well as a wide-open view of the bathroom from
the backyard.” A great way to introduce yourself to your
neighbors. Robert Pattinson’s rebound pad With a net worth of $100 million, actor Robert
Pattinson could probably afford to plunk down more than the around $2.1 million he paid
for an L.A. lair in late 2014. Boasting just 1,940 square feet, Pattinson’s
pad only came with two bedrooms and two baths, according to Real Estalker. The outlet described the home as “rustic,”
yet thoroughly decked out with high-end finishings like a quote, “combination kitchen and dining
area with vaulted, open beam ceiling” and “a $14,000 U.K.-manufactured cast iron range.” Trying to disguise the fact that none of the
words coming out mean anything.” This quaint charmer, however, was a considerable
step down from his previous residence, a sprawling 4,026-square-foot “Spanish-style home” that
he once shared with Kristen Stewart, according to Zillow. Pattinson officially sold the place in January
2014, eight months after cutting things off with his Twilight co-star for good. Vincent Kartheiser’s slice of Tinseltown Vincent Kartheiser may have played the hugely
successful ad exec Peter Campbell on AMC’s hit drama Mad Men, but, in real life, the
actor doesn’t mind keeping it small. Real small. According to Dwell, the A-lister lived in
a 580-square-foot L.A. cabin while starring on one of the most successful shows of all
time. “That’s not the way it’s supposed to be.” Kartheiser commissioned a top-to-bottom renovation
of what was once multiple rooms, into a relatively big, open space with quote, “Japanese-industrial”
style. This included everything from custom teak
cabinets for the kitchen, to a private courtyard with a custom-built dry sauna, and a bed on
a pulley system that could be raised to the ceiling when not in use. In 2014, Kartheiser revealed to Vulture that
the renovation was born out of necessity, because he purchased it at a time when he’d
have to take a loss if he moved. He added, “Of course, I won’t know until I sell the
property if I get the money back out of it.” Unfortunately, Real Estalker reported that
Kartheiser purchased the cabin for $547,000, listed it for $808,000, and eventually sold
it for $650,000. And those designer renovations likely came
in at more than $100,000. Things have changed for JLaw Until 2015, superstar actress Jennifer Lawrence
called a cozy two-bed, two-and-a-half-bath condo in Santa Monica home. Describing it as a “starter condo” that she
bought in 2006, Real Estalker reported that the American Hustle star shelled out $879,000
for the 1,413-square-foot pad, and eventually unloaded the joint for a cool $1.15 million. Speaking with Elle in 2012, Lawrence explained
her living situation at the time, claiming, “I’ve always lived in a tiny rat-infested
apartment in New York, or a little condo in L.A., or a normal house in Kentucky. “I grew up on a farm and played with horses
and did sports.” That kind of puts her 2014 purchase of a massive
5,550-square-foot house in Los Angeles and 2017 purchase of a $9 million, 3,200-square-foot
Tribeca condo into a strange perspective. That is, until you also consider that Forbes
declared her the “world’s highest-paid actress” in 2015 thanks to the $52 million she raked
in over the previous two years. Christina Ricci’s real estate remorse Christina Ricci might have an estimated $18
million net worth, but she lives pretty modestly regardless of which coast she chooses. In 2015, the star purchased a $2 million townhouse
in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene neighborhood, because, apparently, acting as an insane, 19th-century
ax murderer really pays off! “Do I look like a brutal killer to you?” Variety reported that the home boasts around
2,200 square feet, three stories, and three bedrooms — practically a mansion by New
York standards, but average just about anywhere else. On the west coast, the Addams Family star
snagged a 1,891-square-foot bungalow in 2005 for just over $1.5 million, according to Real
Estalker. Unfortunately, this was just as the California
real estate bubble was about to pop, so when she tried to sell it four years later, she
only listed it at $1.25 million. Three years later, she still owned the place,
according to Trulia, who reported that she began leasing it out for $8,000 a month. In 2014, Ricci re-listed for roughly $1.69
million, eventually unloading it after almost a year, for just over $1.3 million. Pete Wentz’s post-divorce downgrade The Studio City, California house that rocker
Pete Wentz lived in from 2012 to 2014 might not sound all that modest if you go by the
flowery description provided by Trulia, which lists the four-bed, three-bath as, quote,
“situated in the foothills amongst a forest of tall trees, waterfalls and exotic plantings.” If it sounds fancy, it’s not — at least,
compared to his previous digs. During the three-and-a-half years he was married
to fellow musician Ashlee Simpson, the couple lived in a five-bed, six-and-a-half bath Mediterranean
home that boasted a staggering 7,100 square feet, according to Realtor.com. Other features included a winding staircase,”
as well as, quote, “a spa, open patio space, a breakfast room, beamed ceilings, and a meditation
garden with a fountain and fire pit.” “From this moment forward, you can like decide
how you’re gonna be, and like let your past inform who you are, but it doesn’t like confine
you to being that.” When the pair split in 2011, they put the
house on the market for a whopping $4 million. Wentz later listed his Studio City spot for
$1.23 million, making it seem like a shanty in comparison. Deion Sanders’ part-time digs NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders transitioned
from a legendary career on the football field to the lucrative world of sports broadcasting. His success translated to an estimated net
worth of $40 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, meaning Prime Time can afford to
live basically wherever he wants. Even in a 600-square-foot house in Cedar Hill,
TX, according to Realtor.com. “You’re successful, so you build this monstrosity
of a home, then you start living in it, and over time, over time, you get wisdom.” Sanders built his tiny wooded “retreat” for
the show Tiny House Nation, and, although it’s small, it doesn’t lack pizzazz. Featuring a quote, “spacious bedroom, spa-like
bathroom, home theater,” and rooftop deck complete with a canvas awning for yoga that
also happens to convert into another screen for outdoor movie-watching, this puny pad
packs an elegant punch. In the interest of full disclosure, we should
also mention that, while Sanders’ shrimpy suite was being constructed, he and his family
lived in a 7,000-square-foot rental in Dallas. According to Realtor.com, even this was a
downgrade from the family’s previous residence, a $12.75 million, 29,122-square-foot behemoth
in Prosper, Texas. Lea Michele’s two-bedroom cottage Fox’s Glee was a full-on phenomenon that made
a capella singing cool. Without it, we probably wouldn’t have Pitch
Perfect, and star Lea Michele would have never crossed over from the stage to TV. Nonetheless, the actress was living a pretty
modest life during her days on the show, which really is perplexing considering she was already
a Broadway star at the time. According to the New York Daily News, Michele
bought a $1.4 million Los Angeles home in 2012 at the height of Glee’s popularity. At the time, she was raking in an estimated
$40,000 per episode, yet chose to live in a cozy two-bedroom. Of course, the space was fit for a modest
queen. The kitchen was dripping in marble, and it
had a quote, “solar-heated saltwater pool.” Nevertheless, Michele upgraded to a $3 million
four-bedroom home in 2015 that reportedly has a two-story gym — since everyone needs
two stories worth of workout equipment. She reportedly sold her two-bedroom cottage
for just over $1.8 million and turned a modest profit. “All you need is just to surround yourself
with the people that you love, like these things, like nothing matters, so we just have
to take care of ourselves.” Zuckerberg’s private profile Mark Zuckerberg’s home might be worth $7 million,
but there is no way on the planet it would cost that much if it was anywhere but Silicon
Valley, where real estate is notoriously out of control. Yes, it’s pretty. Yes, it has a nice porch. It even has five bathrooms, which means every
bedroom gets their own toilet to use in peace. It’s probably even big enough that he could
invite over both Winklevoss twins and they’d be able to completely pretend the other doesn’t
exist, but it’s still not worth a lot compared to how much Zuckerberg could have spent. According to Forbes, the Facebook mogul is
worth $62.3 billion, but then again, how much does a person actually need? “Mark it’s freezing in here. Jarvis, can you turn the temperature up? Oh, Jarvis only listens to me…I’ll fix that.” please cut that logo bottom right] Zuckerberg might have pinched pennies with
his residence, but he spent a lot to make his property more private. According to The San Jose Mercury, he spent
more than $30 million buying four houses that surrounded his Palo Alto residence and planned
to “bulldoze” them, and rebuild four smaller houses in their place. John Krasinski’s bachelor pad “I was on a show called The Office, and I
literally became famous overnight. One day I was a waiter, and then the next
day I was Jim from The Office.” Pam is just about the only person who’d have
been excited about John Krasinski’s Hollywood bachelor pad, and that’s because she’s used
to cozying up for Scranton’s frigid winters. But it turns out, Krasinki’s wife Emily Blunt
wasn’t too keen on the small, two-bedroom house because Krasinski unloaded it the year
after their wedding. The Office star purchased the 1,279-square-foot
property for just over $1 million in 2006, a year after he hit it big with the beloved
sitcom. It had a prime location just off the Sunset
Strip, but when he listed the property in 2011, he ended up selling at a loss. According to Zillow, that was an unfortunate
trend in Hollywood real estate at the time. “This just got uncomfortable for me.” After selling the bachelor pad, the couple
upgraded to a gorgeous Park Slope townhouse before ending up in an impressive $11 million
Brooklyn Heights condo. According to The Wall Street Journal, the
pair purchased two adjacent units that could be combined into a single dream home. Matt Damon even lives in the building’s $16.75
million penthouse. Chris Daughtry’s kids shared bedrooms One of the most unjust atrocities in modern
television was the fact that Chris Daughtry lost on American Idol. However, that might have actually worked in
his favor because he got to have a legitimate career in his own right. The star has an estimated $10 million net
worth, but at the height of his Idol fame, he lived just like everybody else. “It was like the stress of life was gonna
be the death of me. And I remember this lyric, I was like another
day another battle, we all have a cage to rattle.” According to Zillow, Daughtry purchased his
North Carolina home in 2006 for $690,000. He lived in the four-bed, three-and-a-half-bath
with his wife and four kids — and two of Daughtry’s children had to share a bedroom. Despite the less than ideal sleeping arrangement,
his home was actually an expansive 3,600 square feet and had a salt-water pool, spa, and professional
putting green. Not bad, but imagine the price tag if that
was in California. He listed the property for sale in 2011. Elijah Wood’s quaint home Apparently, Elijah Wood doesn’t need a lot
to be happy — just a quaint home in a cool city. According to the Daily Mail, the star purchased
a classic Victorian home — complete with gingerbread trim — for $1.075 million in
2013. He actually downgraded from his more expensive
Santa Monica digs for the Austin property. “Thanks for pointing that out.” Wood’s home might barely break $1 million,
but it’s 3,285 square feet and has four bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms and three living rooms. A perfect palace for a Hobbit. “I couldn’t fit in here.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Nicki Swift videos about your
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