CELEBRATE Your Team’s Successes! // Dan’s Daily Dose #281

– What’s up guys, I’m in beautiful, beautiful,
sunny South Florida in Fort Lauderdale at the
South Port Raw Bar and Grille. Our boat is docked up here,
team just got done having oysters and clam and shrimp and mahi-mahi, we’re gonna go cruise
around, do some swimming, and have fun. Look, the reason I’m telling
you this in this daily dose is because it’s important to celebrate your team members, celebrate
your top producers. That’s what we’re doing
today and tomorrow, and yesterday as well. We’re celebrating the top listing agents, buyer agents, inside sales
agents, and staff members, and you need to do that. You need to find ways to celebrate them, have fun with them, bond with them. It’s an amazing time
we’re having down here. You know, celebrating each other, getting to know each other better, and just relaxing, have fun, getting out of our
normal work environment. And I encourage you guys to do that, if you’re leading a team, or whatever you’re leading. All right, hope you enjoyed this content. If you did, please, please,
give me a thumbs up, and please leave me some
comments, give me some feedback, share this with people that you think would
benefit from hearing it. I’ll see you guys later.

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