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    Voice for Real Estate 48: Taxes, CFA, Settlement, TRID, Credit

    It’s tax time right now—if you want to do your taxes right Realtors tell Congress: condo loans are still too hard to get And Realtor.com’s operator wins a $130 million settlement These stories and more on The Voice for Real Estate Hi, I’m Stephen Gasque of the National Association of Realtors April 15 is tax time but real estate professionals know tax time is really all year, because how you treat your income now can determine what your tax bill looks like next year. To help you put yourself in the best position possible for next year, Realtor magazine is hosting two top real estate accountants in a live webcast…

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    Intellectual property and you!

    This is a video about intellectual property and you! As you sweep across our magnificent nation, you’ll see that IP is all around us. It’s everywhere! Intellectual property is the output of innovation, new products and technologies that can be protected so that your business can thrive in the marketplace. Visit our website to find out what other great IP tools and resources are available to you!

  • Idina Menzel & Cara Mentzel – “Never Never Land”
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    Idina Menzel & Cara Mentzel – “Never Never Land”

    Idina: We’re in the studio today recording “Never Never Land” from the show “Peter Pan,” which Cara talks about in the book was the first musical that we saw and changed our lives. Idina singing: I have a place where dreams are born and time is never planned. It’s not on any chart, you must find it with your heart. Never Never Land. Cara singing: It might be miles beyond the moon or right there where you stand. Just keep an open mind and suddenly you’ll find Never Never Land. Idina singing: You have a treasure if you stay there. Both: More precious far than gold. Idina singing: For once…

  • Ann Arbor Realtor Live: Location: The Quality of Life: Ann Arbor Michigan Homes: Community: Townie
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    Ann Arbor Realtor Live: Location: The Quality of Life: Ann Arbor Michigan Homes: Community: Townie

    (singing) it’s the quality of life… is that supposed to be circle of life… I like what you did there… … the quality of life (in stereo) it’s determined by each individual and what each person likes to do when they’re purchasing a house like what do you like to do for fun what is something that your son likes to do? Does he like to play soccer? Yes. Does he like to eat at certain places? Yes. and you, you like to eat at different places too? Yeah. None of these endorsements have been paid for but Which Wich? uh um I’m Down With the Which Wich … You…

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    Call to Action Examples for Realtors

    What are some good call-to-action examples well I’m going to show you. Welcome back to my channel, I’m Karin Carr, the creator of YouTube for agents and I teach real estate agents how to get more business for free from their YouTube channels. We’re talking about call to action examples. At the end of a video that you make for YouTube, you need to have a call to action. Now what should it be, it should not be, I’m Karin Carr and my phone number is going to be splashed across the bottom of the screen the entire time that I’m on camera talking call me if you know anyone…

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    The Loud House | Lincoln & Lily Get Their Game On in ‘Ultimate Hero Clash 2’ | Nick

    Yes to video games. [HUMMING] Oh, here we go. Yes! Let’s do this. [GRUNTING] Feel my twerk, you evil jerk. Woo! Oh! [GRUNTING] Yeah! Oh, no, you don’t. Yes! Woohoo! [HUMMING] Woo. Holy moly! Woohoo. Ooh, take that. [GRUNTING] [HOWLING] Yeah. [GRUNTING] Whew. Awesome! Dang it! LILY: Poo-poo. Hey, Lily. Oh, you like it? LILY: Yeh. Here you go. [LAUGHING] Wow. LILY: [BABBLING] LINCOLN: Way to go, Lily! Celebration time! LILY: [GIGGLE] LILY: Player Lily wins! Wait. What just happened? LILY: [LAUGHING]

  • How To Organize Your Real Estate CRM
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    How To Organize Your Real Estate CRM

    Hey everyone Travis Robertson real estate coach, CEO and founder of Robertson Coaching International, where we help agents just like you create businesses that support your life not businesses that run your life. And today we’re coming at you with part-3 of our four-part series on how to choose a database platform and ultimately how to organize it and make more money for you and your business. Today’s topic is how to organize your database and the contacts in the database so you can market them more effectively. Now before we jump in to how to do it correctly, I need to tell you that the majority of the information…

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    0004 How I Got Started In Real Estate Investing (REI)

    fore closure, deed in lieu, keep your house, settlement foreclosure, blog foreclosure, credit, credit information, how to recover debt, how to recover from debt. And, cr edit. short sale and your credit, investment company and investors realty. http://www.affordablerealestateinvestments.com/2013/06/12/0005-getting-over-a-foreclosure/ investment finance and purchase investment and investing financing, and loans for investing, an purchase of investments, and real estate investments, and investment how to, financing your rehab costs. where to find a house a,d property search, and investment how to and properties and real estate. How do you get rich and estate realty and investment. Cheap properties and rental property, and how to rent houses, and cheap houses for sale. Rental property…

  • Adrienne Houghton | Advice to My Younger Self | All Things Adrienne
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    Adrienne Houghton | Advice to My Younger Self | All Things Adrienne

    – What’s up everybody? I cannot tell you how much I’ve appreciated all of the advice that I’ve gotten throughout the years whether it was from my parents, family members, friends, co-workers. It has been a true blessing in my life. So guess what? Today, I am going to share the love and give you my number one piece of advice on a bunch of different topics. A lot of it I’ve had to learn on my own through tough life lessons so this is pretty much my advice to my 20 year old self. (upbeat music) My number-one best piece of fashion advice would be, be comfortable and make…