• Why work with me as your Realtor® in Chicago, IL?
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    Why work with me as your Realtor® in Chicago, IL?

    Why work with me? The short answer, I’ve been in your shoes. Hi, I am Traivor Morrison for 606 Living and Compass Real Estate here in Chicago, Illinois. I am an experienced real estate investor and homeowner. From my experiences with these transactions, I saw an opportunity to improve the process for you. So I decided to join the real estate industry full-time. My background is in professional and financial services, so I know firsthand how to deliver exceptional client service. Allow me to make the process easier for you while elevating your client service experience and connecting you to better. Better technology. Better marketing. Better research. Better results. If…

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    Meet Chris Stump | Realtor in Orlando with ERA Grizzard

    hi I’m Chris stump realtor with ERA Grizzard Real Estate. After a career in communication social media marketing and customer service I’m excited to leverage my professional background and real estate expertise to enhance your experience as a home buyer or seller from being communications director at a non-profit to helping guests from around the world make lasting memories at Walt Disney World Resort I’ve honed my skills in impeccable communication and superior customer service I believe in concierge level service and I’m committed to bringing that level of excellence to each of my clients. for the past 10 years Orlando has been my home and I’ve been amazed to…

  • Your FAVORITE Loud House Songs in Multiple Languages! 🌎  | Nick
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    Your FAVORITE Loud House Songs in Multiple Languages! 🌎 | Nick

    [singing in foreign languages] ♪ Crashing through the crowded halls Dodging girls like ping-pong balls ♪ [singing in Italian] [singing in Polish] [singing in Slovenian] [singing in Thai] What’s that? ♪ When darkness falls On the house of Loud ♪ ♪ Around ever turn new terror abounds ♪ ♪ You don’t want to lose your head ♪ Ah-ha-ha-ha! [singing in Serbian] [singing in Turkish] [singing in Bulgarian] [singing in Spanish] [singing in Czech] [singing in Danish] ♪ Wanted a family vacation ♪ ♪ Just to get out of town ♪ ♪ Had it all planned, packed up the van And ended up in a ditch somehow ♪ ♪ We got…

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    [Real 2PM My House] Broadcasting station is My House

    Ending of “My House” is the broadcasting company. Because fans are sending delicious food to here, this is the house. Uh, what’s this? Have it What’s this? How can I open it? Actually, it’s a bomb There are foods Look at them Fries, Beef jerky. Isn’t it for drinking? And fried rice If you thought 2PM’s “My House” is a real one, that’s not true Were you thinking those are our houses? No, this is our dining table. This is our house. Is it delicious? Yes Uhm, it’s good. I am fool It’s sweet. Chansung, stop eating. Your teeth will decay It’s tasty. By the way, this cake is from…

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    Best Places To Live in Charlotte NC – Lake Norman Real Estate – The Top 4 !

    Eli Magids: Are you looking for the best places to live in Charlotte, North Carolina? Well, I’m going to talk about four of the best places to live in Charlotte, North Carolina and I’m getting started right now. Eli Magids: My name is Eli Magids and I’m a real estate advisor here in Charlotte, North Carolina, specializing in luxury homes and new home construction. But most importantly, I’m your realtor with heart and soul. I’m not trying to sell you a house. I am trying to help you find a home and a lifestyle that you love. My gift is people. My profession is finding you a home and together…

  • Planning your own death | Death Land #4
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    Planning your own death | Death Land #4

    We’re all scared of death but I’m somewhat of an extreme case. Death terrifies me, it’s on my mind an unhealthy amount. So after years of anxiety, it’s time for a new approach. Over the next few weeks, I’m getting up close to death to find out how we can come to terms with what’s waiting for us all. When you finally have the knowledge this is how you’ll die. What I could see was a tunnel of white light. This week I want to find out if prepping for the end of your life can help you face it with less fear. Any of us could die at any…

  • Real Estate Lawyer Eli Jakubovic – Interviewed by Realtor Jon Katz
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    Real Estate Lawyer Eli Jakubovic – Interviewed by Realtor Jon Katz

    Today I’m here with lawyer Eli Jakubovic who has over 10 years experience in the residential real estate field, thank you for being with us here today Eli. It’s a pleasure Jon. So most people don’t understand the process after their home has been sold or a buyer has purchased their home and it needs to be closed at the lawyer’s office, now can you walk us through those steps once let’s start with our sellers, once they’ve sold their home firm and has been sent over to you what are those next steps to get it closed? Well sure Jon that’s a great question and we’ll try to demystify…