Catch up on the latest FAAR news in this edition of 2 with Drew

Hey guys! Are you a fan of local wine and craft beer? If so, come out to next weeks Halloween mixer
at Wilderness Run vineyards! We’ll have a live band, $10 hayrides, and
a spooky haunted trail. Come with your cereal drive boxes in tow to
drop off at the food bank truck but be sure to share your total collection numbers with
Barbara on October 23rd so we can make the announcement at the mixer! So again, the mixer, It’s free for members
all you gotta do is RSVP at Speaking of scary—If you’ve never nominated
anyone for a FAAR award I challenge you to do so in the next couple of days. It only takes a few minutes to make someone’s
day so much better with your nomination which can be done at Speaking of recognition congratulations to
Suzanne Brady, Michael Straley, Sarah Stelmok, Barbara Castillo, and Kim McClellan for being
selected to contribute on NAR committees in 2020. I am also proud to serve on a committee myself! Congratulations to the new board members Clay
Murray, Randy Walther, Kelly Bradshaw Walker, Lynn Lenahan, Sandy Pearce, and Donna Schmidt. Thank you to everyone who ran for the board
and to everyone who participated in the FAAR election process. Now, are you looking for a different way to
get involved? The Fredericksburg Realtors Foundation is
seeking new governors who have a passion for real estate and doing good in our community. Head to or reach
out to kimmcclellan if you have any questions. Last but not least, join us in the FAAR classroom
tuesday for the brand new corporate relocation class from NAR. You’ll get the latest on how to perform superior
relocation transactions. So, that’s all folks, thanks for joining us
and I’ll see you next time on 2 with Drew.

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