Cartoon Houses You Won’t Believe Exist in Real Life!
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Cartoon Houses You Won’t Believe Exist in Real Life!

– [Narrator] Call me weird, but I’d love to live in a pineapple under the sea. Either that or a Flinstones
house, that would be cool. Believe it or not though,
I’m not the first person to want this, and in fact
there are a number of people who have made their
childhood dreams come true, by actually creating real-life homes based on their favorite
cartoon character abodes. Here, we’ll take a look at the top 10 real houses inspired by cartoons. – Amazing. – Number 10, the Simpsons house. The home of Marge, Lisa,
Homer, Bart and Maggie at 742 Evergreen Terrace, is iconic. Back in 1997, the house
was created for real by Fox, Pepsi-Cola and Kaufman, as a giveaway prize
costing nearly $120,000. The replica is a 2200 square foot, 4 bedroom home in Henderson, Nevada. The architects purportedly
watched over 100 episodes of The Simpsons to gather enough info on the layout and design of the house, as well as all of the
artifacts inside of it. Sounds like a fun job to me. The detailing was pretty impressive, as 1500 Simpsons themed props
were stuffed inside the house, and it even included a replica of Bart’s tree house
and a backyard barbecue. After 15 million entries,
it was ultimately won by a retired factory
worker from Kentucky who, rather than take the house, instead chose a $75,000 payout. Guess they weren’t much of a Simpsons fan. The house was then remodeled and all the Simpsons
themed stuff was removed, and eventually the house was sold in 2001. Number nine, The Jetsons apartment. This one is particularly intriguing, because in an odd twist of time, the Jetsons futuristic
apartment was actually inspired by architecture from the early 60s. This architecture itself
was trying to mimic what people thought houses
would look like in the future. In particular, the
Jetsons apartment complex was inspired by Los
Angeles’ famous Chemosphere, a home that looks like a
UFO with central heating. Perched on a 30-foot high pole with a giant concrete pedestal, despite what you may
think, the home is actually well-suited to survive earthquakes, torrential storms, and, just
possibly, an alien invasion. The Chemosphere also inspired another cartoon home even more directly, that of actor Troy
McClure of The Simpsons. Number eight, Minnie Mouse House. The long-time girlfriend of Mickey Mouse is quite the homemaker. This adorable Minnie Mouse House can be found in two locations. At Mickey’s Toontown
in Disneyland Florida, or at Mickey’s Toontown in California. The cute pink and lavender
exterior might be misleading, but it’s fully equipped on the inside. While you’re there you can
check the answering machine, where you’re likely listen
to messages from the squad. That is, Goofy and Mickey. There will also be popcorn
popping in the microwave and a cake baking in the oven. Number seven, Up house. The Up house is the cute
little colorful house that Carl and Ellie spent
their lives living together in. While the movie was a
hit, so was the house, as it was eventually built in 2011 as part of a little girls
Make a Wish Foundation Wish. Built by Bangerter Builders in Utah, this 1950s style home was
painstakingly designed. It accounted for every detail, from the weather vane
at the top of the house, to the mailbox, all the way to the light switches and the floorboards. It cost almost $400,000 to build and even includes a basement. But not the balloons, except on weekends. Apparently the builder
sometimes puts up a few for fun. Private buyers purchased
the house in 2012, and have actually decided
to keep much of the decor the same as when the
construction was completed. Number six, The Hobbit House. Homes are becoming
extremely pricey these days. So, one man who was fed-up
with the high prices in the countryside,
decided to built his own eco-friendly Hobbit house. This amazing Hobbit house
was built by Simon Dale, a freelance photographer who, in spite of not being an architect or even a construction worker, managed to build this together with his father-in-law and help of neighbors. With little more than a hammer,
a chisel and a chainsaw, it took them just four
months to have it finished, and cost around 3000 pounds. It was designed to be
ecologically sustainable, and uses a wood-burning stove for heat and solar panels to collect electricity. There’s even a nearby
spring to collect water, and a compositing toilet. Simon says that anyone can
achieve this type of building, which will amaze most people for Shire. Especially those who appreciate the huts in J.R.R Tolkien’s books, including The Hobbit
and Lord of the Rings. They’re not strictly cartoons, but this was just too cool not to include. Number five, Hello Kitty House. This cute pink painted
house was 100% inspired by the most famous cat in history. Alright, the second most famous cat. This Hello Kitty villa is
located in Taipei, Taiwan. But the widespread
obsession for Hello Kitty is more than you can imagine, because this isn’t the
only replica in the world. There are other versions, like this private residence in China, that was built back in
the 1990s by a man who had a few daughters who were
obsessed with Hello Kitty. But that’s not the only
one in China either. This other version, this time in Shanghai, can actually be rented. You can live in it as long as you want, but its very expensive at
about 2500 Chinese Yuan a day on average, which equals about
400 American dollars a day. The only kitty the owner of
this house is saying hello to, is the one at his bank. Number four, Spongebob Squarepants House. True, its neither an actual pineapple nor on the ocean’s floor. Mostly because that would
just drown the homeowner. But this giant structure in Australia is just one of many famous
big things that seem to cover the country of Australia, like so many discarded Vegemite jars. Other large objects include
the big bunch of bananas, the big oyster, the big boxing crocodile, the big Ugg boots, and the big mango, which at 33 feet high,
was actually stolen. However, this pineapple structure itself is more of a sculpture and
less of a habitable pad. If that saddens you, then you’ll be glad to
realize that there still is a real habitable version out there. Look no further than this
real-life pineapple hotel located in the Dominican Republic. This villa in particular
was created by Nickelodeon and Nick Resort Punta Cana. The interior furnishings
are amazingly similar to those in the show. But don’t get too excited, it’s not exactly cheap to stay here. Only true Spongebob lovers that can spare around $3800 per night,
will be able to enjoy this 1500 square foot of
pure Spongebob livin’, that would definitely
make Squidward jealous. Number three, Barbie House. Many little girls dream of living out their girlish fantasies in
a vivid pink beach house, much like Barbie’s Malibu residence. Well, now they can. At least for a day or
so on their birthday, due to the so-called Barbie
The Dreamhouse Experience, which is a 10,000 square foot pink plastic paradise in Sunrise, Florida. It’s a life size replica of
Barbie’s Malibu beach house, and was a joint venture between Barbie’s manufacturer,
Mattel, and TMS entertainment. According to its real estate agent, the Dreamhouse took less
than a year to build and took more than 100
gallons of pink paint and 20 pounds of glitter. The installation includes
the best of Barbie. 350 dolls and collector memorabilia, Barbie’s friends, family, and of course the very man she’s been
stalking for years, Ken. As part of the girlish adventure, parents can book the
venue for birthday parties and pay their children to
strut down the fashion runway. Of course, only after
model training, makeup, hair styling and the
chance to choose an outfit. If you actually want to
live in a similar house then the closest you’ll get
is this modern Barbie house, created by interior
decorator, Jonathan Adler, on the eve of Barbie’s 50th birthday. He decked out a 3500 square
foot pad in March 2009, and it overlooks the Pacific Ocean to look like the famous doll’s home located in Malibu, California. Number two, Snow White Cottage. Just outside Seattle resides a stunning Snow White-themed cottage. Apparently, the first part
of this home was built in the early 1970s and the
owners continued working on it because they were prompted
to construct a home more in tune with the natural world, as opposed to a common style of home. This 2800 square foot, 4
bedroom storybook home, has hand-built doors that have
ornate hinges and latches, carved wooden beams, and walls that evoke a magical cave. It’s fit for a Disney
princess like Snow White, or maybe seven dwarves too. And last year, it was listed for sale at a cool $925,000 US. Number one, Flinstones House. In 1976, architect William Nicholson designed this series of reddish bubbles in Hillsborough, California, as a sort of experiment
of new building materials. The dome shaped house, named after the famous
cartoon, because it resembles the stone-age home Fred
and Wilma lived in, is made of wire mesh that
was inflated by balloons and shot with shotcrete. Originally off-white in color, it was repainted a deep
orange in the early 2000s. The interior is all white, keeping the home cool in
the California summers, and it features three stunning bedrooms and two bathrooms. If the $4 million sale
price is a little too steep, and you only want to live like
a caveman for a day or so, then try this cave hotel which nestles into the rocks of South
Africa’s Cederberg mountains. Rooms are actually set in
10 different mini caves, with spectacular mountain views. And if that’s not enough, there is this out-crop open air room, where guests can sleep under the stars, enjoying the celestial
show thanks to a lack of light pollution and
surrounding civilization. There’s actually a few
more that could get away with being called a Flinstones house. And if you’re interested,
click this video here for two other amazing
houses of similar design. Also, if you enjoyed this video please make sure to give
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