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Capitol Hill DC Real Estate | 703-472-1234 | DC Realtor

Hey this is Jeff Leighton your local real
estate expert and for this week’s video will be talking about Capitol Hill the
most powerful and one of the most historic neighborhoods in all of DC Now this neighborhood has changed a lot over
the years and has evolved into one of the best places to live work and play Capitol Hill is another neighborhood in DC
because of its wide popularity the boundaries are often debated and often
exaggerated but it is one of DC’s largest neighborhoods and generally
speaking the neighborhood is considered anything east of the capitol south of
Union Station and northwest of the Anacostia River some of the
neighborhoods that surround Capitol Hill include H Street corridor, downtown as well
as the Southwest Waterfront so now time for a little history lesson on Capitol
Hill. In 1791 President George Washington appointed Pierre L’Enfant to design the
layout of Dc through the L’Enfant plan and he actually put congress house right in
the middle of capitol hill and soon thereafter lots of development began
around the area. Many politicians lived in the row houses around capitol hill
and some still do. A lot of the houses in this neighborhood are over a hundred
years old and capitol hill is DC’s largest historic district. Despite the neighborhood being so close
to the US capitol the area was actually crime-ridden during the crack
epidemic in the nineteen eighties and many residents moved into the suburbs.
Since then though the area has bounced back and is once again when the most
desirable and prestigious areas to live in DC. Capitol Hill is a very diverse
area inhabited by those who work on the hill families long-term residents and
many more. Eastern Market is one of the most popular destinations within Capitol
Hill for residents here who have access to fresh local foods as well as arts
crafts and more. Barracks Row is another development located within capitol hill that
has 15 outdoor cafes as well as popular shops restaurants and bar. Another
selling point for capitol hill is all the parks throughout the community for
walking your dog exercising or reading a book capitol hill not surprised we have
a very active community including even a neighborhood newspaper called the
Capitol Hill rag, the Hill rag that keeps residents up to date on local events arts, real estate and more this is a neighborhood where residents
know each other almost like a small town feel within a large city. Capitol Hill is
a very walkable community but not only that it has access to five different
metro stops yes five and also has cars smart bikes and bus routes that service
the area. One of my favorite things about capitol hill though compared to the rest
of DC is the parking. Parking on capitol hill believe it or not is much easier
than some of these other neighborhoods in DC although the closer you get to
Eastern Market it can be a little bit tougher generally speaking capitol hill is
great compared to the rest of the neighborhoods in DC as far as parking goes.
Most of the real estate in capitol hill is either Victorian our federal style
row homes there are also newer condo developments as well as renovated
apartment buildings. Since this area is so desirable now housing prices are
significantly higher than other parts of the city and potential residents should
expect to pay a premium to live in this historic developed neighborhood. Many of
the streets here are tree-lined quiet and beautiful. Capitol hill has a great
combination of historic real estate as well as restaurants parks and close
proximity to get into other parts of DC as well as to Virginia Maryland. Capitol
Hill truly has it all not to mention its just right outside the
nation’s most important building the US capitol Hey so thanks for watching
this video and if you want to check out some more washington DC neighborhood
videos all you have to do is check out the link below to my channel where I
love for you to subscribe to that you can stay up to date on all the weekly
real same videos that I put out also if you have a house or property that you’d
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