Cannabis and Real Estate
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Cannabis and Real Estate

Hi Brenda K here with the Halifax Home
Selling Group. My weekly blog I thought I had a little video to the blog this week.
You know what, I’m talking about this little tiny plant. So cannabis in our real estate so there’s there’s been so much talk about it was
like hooray it’s finally you don’t worry from behind closed doors and I say work behind closed doors and in general so as real estate agents we’ve been programmed
to look for grow-ops over in our career and what they can they can do to homes
and now I mean any potential house you know grow up we know it’s a large amount
it’s illegal reaping illegal profits that’s not what I’m talking about just
I’m talking about growing your four plants so let’s just talk in general
about cannabis. Okay it’s our smoking cannabis in your home
treat it like cigarettes okay cannabis does have tar in it. It
can leave a residue on certain surfaces of your home. It can leave in your
clothes so like I said treat it just like cigarette smoke the reason
cigarette smoke seems stronger is because people will generally smoke two
to three cigarettes an hour all day long as opposed to you know if they’re gonna
smoke I guess they’re gonna smoke through joint we’re gonna call it when
they get home they’re gonna have one and that the the odor does dissipate you
think it dissipates but it actually does settle you know
on things so you know what and then I went I did some research hmmm so CREA they’ve done some research and they they’re you know pretty adamant about
the damage you can do to your house. I also read some information for the
University of Guelph and professor there is saying oh no it’s it’s not gonna hurt
your house so I saw hmm I need to reach out to an expert here so I called our licensed grower down here and Wentworth, Nova Scotia. He was kind enough to fill in some answers for me so as far as growing it cannabis is naturally an
outdoor plant there’s a lot more in the blog so you know please read the whole
blog it’s not naturally due to indoor so you have to mimic that you have to mimic
that with very very strong which requires you know extra electrical-
the heat is tremendous that comes off them so that’s the first thing so you’ve
got kind of like an insurance and a safety thing going on there
the other thing circling around – growing it and I didn’t even realize
this um growing weed actually gives off a stronger smell then when you’re
smoking it so and that smell absolutely does permeate the surfaces
the other thing is there’s 50% humidity required for marijuana so then you’re
talking you’ve got your issue that it could cause mold if it especially if
it’s near gyproc it’s gonna it’s gonna absorb that now it says more in the
article like if you want to get the right fans and the exhaust and you know
what you’re doing you know what at the end of the day the conclusion I came to
is leave the growing to the professionals because would you do
anything anything at all that would jeopardize the safety of your family or
the value of your home? I know in my book the answer definitely no. So we’d love to
hear some feedback on this read the article let me know what you think and
if there’s any questions that you have about cannabis are they growing and I
can help you get some answers from the expert that I reached out to I would be
more than happy to do that. I look forward to your comments on this blog.

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