Can Teens Invest In Real Estate? Best Age To Start
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Can Teens Invest In Real Estate? Best Age To Start

Kris Krohn here on Limitless wealth TV
and today, I want to share with you how old I think you need to be to invest in
real estate. What is the ideal age? Here it comes. You know, age is such a funny thing when
it comes to being an adult in the real world because on the one hand, we’re
talking about real estate. I mean, this is the largest commodity that the average
American is ever going to purchase, right? I mean like if a car costs $20,000
or $50,000, we’re talking about a house that costs you know, a
hundred thousand, two hundred thousand, three hundred thousand dollars and most
people in their lifetime are not going to buy anything bigger and more expensive
than a house and so there’s a lot of young people that will doubt themselves.
I know that I doubted myself when I was wondering, real estate, isn’t that really
a game for adults? Or shouldn’t you be like really old to be able to do that?
You know, I was 22 when I caught the real estate bug and I know that some of you
watching this are 16, 17, 18, 19 years old and do not fret, I’m going to share
with you I think the perfect age for getting involved in real estate a little
bit later but when I was 22, it was because I was in college, I was trying to
find out what I wanted to do with my life, I had wanted to be a doctor but
quickly found out that I didn’t have a natural aptitude for chemistry and my
adviser was just saying Kris, man, you are going to hate the next 10 years.
Chemistry doesn’t come easy to you right now, just imagine doing 10 years of it. If
you’re unhappy with it now, you’re going to be crazy grumpy unhappy later down the
road so just ditch it and so I was looking for a career or doing something
with my life that could really financially get me where I wanted to go
and I remember sitting in this community class with my wife on
improving marriage, we were just newlyweds, right. And so being really
young and taken this course, one of the things that was interesting was the
fifth class was taught on money and budgeting but it was taught by a man who
I came to find out had made lots of money in real estate, didn’t have any
kind of conventional job and I was just like, what do you mean you don’t have a
job and you work for yourself and you do this thing called real estate. He says
well actually haven’t bought homes and years because I did all the real estate
I needed to, I made all the money I needed to and basically took care of
everything and that really intrigued me about this individual named Ben and I
caught the real estate bug, I wanted to learn everything I could and at first it
was really overwhelming, it’s like there’s all these foreign words like equity and
words like you know, home values and and CMA’s, comparable market analysis and
I didn’t even understand what a landlord was, right.
So it was foreign but I had this hunger and this appetite to want to learn and
at the end of the day, what ultimately made real estate happened for me was
having a guide, having a mentor and having the right kind of knowledge and
once I got that knowledge that showed me step by step what I needed to do, even
though I was scared and I was worried, I did everything that I needed to and I
remember when I was 23 and I bought my first house, it felt like such an adult, I
was adulting. I don’t know, it felt like such a cool thing to be able to do in my
life to to be able to have bought this home that had a basement apartment that
basically paid the majority of the mortgage. I was really just living for
free instead of a studio you know, this will entitle a one-bedroom apartment my
wife and I were renting before, we now have this three-bedroom house, upstairs
all to ourself after writing the basement and I just thought that it was
the neatest thing and and I loved how it felt like it just fell into my lap but
the reality is, it felt really inspired, you might even feel inspired or
that this video is resonating with you. How I found the house was crazy, I was
actually, I was driving home from work and I just I felt moved in my heart to
drive home a different way which is not like me because I’m a pretty focused
individual so I was just driving home through this neighborhood to get back to
where I lived and it was a weird day in May we’re in Utah in May, you know, things
were normally already kind of heating up but it was blue skies out, it was the Sun
was out and it was snowing sideways like the wind was just pushing that and it
was just like it was so bizarre to have the Sun out and blue skies, I couldn’t
see a cloud and it was snowing sideways but right when that happened, it
was like it was a sign because on the other side of the road was a for sale by
owner sign and I immediately just felt like oh my gosh, this is it, it’s
happening right now and I turn my car around and I remember looking at the
sign and the house and it was this cute little adorable thing and something just
pounded my heart inside and just said this is what you’re going to do, this is
your first investment and I got out of my car and I remember
pulling up the hatchback, looking for a pen and paper or something to try to
look more official because there’s just this really young dumb looking kid like
I did in college so I grabbed some pen and paper, tried to look as adult as I
could, I marched up to the front steps, I knocked on the door and this grumpy older
woman came to the door, she said “What do you want?” I said, “The for sale
sign?” So nervous and I said you know, “What’s the price?” she says, “A hundred
and ten thousand.” I was like, “Oh okay uhm..” And then I just did the dumbest
thing cause I had no idea what I was doing. “Would you take a hundred thousand for it?”
And she looked at me she’s like, “No, it’s a hundred and ten.” I’m like “Okay, can I
see the house?” And she let me in, a very unpleasant woman and we walked
through the house and basically, I did some research on this house with the
help of realtor and found out that this house was worth a hundred and fifty
thousand dollars but then I could buy for one hundred and ten and so even
though she wasn’t willing to budge on her price, her price was already a golden
price. Now it wasn’t a golden house, this thing was very lived in and broken in
and it needed some cosmetic love. One of these days I’ll
tell you what happened in the fridge after they unplugged it for thirty days
and left me a surprise for me and my wife, it was horrible. Anyway,
ended up buying this house and that’s what got me started in real estate so I
started off relatively young and yet to answer your question, I’ve helped people
far younger than me do it, we’ve got older teenagers that are
buying real estate because I can show you how to do real estate where you
don’t need a Realtors license. Don’t get one of those things.
You don’t have to have established credit and in many cases, you need little
or no money at all. A parent could throw up some money, a partner, a friend could
put up a little money and some of these deals there’s just no money at all that
it takes to get in and so when we talk about how do you need to be, well listen,
if you want to do conventional real estate, if you want to put up money and
if you want to put up credit then you need to establish your credit for 2
years, you need generally a 2-year working history, you’re going to want two or
three credit cards that the banks will see that you’ve used responsibly, you
shouldn’t be having lates or abusing those credit cards in anyway which
means that for some of you watching this video it’s like, so Kris, you’re telling
me I got to wait 2 years? No, that is not what I
tell myself if I was time machining back in time. I would go out and I would use
my lease option system which by the way I show people how to do that, I’ve also
got my partnering system, my partner profit system that I show people just
click the link up here and I’ll show you what the fast track to getting into real
estate right now looks like for doing it as inexpensive as possible but frankly,
there’s some contracts and some understanding and training that you do
need so it package it all together to really show you how to do it. So that’s
my final verdict. How old do you have to be to invest in real estate? Listen,
you can be in your 20’s, you can also be in your late teens but most importantly,
when I gotten started in real estate, I think I want to throw this out,
other than being newly married, I got married young, other than my wife who was
very supportive, I didn’t have friends or family supporting me. They all thought I
was crazy, they all couldn’t understand why I was doing what I was doing. Most
people, I do not surround myself with entrepreneurs so they all thought that I
was crazy. Entrepreneurs won’t think you’re crazy
and people that are mentors to you in real estate or that can answer questions
and help you out won’t think you’re crazy but you might need to get a little
bit of a different support network because for most of us, there’s too few
of us that there’s not really naturally people on our left and right that are
willing to say, “Oh that sounds wonderful.” You know, you’re going to get advice from
other people like, ah, if it doesn’t work out, it’s going to crush you,
it’s going to hurt you. Yeah, I’m going to talk about how you protect yourself and do it
the right way but yeah, you’re not going to get the most support out there. I didn’t
have support, I went out there, I made it happen. I’m so glad I did, my life would
be oh so different if I hadn’t actually gone down this road of doing a real
estate so how old do you have to be? I hope that answers it. Thank you, my
friends. Hey, thanks for hanging back and watching the video and being here with
me this morning. Listen up. I’m just enjoying Mexico and I’m thinking you
know what, Real Estate has made it possible for me to shoot this video for you,
somewhere else in the world other than my house and backyard where I normally
do these, I get a chance to travel and do a lot of wonderful things around the
world, I get to engage in certain projects and I get to travel with a lot
of amazing people and I get to travel with my family. In just a moment of
gratitude to God and to real estate because this was an inspired path for me
and this path has created a world of abundance for me and it all came down to
having the right training and the right help. If you’re looking for the right
training, if you’re looking for the right help, it’s available and it’s available
here. Me and my team, we are set up to help you rock it out. All you got to do
is click the link, head over to the website, read up on exactly our systems
and what we do, submit your information and someone on my team will get back out
to you probably shoot you a text and start getting you the critical key
information that you need to see what it would look like for you to really launch
yourself in real estate right now.


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