Can Land cause Climate Change? (new IPCC report)
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Can Land cause Climate Change? (new IPCC report)

so there’s a new IPCC or intergovernmental panel on climate change report out today and for me that makes it the most exciting time of the year except for the fact that the report details how climate change is affecting the very fabric of our planet the report makes for fairly bleak reading as let’s be honest do most climate change reports this one specifically is on climate change and land and took over a hundred authors over two years to put together and rests on over 7,000 studies so there’s quite a lot of info in there as you can tell by the reports full title which I’m now gonna try and read in a single breath climate change inland an IPCC special report on climate change desertification land degradation sustainable land management food security and greenhouse gas products is in terrestrial ecosystems of God I failed my own failures aside let’s dive into this pretty successful report and look at two of those parts of the title desertification and land degradation now to me these two points are relatively obvious as the world heats up and as we use land more extensively that’s going to lead to more land turning into desert and the degradation of soils now all of that combined with the extreme weather that climate change throws at us things like heat waves droughts wildfires floods all of that combined will make it harder fast to grow enough food and the report talks about growing food insecurity as we go forward but these aren’t just one-way processes is not just about climate change affecting the land as the final two points of the title suggest now when I think about the causes of climate change I tend to think about emissions I tend to think about the greenhouse gases coming out of the exhaust of cars or coming out of power plants I don’t tend to think about land and land use but that is a fundamentally important part of what’s causing climate change the report points out that land use agriculture and our diets only to change if we’re going to keep climate change to relatively safe levels that’s because all of these are implicated in greenhouse gas emissions – and if you’re wondering what diets I have the worst well I’ve got bad news for you steak lovers because the answer is we should be eating a lot less meat as a mostly vegan I am feeling pretty smug right now but my love of lentils isn’t going to be enough to protect the planet rainforests store and absorb huge amounts of carbon dioxide which is great except for the fact that we’re cutting down huge amounts of rain first in fact Brazil just turbocharged its deforestation I mean of all the things to be turbocharging deforestation really isn’t one of them and all of these things are linked climate change is affecting land is affecting Agriculture’s affecting food security which is affecting rainforests it’s like one whole big tree of land that connectedness means that if we’re going to stop climate change and still feed the world then we need to manage the land that we have properly but the flipside of all this connection is that a lot of the things that help us protect the climate also help us protect the land and help make sure we can grow enough food things like better forest management more sustainable practices and less food waste all of these things help in all of these ways unfortunately though not everything is a win-win if we’re going to limit global warming to two degrees or even just 1.5 degrees as the world has agreed to then we need to employ at- emission this means sucking huge amounts of carbon dioxide out their air apart from the fact we’re not really sure how to do this we do know if we were able to do it it would take up huge amounts of land putting a lot more pressure on already strained systems if all of this sounds complicated and messy well that’s because what we’re doing to our planet is complicated and messy to be honest the time to debate the seriousness of what we’re doing is long past now is the time to think carefully about how to protect our land from ourselves if you’re hearing all this and wondering which politicians have anything like a reasonable climate policy to sort all this out then I strongly suggest you watch my last video oh and while you’re here make sure to subscribe until next time by talking to us [Music]


  • ClimateAdam

    What links between climate change and land did I not get round to mentioning? Peep the entire report for yourself over here:

    also… lol @ the adam who kept dancing amirite??

  • kenneth johnsen

    Report says: People eat food, BIG problem. Food is bad. People are really bad.
    That's what it says! So, do the world a solid one; go and …. yourself!

  • Red Baron Farm

    You can start by actually reporting what they said, instead of what you wished they might say.

    They did NOT say eating a lot less meat will save the planet. That’s a ridiculous statement in your video. But at least you immediately followed it up with a pretty smug disclaimer of your personal biases.

    While they occasionally make bloopers, they didn’t this time. What the report states with high confidence that balanced diets featuring plant-based and sustainably produced animal-sourced food

    “present major opportunities for adaptation and mitigation while generating significant co-benefits in terms of human health”.

    The key here is sustainably produced balanced diets. In some cases that might mean less meat, in many cases around the world it actually means we need more meat to make properly balanced sustainable diets.

    Do I agree with the actual report when not misrepresented…..somewhat. The report also makes the claim we need to grow biofuels as a way to help mitigate AGW. Couldn’t be further from the truth.

    It’s Time to Rethink America’s Corn System
    That’s the real reason behind the big push to reduce meat consumption…Industry wants more corn and soy for biofuels like gasohol and the land will continue to degrade. Biofuels like corn are the absolute least efficient way to mitigate AGW. In fact most people think the net effect is actually causing more AGW.

    Actually the way to mitigate AGW is to increase worldwide meat production by eliminating excess corn and soy for biofuels, and factory farms too. We need more animals on the land not fewer.

    Running out of time

  • Imansxo

    I've just started Year 9, and always been super interested in Science. My science teacher was trying to teach our class about Global Warming, but no one was really listening. Then she got REALLY mad and said that in the UK we're all going to die in 18 months. I researched this a bit, it seems to all be bluff, but I was just wondering, is it true? I also read that it could be harming animals. As a dog and cat owner, this SERIOUSLY worries me. Is this all true, or am I just REALLY overthinking? By the way, is Global Warming a catastrophic threat, as I've been learning, or an existential threat, as I think it could be? Great video, btw!

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