Can a PASSENGER land a PLANE? Presented by CAPTAIN JOE
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Can a PASSENGER land a PLANE? Presented by CAPTAIN JOE

Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel. . Today, we’re going to be answering one of the most asked passenger question: can a passenger land the plane? So, Caroline is going to be performing the flight today. So, Caroline, tell us a little something about you. Well, I’m definitely not a pilot. Okay, so let’s do this! Okay, Caroline, my name is Joe. I’ll be your ATC control today. I’ll be guiding you down to Munich Airport. This is the closest airport in the vicinity with the longest runway. Okay. The first thing we need to be doing is, I need you to set the approach phase for the flight because at the moment you’re in a holding overhead MIKE so, you’re fine, you’re in 10,000 feet. As I see from your flight plan, you have enough fuel. So now you use the MCDU panel, and there’s a button that says PERF, for performance. Please press that. Hmm… again, the one where I have the numbers, right? Yeah, okay. Yes, I found it. Yes Okay, what does it say in the top line now? DES Okay, you’re in the descent phase now There’s a button to the right hand side of that keyboard. Where it says “next phase”, press that button. Yes So what does the top line say now? APPR Good. Okay, now I’m gonna give you weather information and to the left-hand side of that screen you’re gonna have to type in the weather with the local QNH. The air pressure is one zero one five One…zero…one…five. Okay. Use the top left button in the left hand corner – upper left – to insert the QNH Okay. Because we’re gonna perform an auto land landing, I need you to insert on the decision height there on the right hand side of that display. I need you to insert “NO”. November Oscar. So I just used the letters and then I… okay, wait… N…O… and then? Okay, you have “NO” inserted then press- Yeah. There’s a button next to the decision height, Delta Hotel, there’s a little window just press… Yeah. Okay. Okay, the next thing we’ll be talking about, I need you to prepare yourself for the approach. I need you to figure out where all the buttons and switches and levers are as I’m gonna guide you down the ILS. You’re still now within the holding and we’re gonna have to descend. I want you to descend to 5,000 feet. I don’t even know where it says how high we are. FCU… It doesn’t say FCU on it, but there’s a long little display with numbers in it. And there’s dials to… to use the autopilot. I’m not sure what you’re saying… At the moment it says: speed 230, heading 260, and the altitude 10,000 feet. Uh… in the middle? Okay, yes, I found it! Turn to 5,000 feet. Below… … there’s a button below the altitude window… you see the altitude window saying 10,000 feet, you got that? Yeah, I got that! Turn to 5,000. Okay, I have that! Okay, very good then. Press the button. Very good! The airplane is now going to be going into descent to 5000 feet, it does that all automatically, okay? Now what I want you to do, we’re still into holding in Munich. You’re actually flying away from the airport. I want you to use the heading button which is left to the altitude button. Left to the altitude button is a heading button. The one with the little blue… uh… Correct. There’s a little diamond on it. Yes I want you to pull that Out… Out. Okay, the airplane is now flying on its heading. Okay, I want you to turn it Something goes “beep”! Turn it in the off… just turn it to the right. How far? Until it says 080. Until it says 080? Keep on turning until… Ah! See, now it’s 0-0… Ah, okay, alright. Zero eight zero… yeah, I have that! Okay, next to that is the speed. Yes. I want you to turn that dial up to speed 220. I can turn it to the left, yeah? Correct. Yes? I repeat, it’s speed 220. Oh, shit! Wait, did I put that wrong? 220… yes, okay, yeah, got that! Okay what we’re gonna do now, we’re gonna turn back to the airport and um… now you’re gonna have to- if I say “turn heading” you use the heading button; if I say use the speed and etc, okay? You don’t need the altitude anymore, the altitude is fine. We’re gonna leave it as it is right now. One more thing: to the right… …in that panel up there… – Yeah …there is… it says “autopilot”, AP1 and AP2 Yes, in the middle, yeah! Okay, I want you to keep… just that you know… I’m gonna say turn on AP2. I want you to… just so you know that you have to put… – I know where it is. I know where it is. Yes. Okay, yeah. Okay, and then to the right of that… there’s the little button called “approach mode”. It’s an approach mode button. It’s to the right of that APPR Yes, yeah, I found it. You’re gonna have to press the button if I say so. Okay. Okay, just to let you know, the airport is now to your right hand side. You’re not gonna be able to see it because of the weather at the moment but it’s to your right hand side so you can even have to be turning to the right when I say it to you., okay? OK, Caroline, you’ve now reached a safe altitude of 5,000 feet and I want you now to activate the approach phase. If you go to the performance page again on the MCDU panel Yes The approach phase should be in green. Is it in green? No, it’s in white. Okay, then go a phase back and use the button to left Yes Okay, and there should be a button now. It says “activate approach phase”. Yes. Okay, activate approach phase! It says confirm approach phase now. Press that button. Okay, now it’s green. Okay, good. Now, the approach phase is active and I want you to press the speed button we talked about at the beginning Yeah I want you to press that Yes Okay, very good now take the heading button and turn it to the right Heading one seven zero Oh, we’re turning off to the right. One seven zero. Very good, the airplane is now turning and now we’re gonna have to slow you down. There’s no numbers, underneath “speed”. Don’t worry about that, the speed is now fully managed. You don’t have to worry about the speed anymore. The autopilot and the autothrust are taking over now. Okay. Okay, Caroline, turn the heading button to heading 240. two…four… …zero.Yes? Okay, Caroline. I need you now to press the approach mode button. Please, press the approach mode button I don’t know, which one that is. Ah, this… that one? The one underneath… Under 5,000 to the right? It’s the button below the 5000 to the right, correct, approach. Okay. Oh, that… Now press the autopilot 2 button. Okay, yes… What does the speed say right now? 210… some… a little bit below 210. Okay, set flaps one. Okay. Okay, what does the speed say right now? 192 Okay, then select the flaps 2. Yes, I have that I can see the runway lights And the aircraft will slow down automatically, if you have engaged the auto brake system. Okay. Yes. The auto brake system is the switch above the clock. Yeah. There’s low, med and max. Please press medium. Yeah. You have now intercepted the ILS and glideslope and you’re established on the localizer. Okay, I want you now to please extend the gear. The gear lever is below the clock. Okay. Okay, above the clock there is a landing gear indication light. Do you see three little green arrows? Yes, I do. The landing gear is now fully extended on in its locked position. Okay, set flaps 3. Okay. And extend full flaps, please! Yes. Ok, very good. Caroline, I want you to read out what it says on the upper ECAM left to the clock. There’s green writing left to the clock in the upper ECAM. I want you to read that out. Cabin ready… and… LDG Gear ON, Signs ON, SPLRS arm and flaps full Okay. Is there anything in blue? No. Ok, then if the writing is all in green you have landing no blue, so your landing checklist is now completed, and I want you to put your hands onto the thrust levers, please! [Altitude callout: one thousand] Pull them aft when I say so. Okay. Remember, the aircraft will come to an automatic stop. You don’t have to press any brakes. [Altitude callout: 500] Five hundred… [Altitude callout: 400] Four hundred… [Altitude callout: 300] Three hundred… [Altitude callout: 200] Two hundred… Altitude callout: 100] One hundred… [Altitude callout: 50…40…30…20…10… retard Okay, pull the levers back. And put them into reverse as we spoke before. And keep them in that position. Okay, wait until the aircraft comes to a full stop. Okay. now to set the parking brake, pull and turn. And now put the thrust levers back to idle. Okay, and now disengage the autopilot, there’s a button on the side stick. I want you to disengage that, press the red button. And I want you to shut down engines one and two. Below the thrust levers are two switches. It’s pull and pull back. Lift up and back. That’s it! Okay guys, I hope you enjoyed this video. So we’re out of the simulator now And I want to get feedback from Caroline, what she says: if it’s actually possible for a passenger to land a plane. So what do you think? Well, I don’t think it is possible for a passenger to land a plane. It’s way too complex, it’s… so many switches… It’s so difficult and… … just from flying the simulator. I’m so done for what, to concentrate so much and I don’t think that if a person would be in the situation that it’s really an actual plane flying they would not be able to… yeah, get it done, basically. Okay, I have to admit, what you don’t see is actually behind the scenes. It took us a very long time to actually establish communications with Caroline to actually get in contact with her that she knows what button actually to press to communicate with me and… … until that actually happened, that actually took like 20 minutes. So, Caroline, I want to say thank you very much for your time today. It was a great pleasure, you did really good, but as you also said it yourself: it’s absolutely not possible to do that as a passenger, so we’re gonna call it wrap here. So, see you next week. All the best, your captain: Joe!


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