Can a Licensed Real Estate Agent Wholesale Property, Wholesale with Real Estate License
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Can a Licensed Real Estate Agent Wholesale Property, Wholesale with Real Estate License

Can you be licensed and wholesale property_ Hi! It’s Neva at and
I’m working late tonight. I’m just using my laptop so this video is not as high quality
as my last one but I’m working late. I’m tired. And I wanted to just answer two questions
and put out another video. The first question is how can you wholesale and be a licensed
real estate agent or kind of is it possible? Can you be licenced and wholesale property?
I just want to say that I wholesale property for two years before I became a real estate
agent. The only thing that really changed after I became a licenced agent is that every
time that I’m talking to a lot of customers about a property, I have to disclose that
I’m a licensed real estate agent. Disclosure, disclosure, disclosure. And what I do, the
very first conversation I ever had I definitely update them that I’m a licensed agent and
even on my marketing now I do have that I’m a licensed agent just to make sure that disclosure
is clear. The second question is what are the benefits
or why do I decide to get my license after wholesaling for two years. The benefits or
the reasons why I did it are because one is access to the Multiple Listing Service and
that is a big bonus. I know some people use Zillow or Redfin to get property information
but really the Multiple Listing Service, if you’re really serious about being a real estate
investor, you have to get access to the Multiple Listing Service. It’s going to give you up-to-date
information on property that is listed in your neighbourhoods, what the properties have
sold for recently. It’s just great information to have to help you to develop your comps
for your properties and things like that and to make decisions.
The second thing is 90% I would say of the people that call me or come to my website
they really want full retail value for their property. I can’t offer them that option and
close with cash. Being a licensed real estate agent, it’s another way for me to market to
them and say, “I can help you get full retail value.”
I’ll give you an example of how this works. I had a couple who came to my website filled
out the questionnaire and said that they want a cash offer. When I spoke to them and asked
them why they were selling, they said that they were retiring.
And once we talked for a while and really went over why they were selling, really they
needed the maximum price for the property because you want the most fun when you’re
retiring. And two, the house was tenant occupied. And three, there wasn’t any present situation
that they needed to close within 7 or 14 days and take this discount.
They decided to work with me and I market the property. And I’m licensed and my brokerage
is Keller Williams. We market the property and we got them full retail price. They were
happy. They even videotaped a testimonial from me.
It’s another way for me to help people. They call me and I think also just in any business
if you just try to think of ways to help people, you can develop another income stream. Basically,
being a licensed real estate agent is another income stream for me. I’ve learned ever since
I became a full time investor that cash flow is very important and I’m always looking forward
for new income streams. That was all my tips for today and I hope
you guys just kill it in real estate. All right! Bye.


  • Chavel Diaz

    Neva, I have to respectfully disagree…But because you're trying to make it like all of us whatever concerns I have I'll keep to myself and not post on this site.  You want to know my points of disagreement hit me back at


  • Ben

    So basically if someone isn't interested in selling their property cheap you can sell it at a better price using the firm and still gain money from commission? I start my license courses next month.

  • Julia Williams

    HI Neva, your are doing such and excellent excellent job and thank you for sharing such great content. I am also very impressed with your level of professionalism especially in this field. One comment that I think can really increase it even more is to training yourself not to smack when you speak will make your already great presentation skills even more impressive to your varied audiences. Luv you keep doing u.

  • TrueSchoolSoulMusic

    Thanks for this info, Neva! I can't find anyone in my city that does both like me, so this is appreciated.

  • Misfit Maker

    Im a investor that flips proprieties and I've been thinking about getting my RE license. My question is when I get my license will I have to show up to a brokerage office everyday or is it mainly work from home. I devote alot of time working on houses during the day that is why im asking thanks.

  • Ben

    Woah…so if I'm understand this…you pretty much reverse engineered realtor marketing by way of investing leads. So when a homeowner comes to you and really doesn't want to wholesale well then you just offer your agent expertise (how conveniant lol) and serve them as their agent. That's like a win on every front…it's leads, it's disclosure, it's ethical, and you have all options at your disposal to make money. Brilliant!

  • Janet Vasquez

    I have a buyer… But. The property is listed with an agent andnmy buyer is verybinterested in buying property i still want atleast 4500 which buyer agrees

  • M0rganFReelance

    Awesome! Just the information I was looking for!! I learned about wholesaling AFTER I started my courses and I was wondering if I made the right decision! Thanks for the video 👍🏽

  • Melanie

    Hi Neva! Do you find that sellers trust you more easily now that you are licensed? This is the year 2018, so I hope you see this question. Also, do you have to be under a broker when you get your license? I heard another agent say his previous brokerage would not allow him to wholesale

  • vortexrider1

    Hi, I was looking for a broker that would let me do this but they kept telling me that I couldn't put my brokerage info on my investing marketing but the state says that I have to. Did you rub into this and how did you handle that if you did. Thank you for sharing.

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