Camarones a la Diabla! Diablo Shrimp Recipe 🍤 Hilah Cooking

– Hey, dudes, I’m Hilah and today on Hilah Cooking, I’m gonna show you how to
make Camarones a La Diabla, Spicy Shrimp a.k.a Devil Shrimp. (growling) Sorry. (upbeat music) If you haven’t already, please click that little
red subscribe button right down there. Thank you! Okay, we’re gonna start
out making the sauce. Before we started shooting, I toasted up
some guajillo chiles and some arbol chiles in a dry skillet just
until they started to smell a little bit yummy. It only takes maybe 30 to
60 seconds on each side. Then, I added some water and let ’em simmer
for about five minutes until they are soft. Once we’ve got those, we can put some
stuff in a blender and make a salsa. So, I’m gonna
use one roma tomato. Not even gonna bother taking the little core out. And a haberno chile. This is optional. I really like it. Some people it
might be hot enough with just the arbol chiles, but I don’t know, we like it hot and I also really like the
fruitiness that it adds. And a little garlic, some black pepper, so this kind of
has four peppers in it even though black pepper’s
not literally a pepper. Some salt, of course, and then these dried chiles. For the guajillo’s I’m
gonna tear ’em up just to try to get
some of the seeds out. Only because they can
be a little bit bitter. The guajillo chiles are not hot, so they’re
adding a lot of flavor, but not a lot of heat, so we’re not actually
really losing any heat by keeping the seeds out,
I don’t think. You don’t have to be crazy. If you miss some, it’s fine. And then the
arbol chiles I’m gonna keep everything in there. Toss those in and then a little apple cider vinegar. And some recipes
for this use chipotle. I’m honestly not
a huge fan of chipotle in everything. I like it for some things, but I like to limit it a little bit. Okay, anyway, then we’re just
gonna blend this up to make our little diablo sauce. (blender chopping) Sauce is ready. Very hot. I’ve got my shrimp here. I’m using some large shrimp. I peeled them,
but I left the tails on for a nice presentation. If you are feeding people
who love to peel shrimp and love the whole
peel-your-own, then you can leave the peels on and it actually adds
a lot of flavor to it, but for ease of eating, I’m gonna peel them. I’m gonna go
back here to the stove, I’ll go and add
some butter and some oil over medium-high
heat and saute some little onion slices here. Just for about a minute or so until they’re starting to soften and then push
’em off to the side and we’re gonna sear the shrimp just about 30 to 60
seconds on each side. Then, we’re gonna
pour in our sauce and let it simmer for
another 60 seconds or so until the shrimp
are fully cooked and the sauce is hot, then we’re ready to serve. And just like that, dinner is served. If you like this recipe, check out my buffalo
shrimp I did last year. It’s like a Hooter’s knockoff and these are really
good served with rice, black beans, plantains if you’re
doing a Paleo thing, but let’s give this a taste. Oh, my god. Get a lot of that sauce. Oh, yeah. Mmm. Shrimp are perfectly cooked. They’re just bursting with
freshness of the sea and then you get this
super hot kick at the end. Love this recipe. Perfect weeknight meal.
It’s so fast. It’s literally the
time it took you to watch this video, you could have
this on your plate. Thank you so much for watching! Don’t forget to subscribe and I will see you next week with another cooking video. Bye-bye! (upbeat music)

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