Buying real estate in Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Buying real estate in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is a city at the edge of the
mountains in northern Thailand and it’s a top-rated location for international
retirement as well as a destination for digital nomads looking to save money
while working online. Its old city area retains the walls and moats from its history as a cultural and religious center. The nearby mountains are a great
escape from the city where you can enjoy the beauty and nature of northern
Thailand. I had a chance to interview Brian Devore, the Remax skyline managing director about buying real estate in Chiang Mai. right now Chiang Mai is
probably one of the best cities in the world to invest in the Niemen haman area
which is the up-and-coming pinnacle of Chiang Mai it’s more of your high-end
district this is where everything is happening this is all your nightclubs
this is all your our high-end restaurants new shopping centers
everything like that and right now is a good time to buy you can pick up use
condominiums for under 40 thousand US dollars and within five years you’ll be
able to make a substantial ROI anywhere between 15 and 20 percent
you’ve got public transportation you’ve got a new movie theater you’ve got beer
bars craft beer anything that you’d like here the two-bedroom that we looked at
right on the heart of Nieman it’s it’s about 80 thousand US dollars
brand-new renovation new floors new fixtures everything beautiful views of
the mountains for around 80,000 you just can’t beat it you can walk right outside
and you’re and you’re at the little food stands you can walk to anywhere on
Neiman’s to the new shopping centers everywhere plus you can just catch
public transportation and be in downtown in two minutes. If you wanted to be 15 minutes outside of town you have to make some
lifestyle adjustments you just can’t walk outside and get your own food you
have to have public transportation on your phone to be able to get a songthaew or tuk tuk to bring you into town if you don’t have your own car the
shopping centers are a little bit far but in the long run you’re gonna save
money by living there because your utilities are cheaper your property
taxes are cheaper it’s just the inconvenience of not being able to walk
out your door and have everything there for you for a condo just outside of town
you can pick those up for between 30 to 38 thousand u.s. you can pick up a house
for around 35 to 40 thousand us Westerners buying property here there
are basically no limitations when it comes to buying condominiums or doing
long leases. Condominiums you actually get a land title in your name the only
issues we are with foreigners buying land or homes in their name you cannot
own outright in Thailand land or houses so you either have to do it through a
99-year long lease or purchase it through a Thai company. The percentageson Thai companies have to be 49 percent Western owned 51% Thai owned. Foreigners can own condominiums outright they actually get a land title deed issued through the
Thailand office in their name that states that they own the small parcel of
land that their condominium is sitting on. If you’ve enjoyed this video please
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  • Abraham Ismail

    Thanks for the video, very informative. I'm interested in purchasing a condo property in Chiangmai and I know it would helpful if I could speak to someone there with expertise. How can I reach out to the ReMax office there?

  • Maueee's Happy Feet

    Choosing between Bangkok and Chang mai thailaand ,, chang mai is the perfect place , Rich in culture and their temples are so spectacular

  • Ella in Wanderlust

    Really interesting video! Chiang Mai certainly looks scenic and also very liveable with so many shops. The London tearoom looks nice 🙂

  • Lexi Forrest

    I'm thinking of moving to Chiang Mai later in the year for a bit, but just renting. This is helpful to know though 🙂

  • Eli Solidum

    Chiangmai is such an incredible place. Definitely a perfect spot for digital nomads! I miss the cheap food and stunning scenery all around

  • The Journey

    The sites ive seen from people from Thailand has made me considered property in the future there! It is beautiful

  • World Culture Network

    Chiang Mai sure sounds like an exciting investment opportunity! Thanks for sharing the insights.

  • Rage.ModelsInc

    Hey could you please suggest a channel which exclusively shows Thailand condos for sale? Nice and informative vid thanks 🙏🏼🏡🙏🏼

  • alex montgomery

    Can you tell me a trust worthy this company to purchase a condominium with that will do everything legally and not take advantage of a foreigners?

  • brokerbasil

    Good info, thanks. Coincidentally I'm a real estate broker in New York but thinking about a move to Thailand among other places. Torn between Chiang Mai (which I love) and somewhere like Koh Phangnan (I just watched your COL video there and subbed also) and the beach life. Jury is still out re location and rent/buy decision but I hope to visit both later this year and look around some more.

  • Song Sabai

    Looks great!
    Do bare in mind that the air quality in Chiang Mai is 'unhealthy' in
    Feb./April and downright 'hazardous' during March.
    Cm is rated as the no#1 most polluted city in the world during this period.
    However, it is rated at no# 546 annually.

    The "burning-season" is gaining a very hazardous momentum each year.
    Your living arrangement (house,condo) needs to be very well insulated with quality A/C and A/P
    systems.Seriously bare this fact in mind if you intend to stay healthy in CM during this period.
    Or do what many Expats do – Just leave.

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