Buying Investment Property Using A Self Directed IRA to Create Real Estate Cash Flow
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Buying Investment Property Using A Self Directed IRA to Create Real Estate Cash Flow

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  • Bryan Case

    Thank you for the video.  I am interested in finding more information about setting up a Self-Directed IRA.  I particularly want to know how I can use rental property and all the other avenues in an IRA.  Can you direct me to some more information or companies that offer this?

  • Kerry Vaught

    Wow! this is good stuff. I broker a warehouse of small perfoming notes and now I know how to self direct my invests in 1st performing notes. Thanks for the advice.

  • Hassle-Free Cashflow Investing

    +La von Vaught – I'm glad you enjoyed the video.  If you have performing notes for sale, please feel free to add me to your list of interested note buyers – [email protected]  My favorite market for buying notes is Dallas-Fort Worth Texas.

  • Ric777888

    after I rollover into SDIRA then purchase a property, can I allow my
    property management company to manage the property then charge fees?
    then put profits back into SDIRA.

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