Buy-To-Let Properties for First Time Buyers
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Buy-To-Let Properties for First Time Buyers

Hey, what’s up? On this video, I wanted to
give a real practical video explaining how to get your first buy-to-let property investment.
The thing is, we’re getting people watching my videos. We’re getting people come onto
my two-day Property Investors Crash Course. They’re finding fantastic property deals,
and they’re like, “Great. How do I buy it? What do I actually do? What are the ABC steps?”
Let me go through that on this video. I hope this is super helpful. Don’t forget to smash
that Like button if you’re enjoying this video or these videos. Also, subscribe as well.
I’d really appreciate that. What’s going to happen is, you’re going to first find the
deal. You’re going to find the property probably on Rightmove, assuming it’s through an agent.
You’re going to go and view it. You’re going to work out the numbers. You’re going to work
out the return on investment. You’re going to check that it’s a good investment property.
Buy low, rent high, with a property manager nearby. I’ve done other videos explaining
this. If you want the property, if you’re interested
in securing the deal, ring up the agent and put in your offer. Now, before I ever put
in an offer, I always try and get an idea of what the landlord or the seller will actually
want, so if it’s on for £100,000, I’m not just going to ring up and go, “I’ll give you
£100,000.” I’m going to ring up and say, “I’m interested. I like the house. I don’t
want to put in a real cheeky offer, but I am an investor, so I’m looking to get a bit
of a deal.” What might they accept? Sometimes, they’ll just say, “You need to put in your
offer. We cannot give you a figure.” Start embarrassingly low, I’ve done this on other
videos, and put in your offer. Now, as soon as the offer is accepted, as
soon as they’ve said, yes, they’ll accept that, and it’s very easy to get to that point,
the estate agent is going to need five things from you, so you might want to start getting
these ready now before you even go out and view properties. These are, this is what you’re
going to need. First thing is, they’re going to need your
photo ID, this is going to be a passport or a driver’s licence, to know that you’re a
real person. Secondly, they’re going to need your proof of address, which will be a council
tax bill, maybe a utility bill or a bank statement that shows your address in the last three
months. That’s easy-peasy. Next, they’re going to need to see your proof
of deposit, so if the property is £100,000, your deposit is typically going to be about
£25,000, so then you’re going to need to screenshot of your bank. It’s going to need
to show your name, and it’s going to need to show the amount of money that’s enough
to cover the deposit on this house. They’re going to need a screenshot of that. Next, they’re going to need to know that you
can finance the rest. Now, if it’s buy-to-let, here’s the cool thing. Buy-to-let mortgages
are very easy to get, and sometimes people think, because they maybe have only got experience
of owning their own home and not owning a buy-to-let, they think that in order to get
a buy-to-let property, they’re going to need to be on a certain amount of earnings, they’re
going to need to be really good financially, they’re going to need to be in a good, well-paid
job, yadda yadda yadda. That’s not necessarily the case, because when
you’re financing a buy-to-let property, i.e., one that you’re buying to rent out, the property
should be able to finance itself, because you’re renting it out. You’ll find it’s quite
easy to get a mortgage on a basic buy-to-let property even if you aren’t in a well-paid
job. Even if you’re self-employed earning £5,000 a year, you should still be able to
get a buy-to-let mortgage if the property can clearly demonstrate that it will pay for
itself, which is very easily to do. If you’ve been on my Crash Course, you’ll be able to
find houses like that all the time. Getting a decision in principle should be
as easy as ringing up a good mortgage broker and spending 15 minutes max on the phone.
He should be able to give you a decision in principle, which is all the agent is going
to need in order to then take the property off the market once your offer’s been on,
so you’re going to need a DIP, a decision in principle, from a mortgage broker. Now,
if you don’t know a mortgage broker and you haven’t been to my training programmes, and
you’re brand new, and you’re just starting out, there’s nothing wrong with using the
estate agent’s in-house mortgage broker. They’ll usually have an in-house mortgage advisor.
In fact, there’s an advantage to doing that, in a way, because that means that the estate
agent, you’ve got an opportunity to go into their office, have coffee with them, let them
get you the mortgage. That’s the advantage. It’s good for building rapport. Now, the disadvantage is usually, if you get
a mortgage through an estate agency in house, the rates might not quite be as good, because
they haven’t got as many lenders to choose from. They’re usually more limited than a
free, independent mortgage broker would be, but that’s something you’re going to need.
It’s very easy to get, so just get yourself a decision in principle. Lastly is, who’s going to be your solicitor?
Again, they will sometimes do this in house, no problem using their solicitor. I would
just recommend speaking to someone, speak to someone who’s an experienced property investor
and just ask them who they would recommend, because solicitors tend to be either really,
really slow, or they just don’t do anything at all. Having a good solicitor is good, but
you need to give the estate agent your solicitor details, and you can’t always change solicitors,
so don’t be like, “Oh, my gosh. Ah! I need to give the solicitor that I’m going to definitely
use and that I’m going to be married to forever and use it for every proper … ” No. Just
give them a solicitor. Speak to a solicitor. Give them a solicitor. You can always change
it. Those are the five things you’re going to
need. Once you’ve given those to the estate agent, the estate agent will take the property
off the market, and then the estate agent will then liaise with your mortgage advisor
who’s financing the deal, and your solicitor, and they’ll do everything, and all you need
to do is just phone them up every couple weeks and say, “How’s it going?” Don’t chase them
and be a dick. Don’t be like, “Hurry up! What’s going on? I’m paying you to … ” No, no,
because then they’ll just be annoyed with you. Ring them up regularly and say, “Is there
anything I can do to speed this up? Can I do anything?” Here’s the thing. When you’re
investing in property, when you do your first buy-to-let property, typically it will take
two to four months for the house to go through before you view it and you get the keys, which
is an awfully long time. Here’s my rule of thumb. When the ball is
in your court, i.e., you need to sign something, or you need to send off a bank statement or
show your proof of ID or whatever, when the ball’s in your court, get it out fast, but
when the ball is in other’s people court, you got to be patient. You got to be patient,
because if you get super impatient, you’re going to annoy everybody. Welcome to the game
of property investing. It takes time. Hope I’ve been helpful. Please do smash that like
button if that was really useful. Don’t forget to subscribe, share the video, and put your
comments below. I’ll try and read every single one. Peace out. I’ll see you next time.


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