Building Houses in Mexico with Plastic Bottles
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Building Houses in Mexico with Plastic Bottles

[Music] Hello YouTube You are probably looking at what’s behind me and noticing that I am not in Mexico City anymore And today we’re gonna be showing an organization that’s really making a positive impact for Mexico and for Mexicans So it’s about 11:00 a.m. and already the Sun is… really hot And here’s the first look at the house that they’re building *People speaking ins spanish in the background* Ow! It got me Oww So everyone else is down there hard at work I’m up here playing with my camera and a cactus But I wanted to get a chance to just speak to you for a minute and explain a bit about… why this organization exists So it was actually started three days after the big earthquake that hit in Mexico back in September It was devastating to the city of Mexico City And it was also devastating to these small communities We’re in a small town in the state of Morelos about two and half hours from Mexico City And they’re building homes for people who lost their homes in the earthquake [Music] Dan: Now I feel like someone who’s watching this must think that you’re a construction expert who’s been doing this for years and years Victor: I’ve been doing it for four months five maybe and I have absolutely no preparation Victor: No official preparation. I came to learn everything we have great teachers The ones that know what are doing, and we just put our hands and pay attention It’s important to pay attention This is going to be somebody’s home [Music] Dan: Show us that technique again so I can
Nari: [laughs] Nari: Yes, no recommended if the other side is not done Nari: But we can do this here That guy over there he’s my new assistant Nah I’m just kidding he’s doing something different Vanessa: I think is a good part because you can see the concrete and you can see the bottles Dan: That’s incredible
Vanessa: …and the structure Vanessa: The structure was made (designed) by engineers, Puebla engineers Vanessa: I don’t know… 10 years ago maybe
Other person: Yeah Vanessa: …and when they [saw] our idea, they [gave] us their system Dan: How has the day been? has it been fun? Nari: Yeah it’s been great, I’m not tired at all Nari: But yeah I know I will Dan: Wait till tomorrow hahaha
Nari: exactly Dan: Isn’t that right my amigo? Amigo: uh? Victor: These are permanent houses, I mean this is not like it’s going to last a couple of months a couple of years Victor: It’s going to be a house like forever for them. It has to be well done Victor: It has to be pretty because nobody likes to live in a house that it’s not pretty Nari: Oh look at that! Victor: Well here you will see a system Victor: it was developed by… Victor: …well by some people in Latin America, but we are implementing [it] here in Mexico in “Tetela del Volcán” specifically Victor: And you can see that there is glass bottle of glass. We also have aluminium on the top to fill the small spaces Victor: And well if you get into the bedrooms Victor: You will be able to see some plastic bottles and all the designs [where] people can get creative Victor: And they can design their bedrooms as they like Victor: You can see the natural light on the roof
It’s water and five milliliters of bleach to keep it clear Dan: Water and bleach that’s all it takes
Victor: Water and bleach and that’a all it takes Victor: You can refill it from the top from outside the house Dan: It’s incredible. It looks just like a fluorescent light I mean the amount of light that you get from it Dan: When did you start this project and when was it finished? Victor: This house was… It took a couple of months to be completely finished Victor: We started the last day of October and it was uh… Victor: The plan was to be delivered just before Christmas, and we made it yeah, on the 15th of December Victor: They [made a] great party. We were invited obviously Victor: And well… this family has a home [Music] Dan: So I’m here now in this town square of “Tetela del Volcán” Dan: There’s not too much here right now just me and a dog Dan: That’s because it’s a Sunday morning, which means that most people are probably at home or at church Speaking of church The town church up ahead will give you an idea of how significant the earthquake damage was here The bell tower was completely destroyed I don’t know how it looks on the inside, but I can tell you that it’s not in the condition to be used because as you’re about to see The church service is taking place Outside *priest speaking in spanish* Dan: There’s more that I could show you. I mean all over the town actually there’s piles of gravel Dan: There are buildings that still show significant damage Dan: But for me that church seeing people gathered outside in a tent Dan: It’s the most powerful image Dan: And it also shows that you know even when there’s a tragedy life goes on Dan: People find a way to continue doing what they want to do Dan: Doing what they need to do So guys after spending the day with the VIEM team and learning about what they do and how they do it I can say from the bottom my heart that these guys are doing incredible work For the people whose homes they’re building they’re doing life-changing work And the idea that these houses could be fixed in a way that is not only fast not only durable but environmentally sound I mean sustainability is at the core of this process even the paint they used on the houses was made from cactus It’s crazy But for me the coolest part is the bottles when I heard that they were taking empty plastic bottles And using them for the foundation of their houses First of all I probably thought what you’re thinking which is Does that work? But when I learn more about it, I learned that it’s scientifically proven and that it is durable and that these aren’t temporary houses they’re permanent fixtures that these families are going to live inside I realized This idea is really something special So if you think it’s something special if you want to help this team expand their operation and just continue doing what they’re doing I’ve got an idea Here’s my idea So this team this isn’t their full-time job. I mean these are veterinarians and architects and students and volunteers and all kinds of people who are taking every single weekend driving in their own cars driving to small towns and building houses. These are real-life superheroes, and they need your help Here’s my idea remember these guys? Coca-Cola? Every single house is literally advertising your product this video is advertising your product And I know you guys have a pretty big advertising budget So what I’m thinking is: Why don’t you make one less huge billboard on the side of the highway and actually build some houses I mean not only is a good publicity for them It allows this project to be properly funded and it gives them the ability to expand this operation to something bigger and better than it already is and it wouldn’t really cost that much I mean let’s say they kicked in five cents for every bottle that was being used that could fund the whole project Or let’s say they use their distribution methods to actually find empty recycled bottles and send them to the house locations That would save this team all the trouble of having to bring the bottles in their own vehicles There’s a lot of ways that a company like coca-cola could help and there’s a lot of ways you could help as well I encourage you if you like what I’m talking about if you like the message if you like the video share this video and tag coca-cola Tag them on Twitter Tag them on Facebook Tag them… Just tag them Because I think an idea like this is too good to ignore And I’d like to know if coca-cola feels the same way As always guys I’m Dan from the new Travel. See you next time Oh yeah by the way, do you know what country is the world’s biggest drinkers of Coca Cola? Is Mexico Coca Cola, it’s time to pay back Mexico


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