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Brandon White | Luxury Real Estate Agent | Anderson White & Associates

(light music) – Hey, hey, Amber Anderson
here and I wanted to introduce my business partner and husband, Brandon. He is the White in Anderson
White and Associates. He has over 14 years of
experience in real estate, crossing over three countries. We had the fortunate pleasure
of meeting over 10 years ago at a real estate conference
in Edmonton, Alberta. And, we just thought our talents matched so well together that in
2013 we decided to team up. – So my role as Amber’s business partner is to be your liaison for
all things real estate whether you’re buying,
selling, or leasing. Don’t think of me as replacing Amber. Think of me as complementing Amber. If you’re selling your property, I’m gonna be in contact with you almost on a daily basis
to conduct showings, to promote it to agents,
and hold open houses. If we’re working with
you and you’re looking to buy a home in San Diego, once again, the experience will be similar. We’ll be contacting you regularly. I’ll be doing research with
you on school districts, neighborhoods, and the
most important part, showing you homes in this beautiful city. We really embrace the team concept. So, whether you’re dealing with me, Amber, our our team manager Stacy, we wanna make this process as simple as possible. – We look forward to helping you with all of your real estate needs. Ciao, ciao for now.

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