(Rosé heads to the aquarium) Do you think there’s a
way to meet the dolphins? I want to feed them. What do they eat? (Searching for what dolphins eat) (The girls are so used to the camera
by now they forget it’s there) I keep forgetting about the camera. I don’t think about them any more. I’m hungry. Oh, it’s rolling. (Should I dig in?) (Rosé’s busy eating,
forgetting about the camera) (She dropped some here ^^) (Half of the sandwich is gone in a second) (Rosé keep doing what you’re
good at! Eating shows!) (Now that we’re on a
full stomach, shall we enjoy?) I’m here! I’m so happy!! “L” Aquarium in Jamsil Is it raining?? Wow, that’s so cool! I feel like I’m in the water. Look at all the sweetfish! There are over 100 of them! I have to film this! (Rosé’s voice has gone up 2 octaves) Wow!! Hi!! You guys! This is what I used to have as a pet! Joo-hwang!! (This is Joo-hwang) This is Joo-hwang! I think they’re the same species! Joo-hwang is a blood parrot cichlid! They look exactly the same! (Joo-hwang’s long lost brother) I wasn’t interested in fish before… but one day my mom came home with one. I foudn out they are
really charming. It’s endless. (Talking with Rose’s mom) Mom! How are Joo-hwang and Eun-ee doing? Something sad happened today… (Rose cried hearing
that her pet fish died) Don’t cry! Her fish died. Joo-hwang! (Since she can’t see Joo-hwang,
she’ll have to see the fish here instead) Give me a kiss! (Kissing all the tropical fish ^^) Hi! Did you see it coming towards me? Did you see it? No? (Just in case other fish
friends feel left out) Look at this one. It’s so cute. This has to be fake. It’s fake. (Fish robot) It’s a robot? Hello! Do you want to try feeding the carp? Yes! (A bottle with fish food in it) Place it in the water tank
so it’s under water. It’s scary! (Food! It’s food!!) It’s mine! (Splash splash!) (Slowly and carefully) Thank you! (Rose’s turned into a fish nanny) You guys are really cute. It’s so cute! They’re so cute! They’re like little babies! Here you go! (The sound is so real!) How cute is that!! I don’t think you have any
fish food left. Can I have one more bottle? Thank you! I’m going to make you guys fat!
I hope that’s okay. (She likes to give food as
much as eat food ^^) Here, have some more! (After finishing feeding the fish) (Seals!) (The animals that the
members have wanted to see) (Welcome, Rosé!) Hi! They’re cute but a little scary. (Energetic creatures ^^) What do they eat to have so much energy? What do you guys eat?? (Curious?) (Rosé tries her hand at feeing the seals) Don’t be scared. Don’t be nervous! Don’t be startled! Don’t be nervous! We’ll start with that one. You can just watch. (Rose steps back.) They’re scared!
(Aren’t you the one that’s scared?) Get down on your knees. Is it okay if I sit in the back? On my knees? (Please feed me!) Adorable! (The caretaker shows
Rosé how to do it first) (Hold the fish by its tail and slowly…) You can just let go
of the fish. They just swallow it whole?
-Yes. What if it gets caught?? So cute! I want to try now! (Chew slowly!!) Try holding the fish. Go slow… Good job. (Success!) (Yum yum! GULP!) It’s so cute!! (Rosé is getting pretty good) Hold it and go slow… It’s closing its eyes while eating! He must be happy! (I heard there was some food here!) You can watch me go first. Just go down slowly… (Don’t be shy!) Okay, go down slow. (My lips are ready!) (Take it or leave?) (She doesn’t have food!) I think he knows I don’t have food! (This guy knows how to play hard to get^^) (Bye bye!) He’s so cute! Bye! (No kiss? No problem~) ( Maybe next time ^^) So cute!! Hi!! (Super excited Rosé) The Beluga whales were
very graceful and cute. I feel like they’re out of this world. As if they don’t belong here… (They react to Rose’s call) (Whistle~) They’re so cute! They’re really big! Wow it’s so big! (Rosé discovers a huge water tank) (Rose’s over here) Hi! Do you guys see me? This tank has really thick walls. (Fish-loving Rosé meets
a whole school of them) There’s even a baby! They’re so cute. When you come alone…it’s fun.
You can really concentrate. Take care, you guys! Bye!! This winter has been the coldest yet… (Cold wave reaches peak today,
mercury drops record lows…) It’s so cold!! How do Black Pink members
get through the winter? They sweat it off… at the jjimjilbang… (Massage time) (Ends up as eating show ^^;;) I’m going to eat everything! Black Pink’s second way to
get through the winter! Snowboarding!!! What do you do
when you’re cold and tried? Shout it out!
Hot chocolate!!! Yeah, this is it! We’ll take a look at how
these girls have fun in the cold!

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