(Blackpink House) (An unusually quiet afternoon
at Blackpink House) (Blackpink is busy watching
television) -They meant dishwashing?
-Yes. I want to watch the home
shopping channel. Should we turn it on? All of a sudden? I want to buy
a massaging product. (I want a massaging product…) Do you know it? The one that
goes on your neck. (Imagination) You put it on and it vibrates? Jennie, those are what moms buy
on the home shopping channel. Let me watch
the home shopping channel. -I want to buy one.
-Jennie, watch it with your mom. I might buy everything. (Who are you? A blue organism
that appeared!) (Intruder
in the Blackpink House) (Why does this house have
such a small door?) (Oh… I can just open
the other door…) Spoon. (They are still watching
television in peace.) (Walking) (Five seconds until the giant
doll meets Blackpink) (“Boombayah” suddenly starts
playing all over the house.) What is this? (What is this sound?) What is it? What is that? -It’s a doll.
-Wow. (What just walked by?) Why is there a doll? (Mumbling) There is a teddy bear outside. (Boombayah) He even knows our dance. -Our dance?
-He knows our dance. (As you can see,
he isn’t the main dancer.) Your phone just fell out. (Having fun) Your phone just fell. So cute! Our dance. (The highlight of “Boombayah”) (Let’s go Blackpink!) (Yay) (The arms are too short
to let out its excitement.) (Swish swish) What is this? (But why is the doll here?) No. Isn’t it our first time seeing
Krunk? What is this? Yo, man. (No, thank you.) He is polite. -Hello.
-Don’t do that, Lisa. (Come on, accept it just once.) -What is that?
-What is it? So cute! -So cute.
-Is it our allowance? -Thank you.
-So cute. It must be our allowance. -So cute.
-Bye. What is this? -Allowance.
-Is this our allowance? I’m going to twist your head. Twist it. Twist the head. (Help… Help me…) It’s dizzy. -Twist it.
-Turn it around. I’m going to twist your neck. (Krunk’s hard job is now over.) -No.
-Where are you going? -Don’t go.
-Krunk! -He is cold.
-No. He said not to touch him. He is so cold. What? -Don’t go.
-You and Krunk are matching. (Chaeyoung and Krunk’s clothes
are matching.) You’re matching with me.
Let’s take a picture together. This is so funny. Come here. They’re going
to take a photo of us. Who? (Being dragged) Take it. One, two, three. (Gray and plaid couple’s look.
Krunk, you are too cold!) -Bye.
-Bye, Krunk. -Stop crying.
-Thank you for the dance. Practice more. What if Krunk falls? (Slow) Oh no. Krunk, I’ll help you. Come here. He is going like this. I’ll tell you if there are any
stairs. Not yet. Stairs! Ready? Stairs. Stairs. Here. -Look at Chaeyoung.
-Stairs. -Stairs.
-Stairs. Stairs. Bye, Krunk. -Our first time seeing Krunk.
-I know, right? Krunk knows
our dance pretty well. One more. This is the last one. Here is the door. Bye! (Thank you, thank you) So cute. The door. (Rosé has good manners.) Bye. Be careful. You are so cute. Bye. -Krunk?
-Krunk. Let’s see. It’s pink. The paper is pink. The font is old-fashioned. -Rather traditional.
-It is a letter. -It wasn’t our allowance.
-“To Blackpink.” Is it a letter from Krunk? “To Blackpink.” “Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, Lisa.” “Good job on your album
activities so far.” -Who is it?
-Krunk? -Can I read it?
-Krunk speaks like that? It was President Yang. -Wow.
-“From President Yang.” Okay. I’ll give you all
a real vacation. Have fun with Lisa
in her country, Thailand. -What?
-Thailand? I promise I won’t contact you, -Wow.
-Thailand? (Blackpink’s first vacation:
Let’s go to Thailand) (First vacation: Thailand) (Blackpink is in Thailand!) Chaeyoung, this is your
favorite food. (The food in Lisa’s country
is so good.) I’m free! This is so fun. Wow. (Not screaming, just excited) This is so fun. (#Lively at night) (#Emotional in the morning) I cry whenever
another person cries. (See you soon!) -This is so funny.
-We should pack. Let’s make a list. (Making a list of what to bring
to Thailand) First… It’s hot, so we need sunscreen. Right. We should bring
a lot of sunscreens. Sunglasses? Yes. Sandals. Right. Sandals. Good. Swimsuit. Wow. We have to swim. Money to exchange. Cup noodles. Cup noodles. -Pretty clothes.
-Summer clothing. I’ll just write “clothes.” What else? What else? You should know better. I don’t usually bring much. (It’s my home. I don’t need
to bring much to my house.) To her, going to Thailand
isn’t vacation. It’s my home. (We need to pack all of this.) Let’s go pack. -Let’s go, let’s go!
-Let’s pack. (The day of the trip
to Thailand) (Bangkok) (We’re leaving) I’m hungry. Did you eat anything yet? Not yet. Let’s go in there. -Business class.
-Is this a hotel? I’m so hungry. We’re going to eat
some good food. (Already picking out bread here) Let’s get a croissant and some
strawberry jam. (The older sisters
want oranges.) Let’s bring some oranges. (Their plates are very full.) The porridge looks good. Be careful with it. (Yum) -The smell.
-You don’t have to refill it. (Who are they calling?) Mom! Jennie? -Hello.
-Mom. -Hi.
-Mom. -Hello.
-Hi. Hi, guys. I’ll travel safely, Mom. Yes. How are Orange and Eunhee? -The small yellow one.
-Oh, Eunhee? Something sad happened today. Why? (No… No…) Oh no, Orange died. Don’t cry. -She’s crying?
-Yes. Her pet fish died. No… Orange. Oh no, I guess Orange
was stressed. No, it isn’t Orange. Then who is it? Yellow one… Small Yellow? Yes. I said so earlier. It didn’t look sick. I guess it was
mentally stressed. Bye. Already? Mom, we’ll travel safely. -Bye.
-Have fun! Don’t worry. Hold a good funeral for him. It went to a good place. (Rosé, Small Yellow went to a
good place…) (The departure time got closer
after the call with her mom.) Will you take care of us
in Thailand? Just trust me, I’ll guide you. No, we can’t trust Lisa. You know why? Lisa lived here
for the past six years. Right. She hasn’t been to
Thailand a lot. (Lisa… Can we trust you?)

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