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(Later at night,
after the fan meeting…) (They’re ready
for a home party.) Are you ready
for our home party? Yeah! We’re ready! I want to open that. -What?
-That over there. -What?
-That has my name on it. (Are you talking about me?) (The night before) We did it every year
on December the first. I forgot to do it this year. -That’s why I got…
-Right. this necklace. Every year, we had a cake
and had it together. We also did
a Secret Santa game too. One, two, three! (Decided on
each other’s maintou) (Secret) (Keep it hidden) (Shield it) (Only I will know.
Who is who is Secret Santa?) I need to buy a gift. -Secret Santa.
-My Secret Santa. (S Props Shop) (Don’t you want me?) What is this? Three minutes… When you brush your teeth, it will tell you that it’s been
three minutes. (Three-minute hour glass) This I will buy for myself. (Here and there. Jennie’s
favorite items are everywhere.) I really love this place. I really love hour glasses. I’m going to buy this.
Travel pouch… (The Secret Santa…
Did you pick yourself?) Kuma, I’ll get this for you. (The Secret Santa
was almost revealed.) (Don’t run into me
on the streets.) (Hiding the gift) Even if I stay here
until the store closes, I’m going to pick out
the best gift. What is this? This is so pretty. This is really cute too. (Your Secret Santa…
Is it yourself, too?) This is really cool.
But I can’t buy her this. Concentrate! (Concentrating) Concentrate! (Lisa chose her gift.) (She really likes her gift.) Excuse me. How much is this? And do you have a new one? We don’t have anymore. (Standing rule of shopping.
They never have what you want.) Did I buy it here? That’s right. She saw it in my room
and really wanted it. Where is it? I bought it here. (Lisa thought of another gift.) -You don’t have it?
-We switched things around -and the brands also switched.
-Really? (Standing rule of shopping.
It’s never there, next time.) What am I going to do?
I was in shock. (However, Lisa’s shock
was not even that shocking.) (This person was in shock
more than anyone else.) (Blank) This is so difficult. This is so difficult. I really don’t know what to buy. What am I going to do?
I don’t know what to get. (Even when she was
choosing sheets) This is really difficult for me. I’m tired already.
Oh my goodness! Why are you doing this to me?
Why? (Please) This is a problem. I’m in trouble. That’s right.
There is a second floor. I want to go upstairs. (Pompously moving
to the second floor.) (And on the second floor…) (You thought you could
choose something, didn’t you?) What am I going to do?
I can’t choose. This is a problem. (She has nothing in the bag.) I don’t know… (The more she looks,
the more she can’t choose.) This is difficult.
Did the other get something? Let’s look for something else. I’m all done. When I shop,
I usually take forever. I don’t usually buy things
this easily. (What did the Blackpink Secret
Santas choose for their gifts?) -Presents first?
-Let’s open the presents first. We won’t know who it is
just by the gifts. Let’s open the gifts first
and try to guess who it’s from. (Heavy) This is heavy. -Really?
-I’m happy already. -What is it?
-What is it? -What is this?
-I saw that. -That is so cute.
-Wow. -This is a pen!
-Really? -I think it’s a pen.
-It’s so pretty. (There is a second gift.) -What is it?
-It suits you. -It’s so cute.
-Wow! It’s so cute! -It really suits you.
-It’s so cute! -Wow!
-It’s so cute! -What is this?
-What is that? -I’ll try it on.
-I like fur too. -Fur?
-Fur… I want fur clothing too! -It’s cute.
-It’s really cute! How do I look? -You look like a human reed.
-It’s great. -It looks great.
-It really suits you. I really like that outfit. You look like
you came like that today. -This looks like your house.
-You look rich. (Turning happily) (Satisfied) I really like this. Then do I try to guess
who gave this to me? I think it’s Lisa! (Lisa) Lisa is my Secret Santa.
That’s for sure. (What does Lisa’s laugh mean?) (Jennie’s Secret Santa is me.) She really likes soft things. (Rosé is Jennie’s Secret Santa.) She likes soft things like fur. She also really likes
cute things, too. (After looking for it carefully) Excuse me. How much is this? (Jennie’s style) I love this.
The Secret Santa game is great! What is this? (It’s Lisa’s turn
to open her gift.) What is it? (Couple item with Jennie) Oh, my! That’s amazing! This is amazing! We are a couple. This is a tea bag. -It’s a tea bag?
-Yeah. -You…
-You like tea. I really love tea. -What is it?
-Is that shoes? (The last gift is quite big.) What is this? Are you Alice? Drink tea. Drink it twice. -So that’s what the tea was for.
-So I can enjoy tea in the room like,
you know, like… -You know like…
-You know like… -This is amazing.
-I love this. This is great. Thank you! Whoever it might be. -Who do you think it is?
-Take a guess. But I went to this section once. And I said
that I really wanted this. Buy me this! (Lisa yelled
that she wanted it.) Buy me this! I really want this. (Whatever) (Don’t care) No one is looking. (That’s right.
I’m talking to myself.) (But her Secret Santa
was all ears.) What did she want? I really want this.
This right here. (Lisa’s Secret Santa
was Jennie.) (I’m so happy.) Who is next? Chae Young? I am so nervous right now. -It’s her turn.
-What is this? It’s an acorn. Is it because
I look like a chipmunk? (Chae Young looks
like a chipmunk.) That’s so cool! Since I’m a chipmunk,
this is the best gift. I lost my necklaces
and earrings. What is this? Is this wine? (What is this long thing?) This is great! Does it light up? -It lights up.
-What is it? -This is great!
-I saw that. I saw it too. I saw it. What is it? (They both saw it,
but who bought it?) Jisoo. Are you my Secret Santa? No. (Wrong) Is this better
or is this better? (Help me choose
since you are here.) -Are you going to buy it for me?
-Which one’s better? i like this one. -This one?
-Yes. Have a check on this one too. This is it. Chipmunk. For Chae Young
the chipmunk, an acorn is the best. (Rosé’s Secret Santa was Jisoo.) -You don’t know what’ll happen.
-Let me take a look. (Transforming to
Sherlock Jisoo.) -What is it?
-Evidence one. -What?
-What is it? Jisoo! You are all acting awkwardly. (Secret Santa suspect number one
Just deny everything.) Why are you acting
so awkwardly, Lisa? It’s because it’s so pretty. -It’s a ring.
-Your birthday gift… How do you know so well? No. I’m just saying… -It’s pretty.
-It’s really pretty. -Really?
-It’s like a beauty commercial. It’s not beauty,
it’s an accessory commercial. An accessory commercial. -That’s right.
-You are so funny. (There is more). -It’s clothing.
-Clothing? It’s clothing. They know that you like
to be comfortable. It’s so cute! -That’s so cute.
-It’s really cute. It’s so cute. Never mind. -You will enjoy wearing it.
-What is it? I think… (My Secret Santa is…) Lisa! (How did she know?) I think it’s Lisa. I saw her buy it. She bought it
with such commotion. (1. She just left it out
for everyone to see.) This is so pretty. (2. She shares it
with other people in the shop.) -Is this is?
-Yes. (3. She talka about it with
the clerk for a long time.) Purple. (She’s buying a purple ring.) -It’s cute, isn’t it?
-Yes. Then two of these. -Two?
-Yes. (She purchased a couple’s ring) I’m the only one
who got it right. Zoom in. (Get my winner’s ceremony
on camera!) -When I found this…
-Look at you! (The truth is that the
Secret Santa is always in here.)


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